Hot air balloon accident in the US: Pilot dies and four passengers are saved

Another hot air balloon accident occurred in the United States. Authorities confirmed that the pilot of the hot air balloon died in the a...

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  • Another hot air balloon accident occurred in the United States.
  • Authorities confirmed that the pilot of the hot air balloon died in the accident.
  • All four passengers were miraculously saved.

Another hot air balloon accident in the United States has left a family in mourning. Authorities confirmed that the pilot of the aircraft died and that four passengers were miraculously saved.

A hot air balloon pilot was killed in a tragic accident after he got caught in the gear under the basket and then fell to the ground, the newspaper The Sun reported on the night of Friday, July 16.

Pilot dies in hot air balloon accident

Hot air balloon accident

According to the report of the aforementioned newspaper, five people, including the pilot, were traveling in the hot air balloon that took off from Post Mills airport, in the state of Vermont, on Thursday afternoon.

Some time later, the hot air balloon landed in a field, at which point the basket overturned and caused a passenger to fall, however, that person was unharmed, The Sun newspaper detailed.

The pilot got tangled up in the team

Hot air balloon accident
Screenshot from video posted by WCVB

At that time, the newspaper added, the pilot became entangled in the equipment attached to the hot air balloon while he went back up into the sky with the rest of the travelers. Shortly after, the pilot fell from an unspecified height in a field where he was later pronounced dead.

After the pilot’s death in the dramatic crash, the other three passengers remained in the hot air balloon until it was trapped in a grove about 1.5 miles (2.4 kilometers) further north in Piermont, New Hampshire, from where they escaped without wounds.

Passengers escaped the hot air balloon accident unscathed

Hot air balloon accident

At the end of the harrowing journey, none of the passengers was injured. The pilot’s name was not released at the time until authorities could first notify his family, something that happened later, The Sun noted.

The hot air balloon accident is being investigated by officials from the National Transportation Safety Board, the Federal Aviation Administration, and state transportation officials from Vermont and New Hampshire.

The pilot got trapped and fell to the ground

Hot air balloon accident

Police explained: “During this sequence, the pilot became entangled in the equipment attached to the balloon while ascending again and ended up trapped under the basket, from where he finally fell to the ground from a height.”

On Friday afternoon ABC News identified the fatal victim as Brian Boland, 72, a hot air balloon designer and pilot who was known for his eccentricity and prowess in the industry.

He was a renowned veteran pilot

Hot air balloon accident

Mick Murphy, a balloon pilot and former president of the Balloon Federation of America, from Bethlehem, Connecticut, said he had known Brian Boland since the mid-1980s and described him as a talented artist who designed a balloon that flew over the campus of his college school in 1971. “He was a very eccentric guy. Nobody danced in the same orbit as Brian. At 72 years old, and I was still looking 100 years into the future, ”he commented.

Beyond the artistic, Brian Boland, who spent more than 11,000 hours flying balloons, was a forerunner of the experimental construction of lighter-than-air balloons. He propelled major manufacturers into lightweight balloon designs that, in Murphy’s words for ABC News, “we wouldn’t have today if it weren’t for Brian, for his creativity, his passion.” In fact, Boland founded the Aircraft and Balloon Experimental Association, which was based in the small private airport of Post Mills, which he owned.

Hot air balloon crashed during landing, injuring 11

Photo of the place where a hot air balloon crashed near Arrowtown, New Zealand, on July 9, 2021. (TVNZ via AP)

In a similar event, what must have been a memorable adventure turned into a dramatic accident. A hot air balloon crashed just as it was about to land and 11 people were injured, including two seriously.

The hot air balloon crashed just as it was about to land in New Zealand on Friday, July 9, and the 11 occupants were injured, authorities quoted by the AP news agency and the newspaper reported. The Guardian.

The ride had been uneventful

After the hot air balloon crashed, two of the passengers were seriously injured and had to be taken immediately to hospital, the sources mentioned by AP and The Guardian said.

The company that owns the balloon, called Sunrise Balloons, explained that the hour-long ride near Queenstown had passed without incident and that the winds were normal when the pilot tried to land on a private runway around 10 a.m. morning.

A gust of wind would have caused the accident

When the hot air balloon descended, Sunrise Balloons stated in a bulletin cited by the aforementioned information agency, it was surprised by a gust of wind that pushed it towards a nearby slope.

After the dramatic accident in which a hot air balloon crashed in that area of ​​New Zealand, doctors indicated that the injured were scattered over an area equivalent to that of a soccer field.

Balloon fabric was left hanging on electrical wire

“So responding to those patients and understanding what the situation was took some time depending on the space of the scene,” David Baillie, operations manager at St John Ambulance, told TVNZ, according to AP.

The balloon basket went to the garage of a house while the fabric ended up hanging from an electrical cable, the company said. The two seriously injured passengers were airlifted to Dunedin Hospital. The pilot and the other eight passengers were treated for minor or moderate injuries and were later discharged.

The owner of the balloon company spoke

NZ Herald video screenshot

According to The Guardian, Sunrise Balloons owner and chief pilot Hugh McLellan said the company was “deeply upset” by the incident and the injuries sustained by the pilot and guests.

The company mentioned that it temporarily halted the flights and is cooperating with the police and aviation authorities, who are investigating the incident. He added that all the passengers were residents of New Zealand, whose government closed its borders to foreign tourists more than a year ago due to the coronavirus pandemic. For more details read this note.

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