Hispanic pastor escapes from prison with his cellmate’s wife



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  • Hispanic pastor escapes from prison with his cellmate’s wife
  • This pastor is a fugitive from justice and was ‘discovered only’ after he uploaded a photo
  • The other prisoners launched threats after they heard that the pastor had fled with his cellmate’s wife

Hispanic pastor escapes from prison with his cellmate’s wife. The news of the pastor identified as Alejandro Claudio Guerrero was released this Saturday due to a photograph that he posted on his WhatsApp status, various media reported.

The pastor had the benefit of a ‘temporary release’ from a prison in Argentina. For 48 hours he could ‘enjoy’ his freedom, however, he decided to flee and not return to prison. However, what drew attention to his escape was with whom he decided to sharee his ‘freedom’.

Hispanic pastor elopes with wife of his cellmate

Pastor wife cellmate, Alejandro Claudio Guerrero, Hispanic pastor
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Once released, the Hispanic pastor named Alejandro Claudio Guerrero, recognized in Buenos Aires, shared a photo in his WhatsApp statuses in which a woman is seen as ‘very close’ while she kisses him on the cheek, the media reported Mexican Radio Formula.

The woman, lying on a bed next to the now fugitive from justice, turned out to be nothing more and nothing less the wife of the Hispanic pastor’s cellmate, said the aforementioned media. In addition, Alejandro Claudio Guerrero’s cellmate also turned out to be a preacher.

Threats are launched against Hispanic pastor who eloped with his cellmate’s wife

Pastor wife cellmate, Alejandro Claudio Guerrero, Hispanic pastor
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History has reached such a point that the Christian prisoners inside the jail where the Hispanic pastor was serving a sentence and who call themselves “the little brothers” are ‘outraged’ with the situation and have threatening the pastor who escaped with the wife of his cellmate, Clarín reveals.

Alejandro Claudio Guerrero, committed his first crime at the age of 10, even at that age he was already living on the street and consuming cocaine, according to Radio Fórmula. The criminal record of the pasture who eloped with his cellmate’s wife has several other crimes.

“I wanted to make you believe that he was a Christian”

Pastor wife cellmate, Alejandro Claudio Guerrero, Hispanic pastor

The robberies were carried out on trains where he obtained bags and wallets. In order to carry out his crimes, he even raised some people to the train tracks, reveals Radio Fórmula. The man is accused of qualified robbery and illegal possession of a weapon of war, indicates the Mexican media.

A video posted on YouTube, accessed by Radio Fórmula, indicates that he came to the prison church for “business.” “I wanted to make you believe that he was a Christian and had a lot of contact with the prisons. He did business with them: he sold the meat he received for the pavilion, he charged for the beds and whatever you can imagine, ”the video indicates.

How did you ‘fall in love’ with your cellmate’s wife?

Pastor wife cellmate, Alejandro Claudio Guerrero, Hispanic pastor

The lack of trust that reigns in these prisons makes it difficult to consider displays of affection among the prisoners. According to the aforementioned media, one of the greatest demonstrations of trust is the presentation of the family and their contacts.

However, the Hispanic pastor Alejandro Claudio Guerrero, before eloping with the wife of his cellmate and also a religious preacher, had created a “strong friendship” with him. This relationship allowed the Hispanic to meet the wife.

Photograph of the pastor with his cellmate’s wife

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In addition, according to the aforementioned media, the pastor would have asked the wife of his cellmate to allow the address of his house to be established in court. The above, because it is one of the requirements for the benefit that Alejandro Claudio Guerrero obtained.

The Hispanic pastor, left jail for 48 hours and did not “miss” to go to the house of the wife of his cellmate. However, he has not returned and the police already consider him a fugitive from justice. The image would cause great indignation among the prisoners.

Another Hispanic pastor behind bars

Hispanic Pastor Child Abuse Charges Óscar Vera Jiménez

This Friday the authorities of the state of North Carolina confirmed a Hispanic pastor who they suspect of sexually abusing several minors has presented more than 50 charges against him, this happened in the Latino community of a small town in the center, according to Efe .

The subject known as Óscar Vera Jiménez, 53, was detained since last weekend after being accused of abusing a minor, but several other children gave their testimony against him, also for alleged sexual abuse said Siler City Police Chief Mike Wagner.

He faces dozens of child abuse charges

Hispanic Pastor Child Abuse Charges Óscar Vera Jiménez 3

“There are several victims and Jiménez faces between 50 and 60 charges” for child abuse, kidnapping and assault, among others, said Chief Wagner, who indicated that the ‘pastor’, whose congregation was not disclosed, took advantage of his position to be able to touching minors.

At this time, the alleged pastor, Óscar Vera Jiménez, is being held in the Chatham County detention center, where he was presented with more than 50 charges against him and with a bail of half a million dollars, according to the police chief.

How did they find the Hispanic pastor accused of abuse?


According to versions of the Siler City authorities, the first case of rape on the part of the alleged father, occurred about 50 miles west of Raleigh, where a minor who was the first victim, for which he is accused, was sexually abused repeatedly over the course of a month.

The local media Chatham News Record reported that, according to the North Carolina Secretary of State, Jiménez registered the Holy Spirit Pentecostal Church of Siler City in April 2016. Since then the terrible acts that this subject carried out to the kids.

Accused of abuse with members of his own congregation

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The Hispanic ‘pastor’ is also accused of sexually assaulting at least two minors from his own congregation, and now faces more than 50 charges against him. This is one of several cases for which he is currently being detained, according to the Police Department.

The detained subject, 53, was arrested since last weekend, his abuses were carried out in a period of a month, initially he was accused of 10 counts of kidnapping in the first degree, another 10 of indecent liberties with a child, also He had nine charges of sexual assault and five of legal sexual crime with a minor, according to the news portal. Filed Under: Hispanic Pastor Minor Abuse Charges Óscar Vera Jiménez.

Minor ‘broke the silence’ on Hispanic pastor abuse

Hispanic Pastor Child Abuse Charges Óscar Vera Jiménez 4

The first charges stemmed from an investigation that began on April 10, after it was reported that a minor was sexually assaulted. Siler City Police Department Detective Jonathan Murray said it was a woman who contacted the police who was concerned about her daughter, as she was a member of the Holy Spirit Pentecost Church.

After several investigations, they concluded that the pastor of that church sexually assaulted the little girl on several occasions. Siler City Police Department spokesman Lt. Jason Boyd said all the allegations were made since December 2020.

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