Hobby Lobby raises full-time minimum wage to $17 an hour

Good news for Hobby Lobby employees. Famous retail chain Hobby Lobby announced the increase for its full-time employees. The increase tak...

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  • Good news for Hobby Lobby employees.
  • Famous retail chain Hobby Lobby announced the increase for its full-time employees.
  • The increase takes effect from October 1.

As the coronavirus crisis continues in the United States, the Hobby Lobby chain announced the increase in the full-time minimum wage to $ 17 per hour.

Hobby Lobby Stores Inc. announced on Monday, September 14, that it will increase its full-time hourly minimum wage to $ 17 and will take effect October 1.

As reported ABC 13In 2009, this retail chain was one of the first to set a national hourly minimum wage well above the federal minimum wage.

Since then, the minimum wage has risen tenfold in the past 11 years, according to a press release issued by Hobby Lobby and cited by ABC 13.

Hobby Lobby

The aforementioned media detailed that Hobby Lobby’s last increase was in 2014 when the company raised its full-time minimum wage to $ 15 per hour.

“We have always worked hard to be a leading retailer when it comes to taking care of our people,” said Hobby Lobby founder and CEO David Green, according to the ABC 13 review.

He added: “From closing our stores on Sundays and at 8:00 pm the rest of the week, to providing some of the best wages and benefits in the retail industry, we are grateful to be able to share our success with our valued employees and provide time for rest, family and worship ”.

Quoted by ABC 13, Green noted that these investments allow Hobby Lobby to attract and retain a large group of associates who, in turn, help deliver the wonderful and unique shopping experience that many of its loyal customers enjoy.

Hobby Lobby, in addition to being a leader in payments in the industry, also provides benefits to full-time employees, such as medical, prescription, dental, long-term disability benefits, life insurance, vacation pay, personal time off. paid and 401 (k), specified ABC 13.

Florida: $ 300 Unemployment Benefits Extended One Week More

On the other hand, the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO) presented and approved a extension of unemployment benefits of $ 300 from the Federal Lost Wage Assistance (LWA) program for Floridians who are eligible for one more week, according to WFLA.

Eligible Floridians include those who receive pandemic emergency unemployment compensation and pandemic unemployment assistance who are not normally eligible for state reemployment assistance.

The DEO indicated that residents who were unemployed during the month of August may be eligible to receive another payment of unemployment benefits.

The department also indicated that those who are eligible should receive the additional check sometime this week and stressed that this will be the last of LWA’s lost wage benefits.

Likewise, the DEO recommended that applicants select direct deposit as the way to receive the money to ensure that payments are received as quickly as possible.

Originally, the LWA application was only for three weeks. Payments for previous weeks have been made in weeks ending August 1, August 8, and August 15.

As of September 13, the DEO has paid nearly two million floridans a total of almost 16 billion dollars.

For more information about the LWA program, you can click HERE.

To apply for unemployment benefits, you can do so through the website of the DEO.

Last week, the weekly number of applications for unemployment benefits in the United States rose slightly to 884,000, compared with 881,000 in the previous week, the Department of Labor reported last Thursday.

The average number of applications in four weeks, a measure that compensates for the weekly ups and downs, fell to 970,750 compared to 971,750 in the previous period, according to the Efe agency.

In the week ending August 29, according to the government report, there were 13.38 million people receiving this benefit, compared with 13.25 million in the previous week.

The number of requests for the benefit has gradually decreased since, reflecting the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the labor market, it reached 6.8 million in the last week of March.

This indicator does not include between 16 and 18 million freelancers and subcontractors who received a subsidy of $ 600 per week within a temporary program approved by Congress and enacted by President Donald Trump in March.

The economic reactivation in the United States suppressed 1.8 percentage points of the unemployment rate in August, bringing it down to 8.4% of the workforce, in a month in which private companies and the Government added 1.76 million jobs, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BEA)

These improvements in the labor market reflect the continued resumption of economic activity that had been restricted due to the COVID-19 pandemic and efforts to contain it, according to the government.

The private sector added 1.46 million jobs last month and another 301,000 were opened in the government, added the report, which noted that the growth in government employment reflects the temporary hiring of personnel to prepare the 2020 Census.

According to the BEA bulletin, in August and among a civilian workforce of 160.3 million people there were 13.5 million unemployed, and the country now has about 11.5 million fewer jobs than in February.

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