House of Representatives expels Marjorie Taylor Greene from committees



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  • House of Representatives expels Marjorie Taylor Greene from committees
  • The controversial Republican representative has been eliminated from the commissions to which she belonged
  • This is an ‘unprecedented’ measure after a series of controversies that have brought Greene to the spotlight

House of Representatives expels Marjorie Taylor Greene from committees to which she belonged, an unprecedented sanction that Democrats said was earned by spreading violent and hateful conspiracy theories.

The deeply divided House of Representatives voted on the measure Thursday, highlighting the controversy his comments got into his party.

House of Representatives Marjorie Taylor Greene committees

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Got the Republican Party in ‘trouble’

Almost all Republicans voted against the Democratic measure, but none of them defended their long history of “outrageous” posts on social media, notes The Associated Press.

The ‘rookie‘Republican representing an extremely conservative region of Georgia took the full house to defend herself. According to The Associated Press, with his face covered with a mask with the words “Free expression,” he offered a mixture of retractions and remarks.

The Lower House as “a battlefield”

The 230-199 vote became another measure in which conspiracy theories become political battlegrounds, which happened frequently during the presidency of Donald Trump. The former president faces a Senate trial next week for inciting an insurrection after a mob, fueled by his false allegations of voter fraud, attacked the Capitol.

House of Representatives Marjorie Taylor Greene committees

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Thursday’s dispute also highlighted the uproar Greene, an “expert” in provoking Democrats, has unleashed since she became a candidate for Representative last year.

Republicans also voted against Greene

According to an AP article, self-promotion and campaign fundraising have also become an “element” that distinguishes the representative.

Eleven Republicans joined 219 Democrats in approving Greene’s removal from the committees, while 199 Republican lawmakers voted against it.

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Addressing his colleagues, Greene tried to distance himself from his “words of the past.” Contradicting their own social media posts.

In addition, he assured that the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 and the massacres in schools were real, and that he no longer believes in QAnon’s conspiracy theories, which include falsehoods about alleged pedophile rings run by Democrats.

I do not know he apologized for his statements

The foregoing, due to the fact that the ‘explosive’ publications that came to light pointed out those positions of the Republican.

Second check 48 hours


Other posts, supported by Greene, contained messages of hatred and violence towards former President Barack Obama and a debate that the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi was killed.

However, he did not explicitly apologize for the statements he has posted online in which he supports other issues such as the possibility that Jewish-controlled space rays caused forest fires.

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He showed himself as a ‘victim’

He also portrayed himself as a victim of “the big media companies.”


The media “can take the slightest word that any of us has said, that you have said, and project ourselves as something we are not,” he said.

“We are in a real and huge problem,” said the controversial representatives.

Greene complains that the lower house ‘punished’ her

This, by ensuring that the House of Representatives punished her but tolerated “members who condoned the unrest that harmed the American people.”

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This, a clear reference to the protests against social injustice and the Black Lives Matter movement last summer, which in some cases turned violent.

Greene was on the Education and Labor and Budget committees. Democrats were especially “appalled” by his assignment to the education panel, considering the doubts he had expressed in the past about the Florida and Connecticut school massacres.

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