Chronicle: Honduran woman came to the United States only to commit a crime

Chronicle: Honduran woman came to the United States only to commit a crime. The woman is supposed to have come to the country in search o...

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  • Chronicle: Honduran woman came to the United States only to commit a crime.
  • The woman is supposed to have come to the country in search of a better future.
  • But, in less than six months, Katy Bonilla has been captured twice.

A woman of Honduran origin who came to the United States a couple of years ago supposedly with the idea of ​​having a better life and raising her family in this country, has just been captured, for the second time in less than six months, which shows that her plans weren’t entirely sincere.

This is Katy Bonilla Hernández, 38, a resident of the city of Norcross (Georgia), who on February 26 was arrested by the Gwinnett County police on two counts of theft after being reported by the security of a local store because she took a couple of objects without paying.

He wanted to convince them that it was a mistake: Chronicle the United States of crime

Chronicle United States Offending
Katy Bonilla Hernández, 38 years old. (Gwinnett County Sheriff)

That night the Central American tried by all means to convince the uniformed that it was a mistake and that, in reality, her intentions were not to steal said products. However, her attempt was in vain and she ended up handcuffed and later incarcerated in Gwinnett Prison on charges of shoplifting.

A state judge bail him for $ 1,300, 10 times the cost of the garments he allegedly wanted to steal from the business. He paid that amount and was released a few hours after his arrest. Of course, they made it clear that he would soon have to appear in court for the trial against him. Filed Under: Chronicle United States Offending

They caught her again

Chronicle United States Offending
Katy Bonilla Hernández, 38 years old. (Gwinnett County Sheriff)

After such a scare, anyone in their right mind would have decided to behave well and prepare for the day of the hearing before the magistrate, but for some reason, it was not the case with Katy. And the thing is that yesterday, the Gwinnett authorities arrested her again, this time for two much more serious charges.

Katy was re-arrested for possession of methamphetamine for distribution purposes, far more serious offenses than the previous ones. Luckily for him, he was given another judge, who again granted him the exit on the payment of a bail, although much higher (11,500 dollars). Filed Under: Chronicle United States Offending

Still imprisoned

Chronicle United States Offending
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Until the closing of this note, the Catracha woman was still in jail for not having yet been able to cancel the new amount, but obviously it is only a matter of time before she returns to the streets, which represents another stroke of luck for her. And it is that if they had fallen prey around the same time last year, the story would be different.

In fact, it is certain that Katy would already be back in her homeland, since in the detention center where she is, there was Immigration and all the foreigner without legal status who was detained for any reason, was deported. It was good for him that this year he changed his sheriff and the one who is now, is super condescending. Filed Under: Chronicle United States Offending

This is called not taking advantage of opportunities

Chronicle United States Offending

Emigrating safely to the United States is the dream of thousands or perhaps even millions of Central American immigrants. And it is that many do not succeed, because they lose their lives in the attempt suffocated by the intense heat of the desert, drowned in the stormy currents of the Rio Grande or at the hands of criminals who took advantage of their vulnerability.

Others end up mutilated by ‘La Bestia’, the impetuous train that runs through Mexican territory and that most of those who travel on foot use to advance more quickly. And those who do well end up in cold cells and then deported to their countries after being detained by the authorities, either from the United States or from Mexico. Filed as: Chronicle United States commit a crime

The dangers of the crossing is not a secret: Chronicle United States Offending

He came to the US only to commit a crime
File / MH

All foreigners who live in the United States know perfectly such dangers, even those who did not have to live that nightmare to get here. That is why it is so difficult for me to understand how there are people who manage to overcome all those barriers and once here, they begin to behave worse than animals.

Especially those people who were caught crossing the border illegally and who are later released so that they can request political asylum in the country or for humanitarian reasons, but under the condition that they then appear at court hearings, something that a good part of them does not.

Let us be grateful to whoever welcomes us: Chronicle United States Offending

USA flag
File / MH

Although most of the Latinos who come to the United States are correct and hard-working people, unfortunately there are also criminals arriving by a lot. Many people here who have been fleeing their countries after having committed crimes and the worst thing is that instead of changing their lifestyle, they continue in the same way.

It has to be said, but they are ungrateful. That a foreign nation welcomes you, good or bad, but that they allow us to live and work here, is profit. Enough gesture so that we live grateful and above all, respectful of their laws. As the old proverb says: “wherever you go, do what you see.” Thank you for reading my chronicle today in MundoHispánico. Until next time. Filed Under: Chronicle United States Offending

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