He made a fool of him! Actor Iván Sánchez ‘steals’ AMLO’s son’s girlfriend (PHOTOS)

  • The President of Mexico’s son is now single
  • Irene Esser is Andrés Manuel López Beltrán’s beautiful ex-girlfriend
  • Spanish actor Iván Sánchez continues to break hearts

Iván Sánchez, the Spanish actor known as ‘El Gallego’ in the series La Reina del Sur, has had an affair with Ana Brenda Contreras and a fleeting romance with Camila Sodi, however he is still a casanova and now the media reports that he has ‘stolen’ Andrés Manuel López Beltrán’s girlfriend… the lucky one? Her name is Irene Esser.

Through various media such as Telemundo, Infobae and Vanitatis, it has been reported that the actor Iván Sánchez has a new girlfriend after several years dating Ana Brenda and a short time shared with Camila Sodi, but does this make AMLO’s son unhappy? Well, it’s Andrés Manuel López Beltrán’s ex.

Iván Sánchez ‘took away’ AMLO’s son’s girlfriend

Iván Sánchez, AMLO (Instagram)
Iván Sánchez, AMLO (Instagram)

The woman in question is Irene Esser, a beautiful Venezuelan former beauty queen and now actress who a few months ago had ended her long-standing relationship with the son of AMLO, president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Beltrán, who is also dedicated to politics.

Irene Esser and Andrés Manuel López Beltrán had been dating together since 2017 and were captured at the inauguration of the president of Mexico in 2018, and although they had wedding plans, they did not materialize and now less possibilities of returning since it is reported that it would be Iván Sánchez’s girlfriend.

The Spanish actor was captured in Mexico with Irene Esser?

Iván Sánchez (IG)
Iván Sánchez (IG)

After the break with AMLO’s son, the Venezuelan actress also decided to take a getaway to the Mexican beaches in October last year, where she apparently met Iván Sánchez who is working in Mexico on various television projects.

The two actors have been dating and although they have not been photographed as a couple, they do share various images on their personal Instagram accounts in similar tourist destinations, implying that they are probably traveling together to get to know each other better.

Last year Iván Sánchez would have had an affair with Camila Sodi


The Spanish brought down Andrés Manuel López Beltrán's girlfriend (IG)
The Spanish brought down Andrés Manuel López Beltrán’s girlfriend (IG)

Just months ago, after his break with Ana Brenda Contreras with whom he had been a boyfriend for many years, surprise photos of Iván Sánchez on board a yacht in Europe were leaked together with her. actress Mexican Camila Sodi, posing very sensual in a swimsuit.

Back then, the magazine ‘Hola!’ was in charge of disseminating the photographs in which the very romantic couple were seen playing on board the yacht and then in the water kissing passionately: “Iván Sánchez and Camila Sodi, the surprise couple of the summer”, described the headline.

Irene Esser and AMLo’s son were together since 2017

Irene Esser, ex-girlfriend son AMLO (Infobae)
Irene Esser, ex-girlfriend son AMLO (Infobae)

According to the portal ‘Telemundo’, the relationship between the ex-girlfriend of AMLO’s son and the Spanish actor is very serious, because when they met in October 2020, they managed to spend Christmas and the end of the year together, so until they lived with their respective families.

The beautiful Irene Esser won the Miss Venezuela pageant in 2011 and for 2012 she managed to stay as the second place in the Miss Universe pageant. Then she began her acting career and was the protagonist in the series Bolivar, giving life to the character of María Teresa del Toro.

Irene Esser would be the new conquest of actor Iván Sánchez

Irene Esser, ex-girlfriend Andrés Manuel López Beltrán (IG)
Irene Esser, ex-girlfriend Andrés Manuel López Beltrán (IG)

At the beginning of 2021 with everything and pandemic, Iván Sánchez and the ex of AMLO’s son were given the opportunity to travel to tourist places such as Tulum and Ixtapa, although the two did not take photographs together, they did so separately with perspectives of similar shots.

The Spanish actor has two children, with everything and that he is conquering half the artistic world, also with an actress named Elia Galera, and since then it has no longer been established to have a regular partner, except for the years with Ana Brenda Contreras. Will it last with Irene Esser?

Will AMLO’s son be devastated after Irene Esser’s romance?

Iván Sánchez, new boyfriend of Irene Esser (IG)
Iván Sánchez, new boyfriend of Irene Esser (IG)

Comments on the new romance by Iván Sánchez they did not wait: “Jijiji this one took the president’s son’s girlfriend”, “The canijo has been banned from Mexico”, “It will be that he took the president’s son’s girlfriend away”, “What a shame Irene and Andrés no longer they are closer together “,” How ?! It’s not possible”.

But no one expected that romance to happen: “he preferred this person, he left him”, “What a bummer !!!!! With the president’s son ???? That is a hard !!!!! They say in my country…. ”,“ Well, who doesn’t? with how handsome he is! I even let mine! “,” I think he did not put it down .. on the contrary .. he did him a favor .. by getting rid of it .. because that is how he got rid of a sausage .. since that is what she is, ”they commented.

AMLO’s son had wedding plans with his ex

Irene Esser left AMLO's son for Iván Sánchez (IG)
Irene Esser left AMLO’s son for Iván Sánchez (IG)

Although the romance between Iván Sánchez and Andrés Manuel López Beltrán’s ex has not yet been confirmed, it is reported that the two would be living in Mexico, because the former Venezuelan beauty queen is recording a movie, while the actor has projects on land. Aztec but travels to Miami in a Telemundo soap opera.

In an interview conducted in 2018 with a journalist from Venezuela, Irene Esser had spoken about her plans for her personal life but they did not include getting married at that time, although months later it was said that she was about to form a relationship as a married woman with the son of AMLO, which no longer took place.

Did Andrés Manuel López Beltrán and his ex-girlfriend make a good couple?

Actress, ex-girlfriend of Andrés Manuel López Beltrán (Infobae)
Actress, ex-girlfriend of Andrés Manuel López Beltrán (Infobae)

Andrés Manuel López Beltrán, AMLO’s son is currently in the world of politics, although keeping a low profile so as not to be in the spotlight as much as his famous father, who is criticized for any movement he makes in the country.

For her part, Irene Esser has been a model and actress for several years, however, she has not managed to stand out in the artistic world as much as she would like, because she will hardly be known on television and in series for the projects that will come out in the coming years.

The Spanish actor ‘brought down’ AMLO’s son’s girlfriend

Iván Sánchez (IG)
Iván Sánchez (IG)

Irene Esser, Iván Sánchez’s supposed girlfriend, wants to crystallize her film career, having studied at prestigious acting schools such as the Universidad de Los Andes or the New York Film Academy. She likes yoga, Pilates, surfing, skateboarding and of course fashion.

Iván Sánchez was born in Móstoles, Madrid, Spain, on November 19, 1974. In his hometown he began to seek a career as a model with the aim of traveling around the world and participated in numerous catwalks. As a result, he was offered a small role in the US series, Lost.

Andrés Manuel López Beltrán was left without his girlfriend Irene Esser

Irene Esser, ex of the son AMLO (Instagram)
Irene Esser, ex of the son AMLO (Instagram)

In his early days as an actor, Iván Sánchez participated in series such as Periodistas, El Pantano, Siete Vidas and Un Paso Adelante, however the roles that changed his life were in El Authentic Rodrigo Leal, as well as Hospital Central and of course La Reina del South that gave him international fame.

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