Hispanic COVID-19 teacher dies while teaching virtual classes

A university professor died after battling the coronavirus while teaching a virtual class via Zoom “I have been more than 4 weeks a...

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Foto: Getty / Video: MH
  • A university professor died after battling the coronavirus while teaching a virtual class via Zoom
  • “I have been more than 4 weeks and the symptoms do not go away”, wrote the teacher days before dying
  • “At one point, he could not continue to run slides or speak and became unbalanced,” said a student

A university teacher who had been battling COVID-19 for several weeks died at her home in the middle of a virtual class, according to the newspaper. Clarion.

Paola de Simone, 46 years old, had been a professor at the Universidad Argentina de la Empresa (UADE) in Buenos Aires for fifteen years. She collapsed in the middle of a virtual classroom via Zoom last week.

As reported by The Sun citing Diari Mes, De Simone, who taught 20th century World History, had complained in previous classes that he had trouble breathing.

Hispanic teacher of COVID-19 dies during virtual classes

Photo: Twitter.

On Friday, August 28, the teacher wrote on Twitter that she was going through a tough battle against the coronavirus. “It’s very complicated. I’ve been here for more than 4 weeks and the symptoms don’t go away. A friend of ours is complicated. My husband is exhausted from working so much at the moment (medical therapy and emergencies) ”, he indicated.

According to the media, at the time of the collapse the students asked her to give them the address of her house so they could send an ambulance immediately but she gasped and only managed to say “I can’t” before collapsing.

De Simone’s husband who is also a doctor discovered the teacher’s body when he got home. The 46-year-old teacher is also survived by a daughter.

One of her students, Ana Breccia, 23, described the last moments of the Hispanic teacher, according to The New York Post.

“He started by saying that he had pneumonia, we saw that it was worse than in previous classes,” he said.

“At one point, he could not continue to run slides, or speak and became unbalanced,” he said.

Another student called De Simone an “unforgettable teacher, one of those who give you a hand in everything, who make you love what you study, who goes out of his way for his students. We are going to miss you very much, ”The Sun reported.

The Universidad Argentina de la Empresa said in a statement that De Simone’s death had left the institution in “deep pain.”

“Paola was a passionate and dedicated teacher, and a great person, with over fifteen years of experience,” she said.

So far, the Argentine government maintains mandatory isolation measures until next September 20.

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Andrea Legarreta is transferred to the hospital after complicating her contagion by coronavirus

On the other hand, a few days after it was announced that she is infected with coronavirus along with her husband and children, Andrea Legarreta went to the hospital and tells what the COVID-19 caused her health.

In an Instagram video, you can see the driver of Hoy, in bed, with glasses, and an acceptable face, however the fact that she confessed that she developed pneumonia is alarming.

“My family is very well, Nina only after sneezing has she lost her sense of smell and taste a little, Mia feels good but she has had fatigue and body aches and these days she has felt much better and Erik has had that and they are the ones who They have had a better time… ”, he began explaining.
Andrea Legarreta He went to the hospital for the coronavirus and explained: “When I talk a lot I get to suffocate a little or if I laugh I get a little cough or climbing stairs and this was from 2 days ago and these signs are usually pneumonia ”.

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The pneumonia was caused by the coronavirus in Andrea Legarreta: “They did a CT scan and it turned out that I have pneumonia. The doctor, just to follow me up and monitor me, advised me to stay a couple of days in the hospital ”.

And although he said that he has pneumonia, he assured that it is not serious: “I am not delicate, I only have to stay a few days in the hospital, they do not want it to be something of risk and they are giving me the medications intravenously, I do not have oxygen and I feel well”.

“Apparently I’ll be there for a couple of days and I’ll go home to finish healing,” said Andrea Legarreta from the hospital.

In addition, he clarified that he does not know where he could have been infected with his family and that he never told anyone like Alan Tacher that he had been in the cinema, because he does not know if it was in a restaurant or for food at home or for a package.

A few hours after confirming the death of Televisa actress, Cecilia Romo by coronavirus, it is now revealed that Erik Rubín’s wife, Andrea Legarreta has Covid-19, according to information published on the Infobae portal.

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It was during the transmission of the Hoy program that the host Galilea Montijo released the news that shocked the public.

Along with her appeared as special guests Paco Stanley’s son, Paul, and the statuesque Costa Rican actress, Maribel Guardia.

This news shook the entertainment world, since since the virus appeared, it was said that she and her family could be infected since they were traveling through China at a time when Covid-19 was barely known, however, it was not true .

However, now the information was confirmed by Galilea Montijo, but neither Andrea Legarreta nor Erik Rubín have commented on it.

The only thing Andrea Legarreta published today, Monday, August 31 in the morning, through her Instagram was the following message: “Every morning she remembers: Be thankful for waking up, blessing the day that begins, making positive affirmations, thinking positively, asking for protection and company divine ”.

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