Hispanic man who murdered TikTok star blames voices in his head for deadly shooting

The Hispanic man accused of gunning down two people, including a TikTok star, in a southern California movie theater blames voices in his...

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  • The Hispanic man accused of gunning down two people, including a TikTok star, in a southern California movie theater blames voices in his head for the deadly shooting.
  • “The voices said they were going to kill my friends and family,” said the suspect.
  • The suspect offered his condolences to the families of the victims: “I wish I hadn’t done it.”

A Hispanic man accused of gunning down two people in a Southern California movie theater is blaming voices in his head that he said had tormented him for months, according to The Associated Press.

“The voices were saying they were going to kill my friends and family,” 20-year-old Joseph Jimenez said Wednesday in an interview at a Riverside County jail in Banning, where he is being held, Riverside Press-Enterprise reported on Wednesday.

Hispanic who murdered young people in court says blame in his head

murder cinema
Photo: Twitter.

The Hispanic suspect did not explain how killing the youths would save their loved ones. Jiménez also gave a detailed description of the shooting, but offered his condolences to the families of the victims, saying, “I wish I hadn’t.”

Rylee Goodrich, 18, and Anthony Barajas, 19, who was a TikTok star, were shot in the head while watching a movie in a nearly empty movie theater in Corona, California, on July 26.

Suspect did not know his victims

Photo: Twitter.

The bodies of the young men were found by a cinema employee after the last performance of the night. Goodrich died at the scene. Barajas was taken to a nearby hospital, where he was placed on life support, but died last week.

Barajas, known online as itsanthonymichael, had nearly a million followers on TikTok and many more on other platforms with Instagram. However, police have said that the suspect acted alone and there is no indication that he knew the victims or that Barajas’ role as a TikTok influencer influenced the crime.

Hispanic had been medicated

Hispanic was medicated
Photo: AP

Jiménez said the voices had haunted him for eight months, sometimes threatening to steal his car and television. Jiménez said he was diagnosed with schizophrenia about eight months ago, but had recently stopped taking his prescription medication. “I ran out of it and I didn’t fill it up again,” Jiménez said.

Jiménez had gone to the movies with three friends, who told investigators they were alarmed and sneaked out of the theater because they believed he had brought a gun to the movies and was acting strange, the Orange County Register reported in an article on Thursday. Monday. They did not notify anyone.

Suspect said that “voices in his head” tormented him

tiktoker dies
Photo: Twitter

That left Jiménez and the two victims alone. Jiménez said the voices were so overwhelming the night of filming that he couldn’t focus on the movie “The Forever Purge,” a violent thriller about a dystopian reality where one day of the year all crimes are allowed, including murder.

But he added that the theme of the film did not influence his actions. He took a gun from his car to the movies and shot the teenagers. Jiménez was arrested the next day. Filed Under: Murder Movies.

The body of the TikTok star did not resist the injuries

Tiktoker dies

Barajas lost his life in the hospital after five days of being very seriously ill, it was until this Saturday that the Police Department confirmed the death of the Tiktoker, after not having endured the bullet wounds he suffered while he was enjoying a film, according to Daily Mail.

It is worth mentioning that the young man who has stood out in the world of social networks, was shot when he was watching the movie of ‘The Purge Forever’ in the state of California last Monday, along with his companion the young Rylee Goodrich of so 18 years of age, when a subject entered and began shooting. Filed Under: Murder Movies.

“Random and unprovoked” attack

Tiktoker Anthony Barajas dies: Identify the culprit

Because of this Barajas was transferred to the emergency hospital, as he was shot several times. Unfortunately, his partner did not survive and died at the scene, after being shot in the head. This Saturday Anthony was pronounced dead after fighting for his life for several days.

Authorities describe the attack as a “random and unprovoked attack.” Corona police detectives identified Jiménez as a suspect and arrested him Tuesday, seizing a pistol of the same caliber as the one believed to have been used in the shooting. Filed Under: Murder Movies.

It was the first date of the young

Tiktoker Anthony Barajas dies: It was his first date

It was learned that Barajas and Goodrich were dating for the first time, when they were murdered, even the young woman’s father mentioned that his daughter had met the TikTok star at a party that took place on July 4. He added that his daughter was excited to start a relationship with the influencer.

“She met this guy over the summer, I think at a party on July 3rd or 4th. My first hint, he was a TikTok influencer, and I rolled my eyes like ‘are you kidding me? Really, is that your future? But his mother gave the boy a chance, ”said David, Rylee’s father. Filed Under: Murder Movies.

“They were so excited for their first date.”

Tiktoker Anthony Barajas dies: "They were so excited for their first date"

The 18-year-old’s father said Anthony Barajas was a good boy: “I met him once before he left for Hawaii a few weeks ago. And then he came back from Hawaii and she was very excited. This sweet, sweet boy came with a bag full of memories for all of us. It was the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen an 18-year-old do. ”

“He gave my youngest daughter a necklace and my wife and me small key rings. My daughter told me ‘He surfs and bodyboards like you.’ He sat there with a big smile on his face, seeing that he accepted this boy, he was so happy. I realized that he really liked this boy. And he really, really liked her. I was so fucking happy. They were so excited for their first date. She curled her hair all pretty. It was their first date that was not a group of people, “he added. Filed Under: Murder Movies.

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