Hispanic mother dies of coronavirus after giving birth to twins

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  • Hispanic mother died shortly after giving birth to twins and from a complication caused by the coronavirus
  • The woman died without knowing her babies who are still hospitalized after being born prematurely
  • The family has created a GoFundMe account to help the father with the expenses of the babies

A man in Arizona is devastated by the loss of his wife Verónica Bernal, who lost her life shortly after giving birth to twins and due to a complication caused by covid-19, reported the Efe agency.

Manuel Medina, who was also a victim of the coronavirus, had to take his wife emergency to Banner Estrella Medical Center hospital in Phoenix (Arizona) because the mother, 36, had trouble breathing.

Hispanic mother dies

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At the hospital, Bernal was placed on a ventilator and dialysis was applied in the Intensive Care area, but due to the severity of her case, the doctors made the decision to induce labor at seven months of pregnancy.

“It hurts a lot because there was nothing I could do,” said the Hispanic mother’s husband.

After giving birth to twins on January 6, Bernal died on January 25 without knowing their babies, Manuel Jr. and Mariyah, who are still hospitalized.

Hispanic mother dies

Photo: GoFundMe.

“That it has gone so fast… it is difficult for me to think and imagine,” Medina said. “She can never see them grow. It will no longer be part of their lives or anything for all this, “he added.

Medina told FOX News that “you really don’t know how much and how real it is until it really hits close to home and someone takes it from you.”

“Everything has come crashing down on Manuel, Verónica had another child, plus the two babies. He is devastated, his heart is broken, now he has to face another life, and although he is sad he has to go out to work for his children, ”his sister Deanna Medina told EFE on Monday.

Hispanic mother dies

Days after Christmas, the couple tested positive for covid-19, but Bernal got the worst of it by complicating the virus with her pregnancy, now Medina faces the fear of raising twins and another child in common named Christian who is so He is only 10 months old.

Bernal had three other children whom he also orphaned.

“It is a very sad situation for the whole family, it really is not easy when a situation like this happens in a family, mainly because of the babies, who are still in the hospital,” Medina said.

Due to the “tough” situation the father is going through, the family decided to open an account GoFundMe titled “Blessing Manuel: Single Dad of 3” in which they have barely raised just over $ 13,000 so far.

In the account Deanna Medina wrote that Verónica was a “beautiful, loving and compassionate person” and that the covid-19 forced her to induce labor to give them a “better chance of survival.”

“Unfortunately, we lost her after a tough fight,” she said in her request for help for Manuel, who, she said, “needs support to keep her babies.”

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