Hispanic mother demands justice for her son who received a brutal beating

Texas Hispanic mother demands justice for her teenage son who was brutally beaten The boy asked four grown men not to disrespect his girl...

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FOTO Cortesía de Linda Claros
  • Texas Hispanic mother demands justice for her teenage son who was brutally beaten
  • The boy asked four grown men not to disrespect his girlfriend
  • The young man’s mother assures that he fears for his life and that of his family

Linda Claros, a Hispanic mother from Texas, demands justice for her 17-year-old son who was brutally beaten by four men.

Claros, a southeastern Texas resident, directly points to four Nelson Electrics company employees for beating up his son and even threatening him with a gun.

The Hispanic mother also complains about the negligence of officer Noriega of the Pharr Police Department (PPD, for its acronym in English), the city in which the events took place, since the agent did not arrest the alleged attackers of his son.

The incident was made known by the Hispanic mother herself on her social networks on Monday, February 22 at dawn, in which she denounced the case that allegedly occurred on Sunday, February 21, 2021 at night.

“My 17-year-old son was physically assaulted by 4 adult men, between 30 and 40 years old; 2 to 3 of the 4 drew a gun and one even cocked the gun, ”Claros said in the text he shared on social networks.

According to the Hispanic mother, who does not give context or details of where the incident occurred, she called the emergency number of the PPD so that they could attend to the emergency after the beating of her son.

The aggression of the four men towards the boy began because one of them made inappropriate comments to the young man’s girlfriend and he asked them to respect his partner, then the other men attacked him.

According to the Hispanic mother, the boy suffered serious injuries to various parts of the body due to the beating he suffered in the small town of Pharr, almost on the border with Mexico.

The brave Hispanic mother denounced that her 17-year-old son was beaten by four adult men after the boy asked him to respect his girlfriend. (Photo: Courtesy Linda Claros)

According to him Texas State Penal Code, the charge of aggravated assault with a firearm is punishable by a sentence of 2 to 20 years in prison, depending on the injuries, to whoever is found guilty of that crime.

Brave Hispanic mother Linda Claros decided not to reveal the name of her son or his girlfriend, to avoid retaliation against the two boys.

To show the aggressions that the boy suffered, his mother uploaded photographs to his social networks in which he shows how his son’s face was left, with purple and swollen eyelids, after the punches.

The photographs that the Hispanic mother showed were covered by her with black parts, so as not to reveal details about the boy’s identity.

In addition to the pain of seeing her son beaten up, the mother said she was frustrated by the way PPD Officer Noriega conducted himself when he came to cover the emergency that she reported.

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According to the Hispanic mother, Officer Noriega did nothing when he responded to the emergency despite the fact that she pointed out the four responsible who were traveling in a Nelson Electrics company van.

“Officer Noriega did absolutely nothing. He did not look for his weapons or arrest these men who also threatened my life and another who also threatened to harm me physically !! ”, Claros wrote when denouncing the agent.

The Hispanic mother shared with pain that when she wrote her complaint she was in the emergency room caring for her son, who had severe injuries after the first tests were done.

“Help me seek justice for my son. I am currently in the emergency room with him and the CT scan shows multiple fractures in the nose and a fracture in the right eye socket! ”, The mother explained.

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“I fear for my safety and that of my children, for our lives!” Claros wrote. The Hispanic mother explained that the attackers threw her son only because the boy very decisively asked them to respect women.

The fear is greater for the mother and her children because the men are her neighbors, since the Nelson Electrics company rented a house to its employees in the same housing complex where she lives with her children.

The Hispanic mother assured in another message that she had already had a meeting with the PPD authorities, but they only listened to her and have not filed charges against the attackers or detained them.

Nelson Electrics is a Minnesota-based company and MundoHispánico He called the company to ask for their position on the Hispanic mother’s accusation but, as of this writing, they have not responded to the request.

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