Hispanic Soldier Juan Muñoz goes missing ‘without a trace’

Hispanic Soldier Juan Muñoz goes missing ‘without a trace’ His family fear that something similar to what happened to Vanessa...

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  • Hispanic Soldier Juan Muñoz goes missing ‘without a trace’
  • His family fear that something similar to what happened to Vanessa Guillén has happened to him
  • His mother is in great anguish due to the disapparition of the Hispanic soldier

Private Juan Muñoz has been missing for two months and he left no trace, he hasn’t been seen since he didn’t show up at a military base in New Mexico, leaving his family plunged into grief and fearing a tragedy similar to that of Private Vanessa Guillen, says Efe.

It should be remembered that Guillén was a soldier hispanic who disappeared and was later killed. “It is the nightmare that no mother wants to live, especially after the stories of other soldiers who have disappeared,” Elizabeth Rivera, the soldier’s mother, told Efe in a telephone interview.

They fear that the same thing happens to Vanessa Guillén

Disappeared Hispanic Soldier, Juan Muñoz
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The missing Hispanic soldier, Juan Muñoz, 20, was last seen on Saturday, February 20, 2021 and was scheduled to spend the weekend at the National Guard Armory in Río Rancho, New Mexico, Efe indicates.

However, he never returned for a drill on Sunday. That same day he was reported missing by his sergeant. The Hispanic soldier’s car was found on the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge, near Taos, a town in New Mexico.

“It doesn’t make sense,” says the mother of the missing Hispanic soldier

Disappeared Hispanic Soldier, Juan Muñoz
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Juan Muñoz’s belongings, including a cell phone, wallet, ID, debit card and car keys, were inside the vehicle, something that “doesn’t make sense” to Elizabeth Rivera, mother of the Hispanic soldier who has disappeared.

“He didn’t have to leave his things in the car, unless he was close by and could get back quickly. He has always been very careful, ”explained Rivera, who was born in the Mexican state of Chihuahua. In addition, the mother revealed something that ‘worried’ many.

Soldier’s mother reveals ‘troubling secret’

Disappeared Hispanic Soldier, Juan Muñoz
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Added to this nonsense is the fact that the Hispanic soldier, Juan Muñoz, wanted to retire from the military ranks before the end of his term, indicates Efe. Elizabeth Rivera assures that her son had told her that he wanted to retire from the service.

“I asked him the reasons and he replied that it was a confidential matter,” the Mexican told Efe with a lump in her throat. He clarifies that he told his son that he would support him in any decision, and that the young man was excited about moving to Albuquerque.

Mother worried that ‘the same’ happens to Vanessa Guillén

Disappeared Hispanic Soldier, Juan Muñoz
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the largest city in New Mexico, and leave Taos, a community of just 32,000 residents. With all these unknowns to be resolved, the case of Vanessa Guillen, who disappeared in April 2020 from Fort Hood, Texas, has been drilling Rivera’s mind in recent weeks.

“I have discovered that there are several soldiers who have died while at their bases; So I don’t rule out that my son could be a victim like Vanessa, ”he confessed to Efe. After being missing, Guillén’s family undertook a search.

Hispanic soldier’s mother’s fear grows because of what security guards told her

Disappeared Hispanic Soldier, Juan Muñoz
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This search was made known throughout the country, and ended when it was discovered that she had been murdered inside the military base by one of her companions, and her body had been disposed of in a nearby place, Efe recalls.

The mother’s fear grew stronger when security guards working on the Rio Grande Throat Bridge told her that they had seen Juan’s car pull up alongside another car in a nearby parking lot.

Hispanic mother worries about her son’s ‘fate’

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“They told me that the other car was there for several minutes next to my son’s and then it left in a hurry making noise towards Taos,” says Rivera. All this information the mother of the disappeared Hispanic soldier has given to the New Mexico State Police, in charge of the search.

According to a statement from the New Mexico State Police, search dogs were brought in and “confirmed that Muñoz’s scent was on the bridge.” State police conducted extensive searches under the bridge and several miles downstream.

No sign of the Hispanic soldier

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However, according to the statement cited by Efe, there were no signs of the missing Hispanic soldier. His mother says that a theory they have contemplated is that her son, Juan Muñoz, committed suicide by throwing himself off the bridge.

The Rio Grande Throat Bridge has one of the highest suicide rates in the country, indicates Efe. According to the New Mexico Office of the Medical Investigator, by 2019 an average of 2.5 people commit suicide by jumping off that bridge each year.

Did the Hispanic soldier commit suicide?

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At least 50 people have died this way since regular records began in 1991, but experts have warned that the number may be higher. However, Elizabeth Rivera doubts that her son committed suicide.

“At least he would have left me a note saying goodbye,” says the mother. The Mexican has asked the public to help her clarify the disappearance of her son. This Tuesday she called on the governor of New Mexico, Michelle Lujan Grisham, to support her in the search.

Mother seeks support ‘desperately’

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“She is also a mother and I know that she can help me find my son. All I want to do is find him and know what happened ”, concluded the Hispanic woman. The mother established a Facebook account to continue the relentless search.

Under the name of “Help Find Juan Muñoz” the account of Facebook He is “desperately” seeking help to find the Hispanic soldier who disappeared two months ago. Look for witnesses or people who have information to help clarify this case.

Heartbreaking messages from the soldier’s mother

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The pain of Elizabeth Rivera, mother of Juan Muñoz is shown in each of her posts on Facebook. “You hurt in the soul Juan. All these days are a disgrace. I need you in my life. So many things are happening without you ”, the woman writes in her personal profile.

“This pain goes beyond what a human can bear, it is more heartbreaking than giving birth to a child. When you give birth to a child it is pain in the body and it goes away in a few hours. Losing a child and not knowing where it is is a pain of the soul… I am completely destroyed, my life no longer has a fixed course ”. the mother wrote on Facebook.

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