Hounded and alone! Irina Baeva records a man who followed her in New York and ends up making a scandal (VIDEO)

Irina Baeva created a tremendous scandal on her walk through Central Park in New York Gabriel Soto’s girlfriend just arrived in the...

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  • Irina Baeva created a tremendous scandal on her walk through Central Park in New York
  • Gabriel Soto’s girlfriend just arrived in the big apple and is already ‘harassed’
  • The Russian exhibited a Suelta la Sopa reporter who she yelled very annoyed at for not leaving her alone as she walked

Furious, lonely and very indignant was how Irina Baeva appeared while walking through Central Park in New York City while an alleged reporter from Suelta la Sopa followed her.

A few days after the Russian actress separated from Gabriel Soto to go to study acting in New York and fulfill her dream of being in Hollywood, now Irina Baeva stars in a tremendous scandal.

While walking through the streets of Central Park, Irina Baeva greeted all her followers in the middle of Friday morning without imagining what awaited her.

“Check this out, here’s a reporter of Telemundo ‘Suelta la Sopa’ that simply does not stop asking me and does not stop following me here in Central Park thanks to the fact that I published in my Stories that I am exercising, ”Gabriel Soto’s girlfriend began saying very upset.

In the recording you can see how the supposed reporter of Suelta la Sopa records what Irina Baeva is saying and is put in front of her while several boys try to persuade him to leave her alone.

“He wants to ask me if Gabriel is coming, making a scandal, we already have people here trying to ask him to leave but he won’t leave and he won’t leave me alone so look at the scandal, the man won’t leave, he doesn’t want to leave me alone, He’s chasing me all over Central Park, ”Irina Baeva continues shouting.

At that moment two boys come to help her, confronting the Suelta la Sopa reporter who is asked his name: “Ronal Suarez (sic)” the supposed reporter is heard saying that he ignores the boys or Irina Baeva and continues recording it .

“There it is, you know it, you see it, before Suelta la Sopa puts it on and makes a scandal, I’m going to show it to you here in my Insta Stories, really what courage that I just can’t be calm exercising and have a reporter from Suelta la Sopa chasing me trying to get an interview, “he said.

But things did not end there and in the following page, we show you what happened and what else Irina Baeva said, you can also watch the video.

Reporter Releases Soup 'harasses' Irina Baeva in New York (IG)

Reporter Releases Soup ‘harasses’ Irina Baeva in New York (IG)

After playing you-for-you with the Suelta la Sopa reporter, Russian actress Irina Baeva, notably angry, recounted how she was able to get rid of him:

“I don’t like doing this kind of thing, but I’m going to explain to you what happened, and finally, the reporter stopped chasing me, stopped walking behind me, let him record me, a big mistake on my part with the desire to I have to share with you how happy I am in New York and the things I am doing, a big mistake to share it in real time, for security reasons, for paparazzi reasons, but I already learned it, I will not do it again, “said the actress still walking through Central Park.

Quickly the comments against the actress came: “Stop making her think she’s a great star! Do not give publicity to this arrogant woman “,” How ridiculous, thank you that they take her into account! “,” Look who talks about harassment “,” Not that it was so important “,” Travel ridiculous, let’s stop giving it so much importance later She alone is going to ask journalists to approach her, what a horror the theater I am trying to put together ”,“ Pure show she wants to advertise, this woman makes me feel worse every day ”.


Irina Baeva in New York (Instagram)

Irina Baeva in New York (Instagram)

Just when they predict that Irina Baeva will end up with Gabriel Soto, Geraldine Bazán appears in a bathtub in a bikini showing off her body.

All this emerged in the actress’s Instagram accounts as well as in the Despierta América program where they predicted said separation.

It was precisely the taratista and astrologer Kala Ruíz who predicts the future of this couple, says that now that they are separated because Irina Baeva is going to New York.

Image taken from Instagram @despiertamerica

However, this prediction was made on January 1 of this year and has now been taken up by rumors that exist that the couple would already be in a process of separation.

After this, it was revealed that the actress would go to New York to study English, to which the tarot reader says that she wants to achieve success, to get up in her career.

“The relationship was going more or less well, so one had different expectations from the other, there is great complicity, they love each other a lot as friends, there is great affection, but she wants to take a big leap at work, and they will end up finishing, she goes to finish releasing him, she wants to go in search of better opportunities ”.

When asked if Irina would find love in New York, Kala Rúiz commented that “several, as she is very beautiful, she is going to have several loves, obviously not all of them are going to be good or rewarding, sometimes love is a raffle, and will stay to live in the United States ”.

He even says that Gabriel Soto’s current partner is very clear about his future to be able to enter Hollywood, so little by little they will let go.

On the next page we will leave you with people’s comments about what they think of said separation and later on the photograph of Geraldine Bazán who appears in a bikini.

After commenting on the supposed future break between Irina Baeva and Gabriel Soto, people commented: “Pure lie, why didn’t any supposed seer predict the covid-19?

Someone else said: “Irina did what she wanted only to separate the couple because she is envious, that’s all, she has already done it, because she is leaving hahaha, poor delusional men.”

“All witchcraft will not inherit the kingdom of heaven”, “there you get a millionaire”, “if really that of the letters were true, every human being would spend it throwing us the cards”, “that even without letters would come” , “regards. Please give me the instagram of the girl with the masks. Thank you. Dominican Republic, ”some people said.

Other followers said: “Good. Half of the prediction has already come true ”,“ those women like that get tired of the same thing, only it occurs to him ”,“ she was not famous. As always, they hook up with a famous person to be more recognized ”.

Image taken from Instagram @despiertamerica

Filed Under: Geraldine Bazán Bikini

As we promised, here we leave you the shocking photograph of Geraldine Bazán in a bikini that has caused all kinds of reactions in her followers.

One of the first comments was the following: “Beautiful, pretty, good mother, we want to see her with an already engaged boyfriend @ she @ deserves it.”

“The Mexican barbie”, “a doll”, “that little waistband”, “honorable, beautiful, sexy woman, a true lady”, “what a beautiful baby”, “with you it is always summer”, “beautiful”, “wow what Wave the handsome ”,“ spectacular ”,“ very beautiful ”,“ how beautiful you are, Mrs. Geraldine, you are a woman with all the respect you deserve, greetings ”.

Some more fans said: “You are a beautiful woman in every sense of the word”, “pretty”, “pretty”, “great body”, “you are definitely gorgeous and super great body”, “you are a spectacular woman”, “very beautiful “,” Beautiful “,” Nina my God very very beautiful “,” impressive you are “.

On the next page we will leave you another photograph from the same bathtub, but with another pose and more comments from people who cannot believe the beauty that Geraldine Bazán possesses, at a time when it is predicted that her ex, Gabriel Soto, would already separate from his girlfriend, Irina Baeva.

Irina Baeva

Image taken from Instagram @geraldinebazan

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