Hispanic mom gives birth to her son number 16 and names them all with the letter C (PHOTOS)



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  • Hispanic mom who already has 16 children
  • She has given all of them a name which starts with the letter C
  • There is a powerful reason that forces her to keep a tradition alive

A poignant story about a Hispanic mom who already has 16 children has come to light, but perhaps the most striking thing is that she has given all of them a name that starts with the letter C, and it’s all for a powerful reason, according to the news portal of Mirror.

The famous mother is Patty Hernandez, 39, of Charlotte, North Carolina, who decided to not let her family down and kept a tradition that has been alive for generations in her family and that today has caught the public’s attention.


Hispanic mom 16 children

That is why she named her first child Clayton and so on, she and her husband had to figure out how to get the names of all their children to begin with the letter C, which is why today they are well known for that strange tradition.

However, the most difficult moment was inventing the name for their most recent son, so they both set out to look for options that could meet that specification that dates back generations.


Hispanic mom 16 children
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Tradition means that she had to name all her children with the same first letter in honor of her 38-year-old father Carlos. So it was so that he set out to find a name for each of them and thus make a good impression on the family.

Today they are one of the largest families in the area and also recognized for the tradition that they follow at the bottom of the letters, and in a demonstration of her charisma, the woman provided some photographs of her family so that they can know her. Filed Under: Hispanic Mom 16 Children

Hispanic mom 16 children: TRIBUTE TO HER HUSBAND

Hispanic mom 16 children
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The mother declared of her impressions on this fact of her children with the name of the letter C and said: “We could not find a name and then Clayton came to mind. All children have names that start with ‘C’ and we wanted to keep it that way. My husband’s name is Carlos… it is a tribute to him ”.

Patty narrated the way her family lives from day to day and so far she has earned the recognition of society, as they are a united family and parents struggle to get ahead with food, clothing, shoes and education.

Hispanic Mom 16 Children: GOING FOR MORE?

But the story of his family’s growth is not over, at least until today. Although her son number 16 was just born, Patty is optimistic and regardless of the circumstances, she sees herself in a different way, so much so that she has declared a very personal wish.

The Hispanic mother has revealed that despite the high number of children she has, she would not miss the opportunity to have more children, news that has surprised the entire community, since in these times people prefer to have few children.


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Patty is an enterprising woman, she is a working mother and she shows this every day when she goes out to work in the cleaning company that she runs herself, which is why she has earned the respect of society.

Responsible and hard-working, that is how her family sees her and her friends recognize her effort, but she goes further and is always grateful for what God gives her, for this reason she said that she feels that her huge family is a “blessing” from God. . Filed Under: Hispanic Mom 16 Children


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But then the visibly happy mother added: “God has blessed us with all these children, I know that some people disagree and there are unpleasant comments online, but for us it is a great blessing.”

In addition, she said she was honest when she said what happened to family planning with her husband: “I never thought I would have a big family until I started having babies. So I thought ‘this is great, why not?’ It is fun”. Filed Under: Hispanic Mom 16 Children


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“If God wants us to have another child, we will have another,” said Patty, who does not close the door to the possibility of being a mother again. When her newest son was born, Carlos was by her side on May 5 when she delivered Clayton, who weighed 8 pounds, 4 ounces.

The mother was 40 weeks pregnant when she gave birth – her longest pregnancy to date – and is still hospitalized. “All my other births have been before 38 weeks. I just didn’t want to go out, ”said the mother who named all of her children with the letter C. Filed under: Hispanic Mom 16 children

Hispanic mother 16 children: “WE SEE YOU EVERY YEAR”

About the other children he said: “The other children are eager to meet their little brother. I’ve been in the hospital since Tuesday. They inducted me on Tuesday and left on Wednesday ”. Patty said that most of the nurses at the hospital recognized her when she went into labor. “They said ‘we were here last year, we see you every year.”

And she added that currently she and her husband spend 650 pounds sterling on food for their children every fortnight, however, she stressed that they do not receive any support from the government, so they have to get ahead on their own. Filed Under: Hispanic Mom 16 Children

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