CURIOUS: Honduran bricklayer proposed to his girlfriend in the middle of work (VIDEO)

With the help of his colleagues, a Honduran bricklayer proposed to his girlfriend. His relatives also helped to arrange the marriage prop...

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  • With the help of his colleagues, a Honduran bricklayer proposed to his girlfriend.
  • His relatives also helped to arrange the marriage proposal.
  • After the video was published, it went viral on social networks.

A young bricklayer had the desire to propose to his long-time girlfriend, but didn’t have enough money to do so, for this reason he asked his friends to help him organize the marriage proposal that took place a few months later to the rythm of mariachi music and with a girlfriend who was very in love and didn’t hesitate to say yes.

As on other occasions, the video went viral through social networks, where people took a moment to congratulate the happy couple and assure that it was a nice gesture on the part of the young man, who from the beginning mentioned that his lack of resources was what prevented him from proposing to his partner for years; so it has become one of the most viral proposals in recent months.

Honduran Bricklayer Proposed Marriage: A Unique Marriage Proposal

Honduran Bricklayer Proposed Marriage: A Unique Marriage Proposal
Photo: YouTube

The video was released by the account from ‘Punto Joven’ who usually uploads content to their social media accounts and who detailed how the idea of ​​organizing the marriage between the couple began, who have been together for a while and even have a small baby, but due to financial problems is that he had not been able to ask her to marry.

The young bricklayer has some friends and family who wanted to support him and who organized the purchase of the ring, a couple of flowers for the bride and Mariachi, since they were the ones who would enter the instant the bride arrived, in addition to being the family of the woman who would take her to the work where Esdras is working to ask her to marry him and thus make the proposal.

Honduran bricklayer proposed marriage: For two months he asked for help

Honduran bricklayer proposed marriage: For two months he asked for help
Photo: YouTube

Jorge, the young man from the ‘Punto Joven’ channel, mentions that the marriage proposal plan has been going on for about two months and that it all started when Esdras approached him to tell him that he wanted to marry his girlfriend, since he wanted to do the ‘ good things’ for such reasons is that upon hearing the mason’s moving story, both friends and family decided to support him.

“My friend, about two months ago, made a request of me with great humility. He said: Jorge, do you know what one of my dreams is? I want to get married, I want to be accountable to God, I want to fix my life. I don’t have money, I don’t have the resources to do it, ”said the young Honduran to the person who decided to support him on this journey.

Honduran bricklayer proposed marriage: He solarized with the young man

Honduran bricklayer proposed marriage: He solarized with the young man
Photo: YouTube

Jorge assured that he did this because it reminded him of the time he was looking to get married and did not have the money, which was why it had taken almost four years at the time, but that it had been worth it since he had managed to get married and it was for that reason He decided to help Esdras as he wants his friend to marry the love of his life.

“And I began to remember about four years ago when I got married. That I found myself in the same situation, from when I wanted to organize my life, from when I wanted to get married but could not because I had no resources, and because of lack of money I had to delay my marriage for about four years, until God He blessed me and I was able to get married ”, he confessed in the video.

Honduran bricklayer proposed marriage: He makes the proposal at the construction site where he works

Honduran bricklayer proposed marriage: He makes the proposal at the construction site where he works
Photo: YouTube

His friend relates that he, after listening to the problem that afflicted him, decided to support him and give him the help he needed, organizing what was necessary for the marriage proposal to be perfect, so the only thing missing was for the bride to arrive to start it; It would be at the site where Ezra was working and they hoped that everything would turn out wonderfully.

“So I made a proposal to my friend, my friend Esdras that we are going to support him in his marriage. And today is the day that here, in your work area, in this construction that you are observing, we are going to bring your spouse so that he can make the marriage proposal and take her to the altar ”, he commented.

Honduran bricklayer proposed marriage: Mariachis were waiting for her upon arrival

Honduran bricklayer proposed marriage: Mariachis were waiting for her upon arrival
Photo: YouTube

Jorge tells that it was he who sent for Tania to get to the construction where Esdras is working, so they only have to wait for her to arrive; It doesn’t take long when the young woman appears on the scene in the company of another woman, the last one moves away from the camera and focuses on Tania, who is waiting for her boyfriend, who stops doing his work to meet her.

