House committee approves Biden stimulus

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  • House committee approves Biden stimulus
  • Biden’s stimulus makes its way through Congress
  • But the Democratic lead could be diminishing

The House Budget Committee approved the $ 1.9 trillion bill proposed by President Joe Biden on Monday, USA Today reported.

With a vote of 19 to 16 the bill now goes to the House Rules Committee, to continue its legislative process towards the approval of the stimulus in the plenary session of the House of Representatives.

But Texas Democrat Lloyd Doggett joined Republicans opposing Biden’s bill. The reduced advantage in the lower house of Congress does not allow them to continue losing votes in favor of the stimulus.

Committee Approves Stimulus Biden, House Stimulus


Third check approval at risk?

Another five-member change would end the bill, the US newspaper warned. Republicans have “fiercely” criticized the project, calling it expensive and partisan.

The Biden stimulus is expected to be voted on soon, paving the way for a third check help for coronavirus. However, the Senate could still return the bailout package and it would have to be voted on once again in the House of Representatives. The promoters of the $ 1.9 trillion stimulus plan hope to approve it in March, before unemployment benefits expire.

Committee Approves Stimulus Biden, House Stimulus

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Democratic leaders have a strong dynamic on their side, as Congress prepares for its first vote on economic aid for the COVID-19 pandemic: Would any Democrat dare to cast the vote that rejects the first initiative of the President Joe Biden?

A very slim 10-seat Democratic majority in the House of Representatives leaves little room, in the face of solid Republican opposition.

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