Chronicle: Hispanic driver almost killed a police officer

Chronicle: Hispanic driver almost killed a police officer. The cheeky and irresponsible motorist dared to flee the scene. Authorities had...

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  • Chronicle: Hispanic driver almost killed a police officer.
  • The cheeky and irresponsible motorist dared to flee the scene.
  • Authorities had to hunt Eduardo Gutiérrez even with dogs.

The Mexican Eduardo Gutiérrez is celebrating his birthday today. He never thought that he would turn 31 in a cold cell and that he would be completely alone this day with no one important around him to sing his ‘happy birthday’ song as usual. But he has it well deserved.

It turns out that last weekend he was arrested for being completely irresponsible, because he almost killed a respectable police officer who had the misfortune of crossing his path at the same time that he came up with the brilliant idea of driving while being drunk.

He was negligent in every sense of the word: Chronicle Hispanic Police Driver

Chronicle Hispanic Police Driver
Duluth Police Department

In the disco he felt like a macho. Getting drunk as much as his body allowed him and dancing with every single woman who had come to the club, like him, to call “healthy fun.” But the moment that he had feared so much had arrived: it was already early morning, just the time the club closed.

When the administrators told those present that everyone had to leave, Eduardo Gutiérrez obeyed. He had no choice but to go home. The good news is that at the end of the day it was already Sunday so since I wouldn’t be working that day, it wouldn’t matter if it was so late.

It was worth his high state of intoxication: Chronicle Hispanic driver police

Chronicle Hispanic Police Driver
Gwinnett Sheriff’s Office

The Mexican got out of the nighclub and got into his vehicle on the driver’s side, knowing he was completely drunk. He drove for several miles until what happened sooner or later had to happen to anyone who dares to drive in that state: he crashed head-on with another car.

And it was not just any vehicle, but a government unit. In particular, a patrol in the city of Duluth (Georgia) that carried out a routine surveillance on Peachtree Industrial Boulevard, one of the busiest highways in the Atlanta metropolitan area.

He was hit at high speed: Chronicle Hispanic police driver

Chronicle Hispanic Police Driver
The veteran officer was seriously injured. (Duluth Police Department)

When officer Ricky Porter, who has been working for that police force for 12 years, realized that Eduardo’s “dog truck” was coming with everything on him, it was too late. It was impossible for him to avoid the collision and the next thing he heard was the loud detonation that knocked him unconscious.

When the uniformed man finally reacted, it was a few hours later when he woke up on a stretcher in the hospital emergency room that fortunately they managed to save his life, since the injuries he suffered in the crash were serious. As for the driver who caused the accident, there were no signs.

A Real Sassy: Hispanic Police Driver Chronicle

The police detained him

The too cynical and scoundrel to get away was not drunk. After hitting the patrol, he got out and left the scene on foot, leaving behind not only his truck, but the wounded officer, to whom he did not even lift a finger to assist him. But when Porter’s teammates arrived at the scene, they began looking for him.

They knew he had to be close by unless someone had picked him up in a car, so they brought their dogs from the K-9 Unit to look for him. They did well, eventually finding him and arresting him on the spot on multiple serious charges, before transferring him to prison. Filed Under: Hispanic Police Driver Chronicle

A stormy fate awaits you

Chronicle Hispanic Police Driver

Eduardo was booked into the Gwinnett County Detention Center on charges of driving intoxicated (DUI), reckless driving, fleeing the scene of an accident (hit and run), violating a red light, among other traffic signals, driving without have a valid license and no seat belt.

It is not surprising that despite the fact that the accident was very serious, Eduardo was unharmed. In fact, for whatever reason, this is what usually happens in most cases. Innocent people, be it pedestrians, drivers or passengers who have the misfortune to run into the irresponsible behind the wheel, are the ones who get the worst of it. Filed Under: Hispanic Police Driver Chronicle

The good thing is that here justice is a couple

Now the Mexican is in trouble
Photo: Shutterstock

The good news is that, in the United States, when a driver like Eduardo commits these kinds of crimes, he is tried as if he had done it on purpose and not accidentally, as they wanted. And it is never the same to cause a tragedy because someone makes a mistake while driving or due to mechanical damage, than because they are drunk.

The last cases that I remember are that of a Hispanic who was sentenced to 20 years for leaving a boy in a wheelchair who he hit with his car and that of another, who was given 40 years, for killing two people also for driving drunk. . God allow Officer Porter to make a full recovery, otherwise Eduardo will be worse off. Thank you for reading my chronicle today in MundoHispánico. Until next time. Filed as: Chronicle Hispanic police driver

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