That is why the Mariachis appear on stage, beginning to play the chords of the song indicated for the moment of the proposal, while the young woman is surprised by such a detail that is directed towards her person, the cell phones are taken out and they begin to record the sweet gesture of Esdras towards his partner, who still does not know what is happening. Filed Under: Honduran Bricklayer Proposed Marriage

He knelt to the sound of “My sweetie”

He knelt to the sound of "My love"
Photo: YouTube

Shortly after, the lyrics to ‘Mi Cariñito’ begin to sound, at the moment the woman who accompanied Tania appears and is giving Esdras a bouquet of roses with a small silver box that contains the ring; They are moments of expectation, since it is just the moment that had been indicated for the groom to kneel.

And so it happens, Esdras takes the objects, approaches his girlfriend and kneels on the dirt floor while the song continues its course; The camera focuses on his girlfriend, who can not stand it anymore and breaks into tears because of the romantic request that the young man is making, there are no words, but if he offers his left hand, where he places the engagement ring on the ring finger, while the others they burst into bitores and begin to celebrate the newly engaged couple.

The groom’s words

The groom's words
Photo: YouTube

At the end of the mariachi song and after the congratulations obtained, Jorge, the person who has been supporting the bricklayer, asks him to give a few words to the camera and also to make the formal marriage proposal, since he had only managed to kneel and give the ring, but at no point did he make the long-awaited engagement proposal.

“Well, I want to tell her that for a long time I have been dreaming and wanting to get married and since this moment has arrived and with her support, I want to say to her, do you want to marry me or…? Do you want to marry me? ”, Ezra mentions with his eyes on the camera and but turning to his girlfriend, while he awaits the response of the young woman, who answers him with the long-awaited“ Yes ”.

The bride’s statements

The bride's statements
Photo: YouTube

After the romantic declaration of love, Jorge, the person who had been supporting Esdras, approached the bride to ask her how she felt about the new news and statements that her boyfriend had made, to which she replied still without believe the events that had happened and that will change your life forever.

“How are you feeling right now, Tania?” Jorge asked, to which the bride happily replied that ‘I was very happy’. “Didn’t you expect this?”, The bride replied that she had not expected that; the couple was excited and that they would soon get married. The person who was recording them mentioned that in the next few days he would be sharing more information about the engagement and when the wedding would be.

“A first-class marriage is coming”

"A first-rate marriage is coming"
Photo; Youtube

At the end of the video uploaded by ‘Punto Joven’, Jorge mentions with the couple by his side that the details of the marriage bond will be given soon to what he classifies as ‘first’, in addition to ensuring that the page appears more details about the couple and asks the audience to be attentive, as he will soon make more videos with him.

“Friends of Punto Joven, be aware that a terrific ‘mess’ is coming. Marriage of luxury, with my friend Esdras and his wife, Tania, his future wife Tania. A first-rate marriage is coming, prepared with the luxuries and details, so that they are on the lookout and so that it is big. ”, Mentions Jorge, to conclude with the news that the couple’s son will be very happy for the good news and end with a congratulatory baton.

“A great gesture”

"A great gesture"
Photo: YouTube

It was through Facebook that several people began to leave their comments regarding the video that was posted where the young couple’s marriage proposal appears; Within the minutes that it was shared, the users were the ones who felt quite happy because of Jorge’s gesture of support towards his friend, in the dream he wanted to fulfill.

“A great gesture and great support that not everyone can give you and few of us can fulfill it. Many congratulations for the couple who are joining the marriage and then blessings to the author of that great gesture, greetings from Nicaragua. ”, Mentioned one of the users through the Facebook page who also shared the video and in a short time it was done viral.

“Despite his economic situation”

"Despite his economic situation"
Photo: YouTube

It was some users who pointed out that despite the lack of financial resources, love was reflected in the couple, since Esdras had begun to mobilize to get the means to ask his fiancée, even if it was asking for help and that in the end they had managed to fulfill it, being happy with what they had at hand.

“Congratulations to this couple, for being sincere my admiration for both of them for showing mutual love, because it is very beautiful to want that despite being in a bad economic situation, but that is where the love of both is known here is a great teaching for all that it is necessary for us to have wealth to be happy. May God bless you, from here, from Guatemala ”, commented a user in the video posted on networks. TO SEE VIDEO CLICK HERE.

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