“He’s so ugly,” Rafael Amaya makes public appearance after his rehabilitation and looks unrecognizable (PHOTOS)



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  • Rafael Amaya makes public appearance and looks unrecognizable
  • ‘The Lord of the Skies’ was captured in a photo shoot
  • The Mexican actor is working on a new project called “When the Dead Rise.”

Rafael Amaya unrecognizable new project. The Mexican actor Rafael Amaya, better known as the ‘Señor de los Cielos’ (‘Lord of the skies’), after a long time of hiding from the cameras due to his rehabilitation, now he was captured again in a photographic session, which has been circulating on social networks.

It was on his Instagram account, where the actor shared a video where he is posing with some dogs in a photo shoot that he is doing for a new project, but after not having been in public for a while, Rafael Amaya looks unrecognizable according to Internet users.

Rafael Amaya reappears unrecognizable

Rafael Amaya unrecognizable the lord of the skies new project

In the video you can see a photographer with his camera, and then they focus on the artist wearing a black suit surrounded by several dogs, who were also posing for the photos, to accompany the post, The Lord of the Skies sent his thanks for this event.

“Great moments, around great people. Indescribable the energy of this beautiful day. And … if I keep a Golden Retriever? Thank you!! @bruce_weber Y @nan_bush for inviting me and making me feel at home. Great admiration for the artistic and professional work. But above all, my respect for kindness and true friendships. To all: I wish you many sunny days, always ”.

“When the Dead Rise”

Rafael Amaya unrecognizable the lord of the skies new project 2

Through the journalist’s Instagram account Nelssie carrillo, shared some images and recordings of the Mexican actor, in a new project where he comes out with the actress Athina Klioumi de Marturet, Rafael’s new appearance caused a division of opinions.

According to the words of the same actor, these images were taken for a new project that he is doing for the TikTok platform called “When the Dead Rise”, which was filmed at the home of photographer Bruce Weber and his wife, cinematographer Nan Bush in Miami, Florida.

Internet users impressed with Rafael Amaya’s change

Rafael Amaya unrecognizable the lord of the skies new project 3

After reappearing and looking completely different from how he was accustomed to his followers, they immediately reacted to this great change that the artist generated: “You were already missed, to give everything, that we your fans will always be there for you.”

How ugly he is, as the expression on his face changed “,” Oh, how good it makes me very happy, Rafa is an excellent actor “,” How good that he focuses on work “,” What a joy to see you well my Rafael “, “What happened to Amaya’s nose, do I see it bigger?”, “Cheer up, warrior, the best battles we won standing up” were some of the comments. Filed Under: Rafael Amaya Unrecognizable Lord of the Skies New Project.

Tour with Roberto Tapia canceled

Rafael Amaya (IG)
Rafael Amaya (IG)

When the tour with Roberto Tapia was announced, several followers could not believe it, since at that time the Mexican artist was not in his best moment and it was when he was in his rehabilitation, but people were excited to see him again on a stage.

It should be remembered that the first appearance would be this April 17, but the show did not take place, since previously Roberto had announced on social networks the cancellation of the tour: “Unfortunately we will not be there for health reasons on my part . An apology to all my people ”, according to Tv Notes. Filed Under: Rafael Amaya Unrecognizable Lord of the Skies New Project.

Re-scheduled tour

Rafael Amaya unrecognizable the lord of the skies new project 5

But Tapia affirmed that the tour that all the fans expect will be rescheduled for next May 22, confirming the attendance of his compadre, Rafael Amaya: “Those who already have their ticket will be able to attend. We are going to be with you Roberto Tapia and my compadre Rafael Amaya ”, he added.

Although it was previously announced that the Lord of the Skies was fired from the Telemundo production, Rafael Amaya seems to have overcome the crisis of addiction problems that he went through; since he said that it is likely that he will return to the screen in the hands of the new project he carries out. Filed Under: Rafael Amaya Unrecognizable Lord of the Skies New Project.

The actor looks different


Previously, the Mexican actor Rafael Amaya, of outstanding participation in the series ‘El Señor de los Cielos’, appeared unrecognizable again, and although hours before an audio was released where he asks for help from 911, his manager, Karen Guedimin, where he denied that he was in crisis.

Through the official account of Instagram of the program ‘Suelta la soup’ of Telemundo, a photograph of Rafael Amaya was shared with a very different image than what his fans are used to, with a half-grown beard and gray hair, in addition to wearing a cap. Filed Under: Rafael Amaya Unrecognizable Lord of the Skies New Project.

Appears very smiling

Photo: Mezcalent

Close to reaching 5,000 likes to date, this photograph in which ‘The Lord of the Skies’ appears reads as follows: “Rafael Amaya reappears on social networks looking very smiling.” It didn’t take long for users to express their views.

The lord of the skies had problems

Photo: Mezcalent

In a video that is available on the official YouTube channel of the magazine TV Notes, and that has more than 30 thousand views, it is commented that the Mexican actor Rafael Amaya, from El Señor de los Cielos, would suffer delirium of persecution, therefore that his fans are worried.

They threatened him

Photo: Mezcalent

The 911 operator asked the actor if they were threatening him, but he says that he cannot speak because he is outside of an establishment and he only needs to give his statement to the Public Ministry. The behavior of “Aurelio Casillas” is striking.

Then he replied: “I already said yes, hey, a jetta plates… black. No, I’m outside the unit for security reasons, there are different units here, ”he says in this video that has gone viral on social networks and where a Rafael Amaya is seen with erratic behavior. Filed Under: Rafael Amaya Unrecognizable Lord of the Skies New Project.

“Rafael Amaya was running and screaming”

Rafael Amaya

In this same video, it is said that the man who rescued the Mexican actor who was the protagonist of the series The Lord of the Skies, told the police that Rafael Amaya was running, shouting that they were chasing him and that they wanted to kill him. The policemen asked him who was following him:

“Hey, they ask me a lot of questions, I just need you to help me with the statement,” Rafa said to the 911 operator. When he hung up, a person asked him who is following him, to which he replied: “It’s a group, they walk in several cars ”, can be heard in the recording. Filed Under: Rafael Amaya Unrecognizable Lord of the Skies New Project. Some images of this note come from the following video

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