Heart patient dies after being rejected in 43 hospitals with saturated ICUs

The painful story of a heart patient has reached several media outlets. The heart patient died after being rejected in 43 hospitals. The ...

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  • The painful story of a heart patient has reached several media outlets.
  • The heart patient died after being rejected in 43 hospitals.
  • The ICUs of the 43 hospitals were saturated with Covid patients, which prevented the heart patient from getting a bed.

A sad story has taken over the media in the United States. A heart patient died after being turned away from 43 hospitals because their intensive care units (ICU) were saturated with Covid-19 patients.





Ray DeMonia was not seeking treatment for Covid-19 when he arrived at an Alabama hospital with cardiac problems. But the 73-year-old man became an indirect victim of the Covid-19 patients that fill hospitals and ICU beds, reported CNN on Monday, September 13.

The tragic story of a heart patient in the US

cardiac patient

The heart patient from Cullman, Alabama, died in a Mississippi hospital about 200 miles from his home because there were no nearby cardiac ICU beds, his daughter Raven DeMonia told the newspaper. The Washington Post.

Then, in Ray DeMonia’s obituary, the family pleaded for all people to get vaccinated against the coronavirus to prevent other patients from being denied care due to lack of resources, as happened this time.

The moving obituary on the heart patient

Full hospitals in the US
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“In honor of Ray, please get vaccinated if you haven’t, as an effort to free up resources for non-Covid emergencies,” said the obituary quoted by The Washington Post, CNN and the Efe news agency.

“Due to Covid-19, CRMC emergency personnel contacted 43 hospitals in 3 states in search of a cardiac ICU bed and eventually located one in Meridian, MS. He (Ray DeMonia) would not want any other family to go through what he went through, ”added the obituary.

In 43 hospitals they would have rejected the cardiac patient for not having available beds

cardiac patient

Ray DeMonia went to Cullman Regional Medical Center (CRMC) on Aug. 23 because he had heart problems, Raven DeMonia told the Post, adding that his mother received a call from hospital staff about 12 hours after his admission, saying that staff had called 43 hospitals and could not find a “specialized ICU bed for cardiac patients.”

Eventually, staff found an ICU bed at Rush Foundation Hospital in Meridian, Mississippi, the daughter, who was surprised to learn that her father had to be flown to Mississippi, told The Washington Post.

Hospitals are saturated with Covid patients

cardiac patient
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“It was like, ‘what do you mean?’” The daughter told the Post. Citing privacy reasons, Jennifer Malone, a spokeswoman for Cullman Regional Medical Center, did not elaborate on Ray DeMonia’s case when asked about the case by that newspaper, but did confirm that Ray DeMonia was “a patient under our care and was transferred to a different center ”.

“The level of care I needed was not available at Cullman Regional,” Jennifer Malone lamented to the Post. “When patients are transported to other facilities to receive the care they need, that becomes increasingly difficult because all hospitals are experiencing a greater lack of space for beds.”

Hospitals overflowing with Covid patients are an “ongoing problem”

cardiac patient

And situations like the one facing the DeMonia family are an “ongoing problem” during the rise of Covid-19, Malone told the Post, cited by CNN, which tried to contact affected relatives and Cullman Regional Medical Center to get more feedback.

An influx of Covid-19 patients has overwhelmed ICUs in Alabama, emphasized Dr. Scott Harris, the state health official, according to the CNN report, which explained that Ray DeMonia had suffered a stroke in April 2020.

The heart patient made sure to get vaccinated

Made sure to get vaccinated

Even though the pandemic was already spreading across the country, it took a local hospital just three hours to find a “Covid-free” health center about 50 miles from Cullman, Raven DeMonia said. Since then, his father made sure to get vaccinated against Covid-19.

“He knew what the vaccine meant to his health and what it meant to stay alive,” said his daughter Raven DeMonia, adding: “He said, ‘I just want to shake people’s hands again, sell things and talk about antiques'”.

He was an antique dealer for four decades

He was an antique dealer for four decades

Ray DeMonia loved antiques and had been in that area for about 40 years, running DeMonia’s Antiques and Auctions business, according to the obituary quoted by various media outlets.

The heart patient whose story has moved many after being broadcast in the media and who “traveled the country collecting antiques and sharing his wealth of knowledge” died on September 1, just three days before his 74th birthday.

They ask people to get vaccinated against Covid

They ask people to get vaccinated against Covid

“Dad would just want everything to go back to normal. If people were to realize the pressure on hospital resources that is happening right now, it would be really amazing. But I don’t know if that will ever happen, ”Raven DeMonia told the Post.

The Efe news agency also reviewed the death of the heart patient after being rejected in 43 hospitals because their ICUs were saturated with patients with Covid-19 due to the expansion of the delta variant that is hitting the United States.

The ravages of the delta variant in the US

The ravages of the delta variant in the US

As reported by Efe, the case of the heart patient Ray DeMonia has become a symbol of the havoc that the delta variant is causing in the United States not only among Covid-19 patients, but also in other people who require care urgent medical care and that they cannot access it due to the fact that the hospitals cannot supply it.

The aforementioned information agency noted that, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Alabama has one of the highest rates of new cases of Covid-19 in the country, with 541 positives for the disease. for every 100,000 people in the last seven days. In that period, at least 259 people have died from Covid-19.

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