Hispanic mom wakes up to find her dead daughter at her apartment door

A Hispanic mother found a heartbreaking scene. Lucía Castaño found her dead daughter at the door of her apartment. They are convinced it ...

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  • A Hispanic mother found a heartbreaking scene.
  • Lucía Castaño found her dead daughter at the door of her apartment.
  • They are convinced it was murder.

A Hispanic mother found the body of her bloody daughter outside the front door of her apartment after hours of anxiety and fear, since she did not answer her calls and had left the home without saying a single word, something that caused uncertainty for the family.

Upon finding her body, the woman sought help and the police arrived at her home. Alexandria Castaño, 24, just received a message telling her to leave her house without giving any reason; Lucia’s sister told authorities that it is not possible that “no one had seen what happened to the young woman” who was found dead at the vestibule of her home.

Mother finds dead daughter: The body of the young woman

Mother finds dead daughter: The body of the young woman
Photo: Twitter

The body of a young woman, 24, was found by her mother when she opened the door of the apartment where they have lived for a few years. Alexandria Castaño, was found bloody and without vital signs, according to the expert reports that were made when the authorities arrived at the scene.

Daily Mail, reported that his mother is ‘discarded’ by the death of Alex, as he preferred to be called, and that the family is urging the authorities to resolve his death. The young woman’s aunt assures that the death was the work of a homicide and that the officers must search for the culprit of said crime. Filed Under: Mother Finds Dead Daughter

Mother Finds Dead Daughter: The Call to the Police

It was News12 who reported on the tragic death of law student Alexandria ‘Alex’ Castaño a couple of days ago. What causes shock about this sad event is that the young woman was abandoned at the door of her house and it was her mother who found the body of the 24-year-old woman.

According to the media outlet, the police received a call around 7 am, and when they arrived at the house on Summit Avenue, they found Alexandria Castaño’s body lying inside, just behind the front door of the multi-family home; The young woman’s family does not understand what happened, but she does remember that Alex left home without saying where he was going. Filed Under: Mother Finds Dead Daughter

Mother finds dead daughter: disappeared

Mother finds dead daughter: disappeared
Photo: Twitter

Lucia Castaño, the Hispanic mother, informed the media about a strange event that occurred before her daughter left home. According to the woman, she and her daughter were preparing dinner together when Alex abruptly left the house around 8 p.m.

According to the Daily Mail, Lucía Castaño received a text message about 30 minutes later saying that Alex was heading home. After that, Alex stopped responding to his mother’s calls and texts. That fact immediately worried the young woman’s mother, who did not stop insisting on finding her whereabouts. Filed Under: Mother Finds Dead Daughter

Mother Finds Dead Daughter: They Didn’t Think She Was Dead

Mother Finds Dead Daughter: They Didn't Think She Was Dead
Photo: Twitter

As he told the media, the young woman’s mother never thought that her daughter was dead. She constantly called Alex’s cell phone and seeing no answer, she thought of other possibilities before death. Lucia, mentioned to News12, that she could not believe in the death of her daughter until the police arrived and confirmed that terrible news.

Alex Castaño’s mother confessed to the media that she does not know who called the police after the young woman’s body was found at the entrance of the multi-family apartments. She mentioned that perhaps she was in shock and thus her mind locked up with any coherent thought. Filed Under: Mother Finds Dead Daughter

Mother finds dead daughter: Family gave statements

Mother finds dead daughter: Family gave statements
Photo: Twitter

Alex Castaño’s family offered statements in this regard after the young woman’s death was announced. According to News 12, Cristina Benítez, Alex’s sister, told the newscast that she did not believe her sister was capable of not sending a message or calling her mother during the return home. For her, what is happening is too strange.

“I know my sister wouldn’t say ‘I’m going to go home right now’ and then I just wouldn’t come home without even calling or texting my mom,” Alexandria’s sister Cristina Benítez mentioned to the media. News 12. They hope that the young woman’s case will not be forgotten by the law. Filed Under: Mother Finds Dead Daughter

The sorrow of a mother

Lucía Castaño's grief
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Lucía Castaño, rectified in the media the cruel way in which she found her daughter and that this image still cannot leave her head. She confessed that the only thing she can see from the window is Alexandria’s inert body, which breaks her heart every time she has to go out and recreate the scene in her mind.

“I see the ambulance from my window, the police around here,” Alex Castaño’s mother told the media. She explained that she went down the stairs to open the door and saw the lifeless body of her daughter, the Daily Mail rescued. According to the lady, she was the first to realize that her daughter was at the entrance but until she saw the police , he understood what had happened.

“I see my daughter”

"I see my daughter"
Photo: Twitter

The blow she suffered was so hard that Alexandria’s mother relates that every time she opens that door, she can see her daughter. She mentioned that she will not rest until she finds the answers she needs and that she does not believe that Alex attempted suicide, but that someone intentionally killed her.

“I hear someone speaking here next to the door, I open it and see my daughter here,” Lucía Castaño confessed to the media who gathered outside her house to learn the details about the sudden death of the 24-year-old girl. years. Neighbors and family gathered outside the apartments to pay tribute to the young woman.

“Someone killed my daughter”

"Someone killed my daughter"
Photo: Twitter

Cristina Benítez, Alexandria’s sister, confessed to the media present that her mother continues to question herself about her daughter’s death. She mentioned that she constantly asks about who would have the heart to murder her daughter and assures that it is the only cause she finds feasible for the sudden loss she is going through.

“She kept saying, someone killed my daughter, someone killed my daughter.” Alex’s sister Cristina said. “Someone did something to my heart, I know. I just want to know what happened to my sister. Who did something to my sister? “, Asked the young woman desperately without understanding who would do so much harm to the young woman.

Autopsy was performed

Autopsy was performed
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News 12 reported this afternoon that authorities say they completed the autopsy on Alexandra Castaño. According to the information that has been obtained in the last hours, the forensic doctor’s report says that he found no signs of aggression or trauma in the victim, so now it will be necessary to wait for a second report to confirm the above.

In the Toxicology reports, it must be revealed what happened to the 24-year-old. The family has already been informed about the events that happened and they mentioned that they are planning to carry out an independent autopsy; they do not believe in the notes that the police give about the cause of Alex death.

Another young woman found dead: They reveal how they found Miya Marcano

Horrible ending: They reveal how they found the body of Miya Marcano
Photo: Twitter

“What I can tell you is that she had duct tape around Miya’s wrists, duct tape around her feet, she had duct tape around her mouth,” Daryl Washington, the family’s attorney, told WLPG.

“When you talk about it, you really get frustrated,” he added, referring to the anguish felt by Miya Marcano’s family, who are still waiting for a more detailed autopsy to reveal the cause of the Hispanic woman’s death.

Forensic indicates that if it is the young Hispanic

Photo: Twitter
On Tuesday, Joshua Stephany, the coroner in charge of the autopsy, confirmed that the remains found on Saturday in the vicinity of a lake in Orlando were those of the young Hispanic Miya Marcano, who had been missing since last September 24.

Stephany did not elaborate on Marcano’s death as officers continue to investigate. “This case is currently under active police investigation and any additional requests for information, including cause and manner of death, will be referred to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office,” explained the coroner.




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