Heartbreaking images of the brutal stampede that left 44 dead in Israel



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  • Heartbreaking images of the brutal stampede in Israel emerge
  • Dozens of people injured and killed was the result of the religious festival
  • “I think it’s a miracle that I survived”

Israel stampede images. During a religious festival in Israel, a brutal stampede left more than 100 injured, dozens of them in serious condition, thousands of people attended this event and ended up causing around 44 deaths, by suffocation and crushing, according to El Universal.

At the beginning the media had said that the stands where the Israelis were standing had collapsed, but the rescue services found that the injuries and deaths caused at the festival were due to the brutal stampede of thousands of people.

Images of the brutal stampede in Israel

Israel stampede images
PHOTO Twitter

Through the Univision portal, the heartbreaking images were shown after the incident in the country of Israel, where you can see the body bags, and hundreds of injured people receiving the necessary medical attention, this has undoubtedly turned it around to the world.

The organization’s spokesman, Zaki Heller, said in a statement: “The emergency services of the Magen David Adom (MDA, Israeli equivalent of the Red Cross), and ambulances treat dozens of injured”, the events occurred at certain hours of the night when the avalanche of people was unleashed, causing so far 44 deaths.

They move the body of a deceased rabbi

Israel stampede images
PHOTO Twitter

In one of the saddest images it was where hundreds of Israelis move the body of Rabbi Eliezer Goldberg, who died during the Lag BaOmer celebrations in the mountains, due to the stampede of thousands of people that has resulted in several deaths.

It is worth mentioning that this Jewish festival was the largest mass event since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic in the country, since the previous year it could not be held as they did every year. This tragic moment has shocked much of the planet.

There were several survivors

Israel stampede images

In the video where the post-event images are shown, a survivor is observed telling how he lived the terrible moment, the wounded man mentions that it was a miracle that he is still alive, since what he lived at that time he cannot describe it with words.

“I think it is a miracle that I survived. It was terrible, I cannot describe it in words, but the image is still in my head ”, said the survivor, it is also mentioned that there were several disappeared who they consider to be already dead, since they were not located in any hospital in the region.

Israel stampede images: Several children lost their lives

Israel stampede images
PHOTO Twitter

The authorities also reported that several children lost their lives during the Lag BaOmer celebrations on Mount Merón. Among the victims are two pairs of brothers: Yosef and Moshe Elhadad, 18 and 12 years old, and Moshe and Joshua Englander, 14 and 9 years old, reported The Daily Mail.

The stampede began when large numbers of people trying to leave the scene crowded into a narrow passage, similar to a tunnel, according to witnesses and video images. People began to fall on top of each other near the end of the hall as they descended slippery metal stairs, witnesses added.

Israel stampede images: “No one could stop”


At least 150 of those attending the event were injured, including six who are in critical condition, 18 seriously injured, eight in moderate condition and 80 slightly injured. One of the injured who were taken to a hospital, Avraham Leibe, told Kan public broadcaster that an avalanche of people trying to descend the mountain caused a “general disaster” on a slippery metal slope followed by stairs.

“No one could stop,” he said from his hospital bed. “I saw one fall after another.” In the videos, a large number of people, mostly ultra-Orthodox men dressed in black, could be seen squeezed into the tunnel. The Haaretz daily quoted witness statements according to which police barricades had prevented the crowd from quickly dispersing.

Israel Stampede Images: A Human Avalanche

Photo: AP

One witness described the stampede in Israel as a “human avalanche.” According to media estimates, this year about 100,000 people would have attended, however, only 10,000 people were expected to attend the event due to restrictions due to the coronavirus.

“There were more and more and more people,” a witness told the local KAN station. “I remember laying on top of someone. He was not breathing. There were screams; it was a disaster. Each one was trying to get out of the other, but they couldn’t get anyone out because it was a puzzle. I saw people, children, below me ”, said the witness.

Images stampede Israel: One of the worst disasters

Photo: AP.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who briefly visited Mount Meron around noon on Friday, said it was “one of the worst disasters the state of Israel has ever suffered” and offered his condolences to the families. He said Sunday would be a day of national mourning, the AP reported.

Netanyahu was booed by dozens of ultra-Orthodox protesters, who blamed the government and police for the tragedy. Velvel Brevda, a rabbi who witnessed the stampede, accused police of putting up barriers that had prevented people from exiting through exits that were generally open in recent years.

Israel stampede images: “No one had ever dreamed of it”

Photo: AP.

Zaki Heller, a spokesman for the Magen David Adom rescue service, told Israel Army Radio that “no one ever dreamed” that something like this could happen. “In a moment, we went from a happy event to an immense tragedy,” he said. The Justice Ministry said the police internal investigations department was launching an investigation into possible criminal misconduct by the officers.

The deadly stampede would also have political repercussions at a time of great uncertainty following an inconclusive election in March, the fourth in two years. Foreign leaders and diplomats sent their condolences, including the United States charge d’affaires.

Dead everywhere

Photo: Twitter.

A survivor named David told Ynet News: “Our bodies were dragged by themselves. People were thrown into the air, others were crushed to the ground. There was a boy there who kept pinching my leg, fighting for his life. We wait to be rescued for 15 to 20 minutes in this crazy and terrible stampede. It was horrible, “he said.

Meir, one of the people who was injured in the crowd, told YNET from the hospital that the stampede “felt like an eternity, the dead were all around us.” It is worth mentioning that he was one of the lucky ones to survive this event. TO SEE THE VIDEO CLICK HERE Y HERE.

“The number of people who were able to enter is shocking”

Photo: Twitter.

Eli Beer, director of the Hatzalah rescue services organization, said that among the victims were young children. “To my regret, we found small children who had been crushed, we tried to resuscitate them and in some cases we managed to save them,” he said.

“We have to wake up, the number of people who were able to enter is shocking.” Beer indicated that only 10,000 people had to attend the event, however, 100,000 showed up, The Sun reported. “I was under the bleachers, I tried to climb up into all the chaos when I heard knocks above, knocks, knocks and people screaming ‘escape, escape, people are dying,'” said Zohar, a witness to the stampede, adding that he saw people “lose the color in their faces.”

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