WEATHER: Intense heat will hit parts of the United States this week

New severe weather in parts of the US. Who will be impacted by the heat. How intense will it get? WEATHER: Heat will hit parts of the Uni...

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  • New severe weather in parts of the US.
  • Who will be impacted by the heat.
  • How intense will it get?

WEATHER: Heat will hit parts of the United States this week. In recent days, heavy rains in some areas of the United States caused floods. On Saturday, Florida experienced heavy rain and high winds as a storm system that hit Mexico moved through the state.

The United States National Hurricane Center (NHC), based in Miami, reported that the system known as Agatha in the Pacific Ocean would be called Alex in the Atlantic Ocean basin, once it reaches the category of tropical storm.

Warning: Intense heat this week in the US

They warn intense heat this week in the US
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“The first 110-degree-Fahrenheit day is expected in Phoenix and Palm Springs, California, late this week,” said expert meteorologist from AccuWeather, Brian Thompson. This is because “a northward bulge in the jet stream will expand.”

Although the heat round arrives “on time” for the first week of June, thermometer readings are expected to reach record highs, according to AccuWeather. Cities like Flagstaff, in Arizona, could break historic records.

Who will be impacted by the intense heat?

Where will the intense heat impact?
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In Death Valley in California, where the hottest temperature on earth has been recorded, it is expected to reach 110 degrees Fahrenheit. Central Valley of California would also suffer the discomfort of this intense heat expected for this week.

“Even for a region like this that is used to hot weather, this level of heat will warrant special attention being paid to sensitive groups like children and the elderly,” Meteorologist La Troy Thornton said in the AccuWeather report.

US heat wave warning issued

US heat wave warning issued
Record heat in Atlanta for this second day of October. Photo: Shutterstock

People are advised to shelter from the intense heat, drink plenty of fluids, stay in the shade and limit activity by going outdoors as this first heat wave of the year moves through parts of the United States. Pets could also be affected the intense heat.

On the other hand, Bermuda closed its schools, businesses and government offices before the imminent arrival of Tropical Storm Alex on Monday, after leaving three dead in Cuba and causing flooding in parts of Florida, according to The Associated Press.

First named storm in 2022

First named storm in 2022

The first named storm of the Atlantic hurricane season reached near-hurricane strength Sunday night, reaching speeds of up to 70 mph (110 km/h), but weakened somewhat early Monday morning heading north of the Bermuda.

In Florida it left flooded streets and drivers stranded in some cities over the weekend, and in Cuba it killed three people, damaged dozens of homes and left several areas without power, according to authorities. The storm is expected to bring maximum sustained winds of 100 kilometers per hour (65 mph) by Tuesday, according to the US National Hurricane Center.

Tropical storm warning issued

Tropical storm warning issued

Its eye was about 165 kilometers (100 miles) north-northwest of the Bermuda and was moving fast east-northeast at 44 km/h (28 mph). Bermuda authorities issued a tropical storm warning, with forecasts of 2.5 to 5 centimeters (1 to 2 inches) of rain and waves up to 6 meters (20 feet) high.

More than 800 customers were previously without power and at least three American Airlines flights were canceled, officials said. Homeland Security Minister Michael Weeks said emergency services were monitoring the storm. “Storms are unpredictable,” he commented.

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