How much would ‘papers’ cost if they pass Joe Biden’s immigration reform?

How much would it cost to have the ‘papers’ if they pass Joe Biden’s immigration reform? They warn that no one can char...

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  • How much would it cost to have the ‘papers’ if they pass Joe Biden’s immigration reform?
  • They warn that no one can charge them for advice that does not yet exist
  • The plan proposed by the president is 5 years of protection

After the president of the United States convinced Congress to do immigration reform, the Hispanic community has wondered what would happen and how much would cost have the ‘papers’ of this plan from Joe Biden, so two lawyers answered his questions through MundoHispánico.

To do this, Aaron Ortiz, immigration lawyer of the firm Taylor, Lee & Associates LLC, said on account principles that no one can charge for a consultancy that does not yet exist.

He then explained that the plan that the president proposes are 5 years of protection with a work permit plus three years of residence and after that he could apply to obtain US citizenship.

Faced with the risk of falling into the hands of agiotistas who charge them for being able to fix this status and then charge them very high interest, the expert gave some recommendations.

In a direct way, he said that the community that needs this type of protection should have about 5,000 dollars on hand to be able to pay the current migration costs.

Of this amount, almost $ 2,000 per person would go to the process, while the rest for the costs of attorneys hired for it.

It specifies that payment plans or monthly payments could be made, “but as that does not yet exist, try to be aware of Mundo Hispánico.”

For his part, Michel Urbina from Law Urbina, said: “The reality is impossible to know exactly because we are at a very initial level of the process, but considering that the idea is that they give it as a conditional residence, we can estimate or get carried away by what that they are currently charging for a residence ”.

“That is currently $ 1,225 for residency applications, it can be something similar to that, it could be more, many years ago they demanded the cost of residency, an additional fine under the law of 45, that is since 2001”, said the lawyer.

Immigration reform Joe Biden

But then the lawyer spoke more about Joe Biden’s immigration reform and its possible costs: “Something to keep in mind to know the history, we assume that it would probably be an amount of about a thousand dollars at least for the cost of migration. “

“Additionally, if we think of all the people who are going to have to apply, I would have to get more staff to be able to deal with all the applications that are going to be submitted, we are talking about potentially millions, we assume that this cost could be a little more” Urbina explained

And he detailed: “It may be more than a thousand dollars for the volume, it depends a lot on the budget that they are going to give or if the congress then is going to approve an amount of money to deal with this increase in applications.”

Then he ventured to estimate the expected amount: “The estimate I would say that at least a thousand, or 1,250 dollars, again all this is speculative because there is no way to know exactly.”

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To the question of How would people have to pay that money, in installments? Before them the lawyer Urbina commented on the immigration reform proposed by Joe Biden: “I doubt it a lot, really Migration does not allow paying any type of application in installments.”

And then he explained that: “The most they can do is pay by credit card, not necessarily in cash, which is going to be interesting to see if they will then allow people not to have to pay for economic reasons, but they have gotten very strong in the last few years by eliminating the cost ”.

“The probability that they will do something like that with a reform is very low, that there is such a possibility, yes, it will happen, I really see it difficult,” he said.

About how much money could lawyers charge ?. Urbina estimated the following: “That part is extremely difficult to know because it will depend on how the reform ends and what is then the amount of work for each process.”

And he added: “If it is a more similar process TPS or DACA, but honestly considering that we are not talking about a temporary status as in theory it is DACA, because in some cases it would be fixed, I assume that it will not be an extremely easy process It’s going to be complex ”.

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Regarding Joe Biden’s immigration reform process, Urbina believes that this process could take longer because: “It may take longer considering that there are several stages, that there are different levels of residence, it is impossible to really tell them.”

But like the previous lawyer, he warned that if someone already charges him for this process, he would be lying to him.

“There are many lawyers who allow people to pay in installments, you have to find someone to help you be a little more flexible. From the final amount, I would be guessing. Such a simple process could be $ 500 and as complicated as $ 10,000, depending on the amount of time and work involved in each process, ”he said.

Regarding whether a single person could do the process, the lawyer said that the process would be more complicated than it seems, but that there could be a part of the project in which the government helps them with the process, but that “that would fall short, there will be many people who need help ”.

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