Hooters employees denounce new uniform (VIDEOS)

Hooters employees denounce new uniform. The workers are not satisfied with the new uniforms. “You are completely exposed with these...

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  • Hooters employees denounce new uniform.
  • The workers are not satisfied with the new uniforms.
  • “You are completely exposed with these uniforms.”

Hooters employees new uniform. Hooters employees are not happy with their new uniforms. These restaurants are known for the pretty workers who serve diners, usually wearing nothing more than a rather short dress, but now they are dissatisfied with the new women’s uniform.

The Hooter girls denounced on social networks the new uniforms that leave nothing to the imagination. The new shorts that the employees must wear are too short and were not to the liking of the girls this time, according to the New York Post.

Hooter Employees Annoyed By New Uniform

Hooter Employees Annoyed By New Uniform


It was since last October 4 when this new uniform for Hooters waitresses began to be implemented, although the shorts were already too short, the new one is even more so. The women decided to show their anger on TikTok with videos showing the old and new shorts.

The anger of the girls was due to the fact that these new shorts reveal their rear guard without leaving anything to the imagination. Even a 22-year-old waitress modeled on her social media profile the outfit that was awarded to her and said, “Oh look, a boxer shorts!”

Hooters Employees New Uniform: Announcement

Hooters Employees New Uniform: Complaint on TikTok


A recent Hooters policy notice mentions that all female workers must wear this new outfit: “Beginning October 4, all Hooters girls must wear the new shorts when they work once they hit the stores. Old shorts should not be worn, ”the statement said.

Even in updating the uniform policy, the Hooters company also warned that waitresses and waiters who are “uncomfortable” with the mandate of the new little trunks, can include their resignation letters and let other people take their place.

Hooters Employees New Uniform: Complaint on TikTok

Hooters Employees New Uniform: Announcement


Kristen Songer, 22, is a student at the University of South Carolina School of Medicine, in a social network video, she wore a pair of gray leggings under shorts to avoid showing too much skin to her nearly 140,000 followers from TikTok.

“That’s why all the Hooters girls are upset, because this is not what I agreed to wear a year ago when I was hired. There is no longer anything that covers you with these uniforms, ”said the young woman who immediately gained popularity in her recording where she shows her clothes.

Hooters Employees New Uniform: “Classified as Pornography”

Hooters Employees New Uniform: "Classified as pornography"


Influencer Songer and her co-workers across the country are criticizing the restaurant for displaying extremely sassy rump clothing. “This sh … is classified as pornography,” Alabama Easten Brewer employees and Katherine Nicole joked on a TikTok: “When Hooters has shorts, even shorter.”

And Giselle Nguyen, a 20-year-old employee in Texas, stared at her video camera in disbelief as she held up her barely visible pair of pants. “I know they are not my new uniform shorts,” he complained in his video. “What’s supposed to fit?!?” TO SEE THE VIDEOS CLICK HERE AND HERE

Hooters Employees New Uniform: Quit If They Don’t Like It

Hooters Employees New Uniform: Quit If They Don't Like It


In updating the uniform policy, Hooters noted that employees can leave if they don’t like it: “We hope this change will generate excitement with all of our current Hooters Girls. We understand that this may be a change that may not suit your personal preferences, ”the memo reads.

“We ask you to try them out and if after two weeks you are still hesitant to wear the new shorts, you can transfer to a non-image-based role or resign as Hooters Girl. If you decide to resign, you will be eligible to rehire, ”added the fast food company. TO SEE THE VIDEOS CLICK HERE AND HERE.

Hooters Employees New Uniform: OnlyFans Announces Anti-Porn Measure

OnlyFans bans pornography


It should be remembered that platform From OnlyFans, which has allowed different users to pay a subscription to have access to exclusive content from celebrities that show their statuesque figure in underwear or even totally naked, has made an official announcement that has surprised many.

But now the platform will no longer allow that kind of images that promote pornography, since through a statement OnlyFans announced that it will prohibit users from uploading photos and videos of “sexually explicit conduct” as of October 1 of this year.

“We must evolve our content guidelines”

OnlyFans prohibits pornography: "We must evolve our content guidelines"


According to different media, the changes respond to pressure from payment providers and banks, who are not so in agreement on the content for which the platform is known. Many celebrities have used this platform to generate income.

“In order to ensure the long-term sustainability of our platform, and to continue to host an inclusive community of creators and fans, we must evolve our content guidelines.” The company will share more details on the move in the coming days and promised to “actively support and guide creators through this change in content guidelines.” Filed Under: Hooters Employees New Uniform

Creators sell sexually explicit photos

OnlyFans Bans Porn: Creators Sell Sexually Explicit Photos


It is worth mentioning that OnlyFans has more than 2 million creators who can share all kinds of exclusive content for their paid subscribers. The problem is that many of the platform’s top creators, who have 130 million users, sell nude or sexually explicit photos and videos, according to El Universal.

For this reason the website has earned the reputation of being a pornographic platform. Incredible stories have been released of some women who have made a fortune sharing their images in recent years. One of the most memorable cases is that of a daughter of a father who left the church to join OnlyFans and is now a millionaire. Filed Under: Hooters Employees New Uniform

The arrival of a new app

OnlyFans bans pornography: The arrival of a new app


It should be remembered that a few days ago OnlyFans announced the arrival of its app called OFTV which will offer some videos with different stars, with the exception that its fame must promote pornography, focused on nudity, since Apple and Google do not allow content for adults in their services.

The app offers a library of over 800 videos, including the original “Unblocked” series, featuring conversations with celebrities who are the creators of OnlyFans such as Mia Khalifa, Bella Thorne, and Holly Madison. It also includes original videos from Pilates instructors, chefs and podcasters with the intention of remembering that they offer much more than erotic content. Filed Under: Hooters Employees New Uniform

A free service

OnlyFans Bans Pornography: A Free Service


The OFTV application does not plan to generate income, in fact it is a free service that does not include advertising. It is actually a marketing tool for creators and for the brand. It is even part of his project to stop promoting the nudity and pornography that the platform has generated so much fame.

The new app plans to become a vital tool for all creators since its model has been very attractive to millions of Internet users, because in a short time it allows them to earn good amounts of money, unlike other social networks where they depend on ads.

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