Hispano tries to rob El Taconazo Grill and is shot dead by the police

A Hispanic tried to rob the taqueria El Taconazo Grill in Houston and was shot dead by police Houston Police Department agents surprised ...

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FOTO Departamento de Policía de Houston
  • A Hispanic tried to rob the taqueria El Taconazo Grill in Houston and was shot dead by police
  • Houston Police Department agents surprised the man just as he was about to commit the robbery
  • The name of the deceased today will not be released by the authorities, until his family is informed

A Hispanic was shot to death by police in Houston, Texas, after a itent of asault to the mobile taqueria El Taconazo Grill.

Officers of the Houston Police Department (HPD), from a unit of undercover officers, fought the assailant on the night of Wednesday, February 17, 2021, and the thief fell dead.

Arturo Acevedo, head of the HPD, warned since the brutal cold wave in Texas began and the power outages that left Houston partially in the dark that there would be undercover agents patrolling the city to prevent robbery and looting.

According to Acevedo, at a press conference at the scene of the incident, the Hispanic armed with a semi-automatic pistol robbed the mobile taqueria El Taconazo Grill, located in the 7405 Airline Drive, around 8:40 p.m.

The taqueria El Taconazo Grill is a popular meeting point in the Northside Hispanic neighborhood, in the north of the Houston metropolitan area, almost on the corner of East Little York Street.

The pair of agents noticed during their patrol that a black van was speeding on Airline Street and they began to follow it for a certain distance to report its activities.

Suddenly, the two officers noticed that the truck was pulling into the parking lot where the Taconazo Grill is set up every night.

The two officers managed to see that the man opened the door of his truck right in front of the taqueria and got out with a gun in his hand and went over the business owners.

El Taconazo Grill

Agents patrolling the Northside Hispanic neighborhood thwarted an armed robbery attempt at a popular taqueria. (PHOTO Houston Police Department)

When HPD agents saw what the man intended to do, they drove up in their patrol car and identified themselves as police officers, ordering the man to drop his gun.

The Hispanic did not drop his weapon and threatened the officers, who fired a round of shots to contain the man who had tried to rob El Taconazo Grill.

After the round of gunfire by the two HPD agents, the alleged robber fell on the ground and the officers reported the incident through their radios.

The police spoke from the scene (PHOTO Houston Police Department)

While the man was injured on the concrete cold of the parking lot, the agents tried to save his life by applying first aid while paramedics arrived to take him to a hospital.

A few minutes later the paramedics from the Houston Fire Department (HFD), who transported the injured man to the Ben Taub Hospital at the Houston Medical Center.

However, when doctors tried to save his life in the emergency room, the man died from the gunshot wounds he received in the confrontation with HPD agents.

Almost unbelievably, while HPD patrols were outside El Taconazo Grill, another robbery occurred around the corner and patrolmen had to split up to be at the two incidents.

The thieves in the second robbery, according to Acevedo, were detained since their officers were just around the corner when the events occurred.

The shooting in which the Hispanic died outside the mobile taqueria will be investigated by detectives from the HPD Division of Special Investigations and the Division of Internal Affairs.

In addition, the Civil Rights Division of the Harris County Attorney’s Office, to determine if the HPD agents committed any excess at the time of interning, arresting the alleged thief and then shooting him.

According to Arturo Acevedo, the two officers who participated in the incident, whose names he did not reveal, were placed by the corporation’s protocol in administrative tasks, while the investigations are being carried out.

The two officers who were involved in the shooting are veterans of the corporation with five years of experience. Acevedo insisted that his measure of having undercover agents in the streets will continue, as a prevention of violent crimes.

The name of the Hispanic who died in the attempted robbery of the El Taconazo Grill taqueria, as Acevedo explained, will not be released by the authorities until his relatives are informed and he only said that the deceased today was between 30 and 35 year old.

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