10 homemade Christmas card ideas for kids

Make the best Christmas cards in a fun and simple way! Spending quality time with your family is one of the best ways to spend the holida...

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Make the best Christmas cards in a fun and simple way! Spending quality time with your family is one of the best ways to spend the holidays, especially with the little ones at home. Activities that encourage creativity not only help keep children entertained but also serve as a way to connect with friends and family who live far from home. Discover the best homemade Christmas card ideas for your children!

Watercolor cards

Working with watercolors will help younger children practice fine motor skills and it helps foster creativity from an early age. All you need is a set of watercolors and white card stock. Have fun with the children creating personalized Christmas shapes and motifs for your family members who live far away: snowmen, reindeer, gift shapes, Christmas wreaths and everything else you can think of!

Button Christmas cards

Hands working with colored buttons for card

Unleash children’s imaginations by creating cards with Christmas motifs made from buttons! They are easy to get, and will keep kids entertained for a long time. You just need buttons and a strong glue. With them you can create images such as Christmas trees, spheres and ornaments of all sizes and colors, you will not believe how easy it is!

Christmas wreath cards

The wreath is one of the most traditional Christmas motifs. Make Christmas cards with wreaths using green paper, yarn, even felt. You can shape it into leaves with scissors and decorate according to each child’s imagination.

Photo collage

Photographs for gift card

One of the main reasons for Christmas cards is to spread holiday cheer. A photo collage is one of the most fun homemade Christmas card ideas for kids while they remember the moments you have spent together as a family. To make this kind of card, you will have to print your favorite photos (and the funniest ones), cut them out and stick them to the card, accompanied by holiday greeting.

Make a mug shaped card

Imagine a mug shaped Christmas card, accompanied by some marshmallows or a tea bag, sounds amazing right? And best of all, it’s so easy to create! You will only have to draw a mug on a folded piece of paper and cut it out. Afterwards, let the children decorate with crayons, watercolors, colors or buttons to create their favorite drink.

Coloring card


Create a card that your recipients can decorate as they like while reading your child’s greeting. Download a coloring design from the Internet. If you wish, you can even send a small crayon along so that the recipient can decorate their own card.


Try downloading the image of a nutcracker and cut it out to create your homemade Christmas card. Let the children color and decorate the nutcracker shape.This will keep them entertained, as well as involving them in the entire creative process.

Hand prints

Child hands with paint that will be for gift card

For this type of card you have at least two options. One of them is to get some non-toxic paint and put the children’s palms on the card, placing their name in the center. Another option is to perform the same procedure, but with each of your family members’ finger prints, in the form of a Christmas tree or a gift box, choose your favorite image!

Make Christmas tree with yarn

Take the Christmas tree shaped card one step further. You must cut yarn in various lengths and colors until you achieve the desired result. For this homemade Christmas card idea, you need green and red yarn as well as accessories such as buttons, colored thread and, if you wish, stickers with Christmas motifs to create the ornaments and gifts under the tree.

Snow globe


Snow globes are another of the most popular motifs for the Christmas season. You and your children can make these using paper, colored pencils, watercolors and even fabric. Draw the shape of a snow globe and let the children decorate how they like. For a personal touch, place your family photo in the center of the snow globe, along with some words of encouragement for the holidays.

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