How did Princess Diana die? ‘Secrets’ of the accident are uncovered

24 years after her death, they reveal how Princess Diana of Wales died. They show shocking images of her body after the road accident in ...

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  • 24 years after her death, they reveal how Princess Diana of Wales died.
  • They show shocking images of her body after the road accident in Paris.
  • Little has been known about this photograph and today it causes outrage on social networks.

How did Princess Diana die? August 31, 1997 was marked in the history of royalty not only of Wales but of the entire world. A woman who won the hearts of millions of people for her kindness, charisma and smile, left this world in a tragic road accident that surprised everyone, according to Republica.

Her death came after an accident in Paris on August 31, according to the El País website, although there were many theories about alleged conspiracies for this terrible death, the official conclusions indicate that it was not like that and that it was just a traffic accident.


How Princess Diana died
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However, for years, people have unleashed a series of rumors about his death and there are those who claim that a plan for his death was hatched. To date none of this has been proven, but in the minds of many there is that possibility that keeps people in doubt.

However, what has unleashed the outrage of the people are the images of how the corpse of Princess Diana of Wales was left, after she died in the strong impact, since not many media have handled this photograph that has turned the world.


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That night Diana of Wales, her boyfriend Dodi al Fayed and the driver of the vehicle in which they hit pillar 13 of the Alma Bridge tunnel in Paris died, however, investigations by France and England concluded that the causes of the death were speeding.

In addition, they indicate that it was due to the driver driving while intoxicated, however, rumors about a conspiracy to cause his death have not been silenced more than 20 years after the tragedy, so his image remains until certain victim point. Filed Under: How Princess Diana Died

How Princess Diana died: CONLUSIONS

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Verbatim, the French investigating judge Hervé Stéphan concluded about the accident that “the driver of the car was in a drunken state and under the influence of drugs incompatible with alcohol. I was not in a position to maintain control of the vehicle. ”

But there was another verdict that concluded: “Impairment of the driver’s ability to discern by alcohol”, this was determined by the British investigation led by the head of Scotland Yard, Sir John Stevens, between 2004 and 2006 at the request of the Royal House. , along with the 2008 London High Court jury verdict.

How Princess Diana Died: TRAGEDY

How Princess Diana died
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But far from that, what has most impacted people is the publication of a photograph of how the corpse of royalty was left after the accident, an image that has rarely been seen and that has now touched the most sensitive fibers of their fans and their friends and family.

And it is that as it had never been seen, her corpse appears just a few minutes after she suffered the strong impact, still inside the vehicle, so it becomes more impressive, because little had been known about how bloody and high impact what’s wrong with it.

How Princess Diana died: SHOCKING

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In the photo you can see her face almost lying down, in the back seat of the vehicle, with her bloody face and between the twisted irons of the automotive unit, since with the crash, the bodies were completely pressed, so that firefighters’ help was required.

In the photo you can see the rescue elements, with yellow vests, but it is not observed well since the accident was at night. This photo has been around the world because the princess has never been seen that way, bloodied and inside the car.

How Princess Diana Died: MORE ‘SECRETS’

How Princess Diana died
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In February 2020, amid a crisis in the UK royal family, due to Prince Harry’s decision to reject the titles of nobility to rebuild his life in Canada, a letter was revealed left by the missing Lady Di, who was directed to his children, William and Harry and that has unleashed a great sensation in the world.

It was the former butler of Lady Di, Paul Burrell who published the image of the letter through his social networks where it appears that it was apparently written in the handwriting of the princes’ mother a few years ago and that so far it was not known about it or its content


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These revelations of Lady Di’s letter that was addressed to her children comes in the midst of a difficult and complicated relationship in the royal family, following Harry’s resignation of the benefits of belonging to the nobility of the United Kingdom, and who currently lives in Canada with his wife Meghan Markle and their little Archie.

This information begins to spread on the different media portals such as Infobae, where they give more details of the message that Paul Burrell released. Filed Under: How Princess Diana Died


Photo Twitter

According to the account of the former butler of Lady Di, these words were expressed more than 24 years ago through a letter that he wrote in his own handwriting, says the statement that he uploaded through his personal Instagram account @officialpaulburrell that Until noon on Tuesday, February 4, it had more than 1,200 reactions of likes and a total of 111 comments.

In a photo posted to his account, Paul Burrel commented on Lady Di: “My thoughts have been with Meghan and Harry this week as they take a big step towards a new life. I’ve also been thinking about Princess Diana and wondering what she would have thought. ” Filed Under: How Princess Diana Died


How Princess Diana died
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She continues: “In my heart I know that she would want Harry and Meghan to be happy above all else. Yesterday I found a letter the princess wrote to me many years ago and a line jumped off the page. From his hand she wrote… ‘I would like to look up and laugh and love and live’. I feel like these are appropriate words to wish Meghan, Harry and Archie all the happiness possible in Canada and beyond. ”

A fragment of Lady Di’s letter to her children was revealed by Infobae and it says verbatim: “I love my children to death and I hope that the seeds that I planted grow and bring the strength, knowledge and stability that are needed. ”. Filed Under: How Princess Diana Died


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Many of the followers gave words of encouragement to the former butler of Lady Di for the publication of the letter was addressed to her children, which is very successful at the time that Prince Harry is going through, who according to statements from a close friend, is suffering for his new life in Canada, after rejecting the titles of nobility from the United Kingdom.

A few days ago it was published that Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle have several weeks that are news in the main media in the world after their decision to become financially independent from the royal family and renounce their titles of royal highness, to leave to live in Canada, however, a detail has been revealed that does not let them live in peace and for which they suffer during their stay, according to the magazine Hola México. Filed Under: How Princess Diana Died

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