Hispanic with ostentatious hairstyle is arrested again (PHOTO)

They return to arrest Hispanic with ostentatious hairdo. The police gave him the opportunity to change it, but did not take advantage of ...

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  • They return to arrest Hispanic with ostentatious hairdo.
  • The police gave him the opportunity to change it, but did not take advantage of it.
  • José Cisneros will now have to pay $ 2,000 if he wants to get out of prison.

Spanish flamboyant hairstyle José Cisneros arrested. At just 23 years old, José Cisneros has already been arrested several times in Georgia for committing crimes.

In Gwinnett County alone, where he resides, he has been arrested twice in the last year. The first time they stopped was charges of drug possession and drunk driving, a misdemeanor known in English as DUI.

That day, he stopped next to a patrol from that town and when the uniformed man turned to see him, it was not possible because the windows of his car were completely dark, more tinted than the regulations.

The agent stopped him to give him a warning, but when he had contact with the driver, he realized that he was drunk, for which he arrested him on the spot and after checking him, he found other prohibited substances, which aggravated José’s situation.

However, after a couple of days in jail, he posted a $ 10,000 bail and was released. The state judge made it clear to him that he had to take care of himself from now on, but apparently he forgot or simply did not care.

And it is that last weekend, another police, always from Gwinnett, arrested him again for drunk driving. So far the authorities have not provided details of how they surprised him.

However, there is something curious that attracted the attention of the jailers.

And it is that José now wore a different hairstyle than the first one, but always a bit ostentatious, something that is unusual in most of the inmates in Georgia.

The first time he was arrested, he wore two red locks standing up, while now he came with a hairstyle of three different colors and completely disheveled. Filed Under: Hispanic Flamboyant Hairstyle José Cisneros Arrested.

Spanish flamboyant hairstyle José Cisneros arrested

Chronicle: Three brothers simultaneously rape a girl

At just 10 years old, Rosita (fictitious name to protect the victim) already knows firsthand what the worst level of perversion of the human being is.

And it is that the three subjects with whom she had lived in recent years, despite her young age, saw her as a woman and tried to seduce her.

Everything indicates that everyone wanted to have a romantic relationship with her, but since she completely ignored them because she does not yet have the need to have a man by her side, they tried to buy her.

Police say that on multiple occasions they offered him money separately in exchange for sleeping with them, but none got away with it.

They even tried to grope her a couple of times, but the situation did not pass over, so the youngest chose to remain silent, since by living together she considered them “part of her family.”

But since there are many subjects whose evil knows no limits, these three brothers decided that, if it was not for the good, it would be for the bad, and they agreed on a plan that would satisfy all three.

On the morning of September 9, they were presented with the opportunity of a lifetime, when Rosita’s mother left the house to run errands and they left her asleep in her bedroom.

By misfortunes in life, neither of the brothers had gone out to work that day, so they came face to face with temptation.

Without thinking so much and not to waste any more time, they agreed that it was “now or never” and together they entered the girl’s room after forcing the lock, as it was locked.

Chronicle siblings rape young girl Hispanic ostentatious hairstyle arrested José Cisneros

The three brothers were living in the girl’s house, since one of them was her mother’s boyfriend. (Kenner Police)

Filed Under: Hispanic Flamboyant Hairstyle José Cisneros Arrested.

Chronicle: Three brothers rape a girl simultaneously, by Mario Guevara

When they entered, they left her behind and stripped her naked, then raped her one by one as they wanted, despite her cries and pleas to be left alone.

When they were finally satisfied, the defendants left the room, not before offering her more money again, but this time, much more, which she obviously did not receive.

Seeing her refusal, they threatened her not to report them and it worked for them because for three days she swallowed her bitterness and struggled completely alone with the pains of the humiliation she had suffered.

However, this week he could not bear it any longer and broke the silence, telling another close relative who had always had a lot of confidence about everything that had happened to him.

Without thinking twice, he reacted as he should, immediately calling the relevant authorities.

Thanks to the prompt and effective reaction of the Kenner City Police (Louisiana) where this misfortune occurred, the capture of two of the three suspects was achieved.

Filed Under: Hispanic Flamboyant Hairstyle José Cisneros Arrested.

Chronicle: Three brothers rape a girl simultaneously, by Mario Guevara

They are the twins Raúl Paz Pérez and Wilmer Paz Pérez, 35, who face charges of rape in the first degree to the detriment of a minor.

Elder Paz Pérez, the youngest of the 31-year-old brothers, was absent that day they went to look for them, so he managed to evade capture.

“We don’t know where he is now. We believe he left the state, but we want to prevent him from escaping to Honduras, “said Kenner Police Lt. Michael Cunningham.

Elder was the boyfriend of the victim’s mother and a couple of years ago he managed to convince her to let her “dear little brothers” who had just arrived in the country live with them, to which she agreed to do them the favor.

Currently Raul and Wilmer are in the Jefferson Parish Correctional Facility without the right to be released on bail and already Immigration and Customs Enforcement Service (ICE) He also took them into custody to prevent their release on some legal technicality.

Meanwhile, local authorities continue to search for Elder Paz Pérez and ask the community to help them locate him. If you know the whereabouts of this individual, immediately dial 504.712.2222 or 504.822.1111.

Filed Under: Hispanic Flamboyant Hairstyle José Cisneros Arrested.

Hispanic with flamboyant hairstyle arrested again

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