He lifted her skirt! A video of the day that Raúl de Molina made Graciela Beltrán blow her top comes to light (VIDEO)

Another video comes to light where ‘El Gordo’ de Molina takes advantage of one of his guests, now it was the singer Graciela ...

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  • Another video comes to light where ‘El Gordo’ de Molina takes advantage of one of his guests, now it was the singer Graciela Beltrán
  • Annoyed, the singer Graciela Beltrán blew up at Raúl de Molina and left the program
  • ‘El Gordo’ de Molina’s ‘joke’ was not to the liking of the singer Graciela Beltrán

Graciela Beltrán Gordo. Compromising videos continue to come to light that show the journalist Raúl de Molina harassing the guests of the program El Gordo y La Flaca, the most recent being the one that shows the singer Graciela Beltrán leaving the show due to the “practical joke” of the host.

The material was released by the show Chisme no Like, where Elisa Beristain and Javier Ceriani said that the relationship between Raúl de Molina and the Mexican regional singer was not very good, since she had already been the object of the host’s jokes on several occasions.

Graciela Beltrán Gordo: The fault raises her and makes her angry

Video resurfaces of the day that Raúl de Molina carried Graciela Beltrán and everything was seen
PHOTO Youtube

In the video they presented in the aforementioned ProgramThe singer is seen arriving at the show, which was outdoors and with a large audience. Graciela arrived, greeted Raúl de Molina, and he immediately greeted her effusively. Then the conductor gives a woman in the audience the microphone and carries the singer.

Graciela Beltrán was wearing a very short dress, and when ‘El Gordo’ carried her and turned her around, the singer’s face was annoyed, because everyone in the place could literally see everything that was underneath her dress. the interpreter of “They’re raining tears.”

Graciela Beltrán Gordo: ‘I do have decency’

Video resurfaces of the day that Raúl de Molina carried Graciela Beltrán and everything was seen
PHOTO Youtube

The annoyance of the singer Graciela Beltrán was very evident. When Raúl de Molina carried it and turned it around, she asked him earnestly to put it down and he ignored her request. When he finally brought her down, she tried to slap him but “El Gordo” immediately moved and the singer’s blow reached her arm.

Raúl, trying to lighten the painful moment, gives her a kiss on the majilla, which the actress rejects and leaves the place very upset. While walking, Graciela Beltrán says things to Raúl and before opening the door she shouts at him very angrily: “I do have decency” and leaves the program. WATCH VIDEO HERE

Graciela Beltrán Gordo: The first accusation comes out

Video resurfaces of the day that Raúl de Molina carried Graciela Beltrán and everything was seen
PHOTO Youtube

It is not the first time that the host is accused of having inappropriate dealings with the guests of the El Gordo and La Flaca program, since it was in the same program of Gossip no like, that the singer and actress Virggi López related the experience she had with the driver Raúl de Molina, when she was invited to his famous jacuzzi.

In the interview, Noelia’s cousin recounted the occasion on which she visited La Gorda y la Flaca’s studio to promote their record material, in that broadcast I was invited to share with the conductor Raúl de Molina her famous jacuzzi, but that experience was nothing pleasant, because he assured that he played it three times.

‘The man begins to put his hand in me’

Video resurfaces of the day that Raúl de Molina carried Graciela Beltrán and everything was seen
PHOTO Youtube

“I go into the jacuzzi, I take off my robe, I stay in a bikini, you know, I go into the jacuzzi and I am innocent, because you are not going to imagine that a person wants to create an uncomfortable situation live. And it turns out that the man begins to put his hand under the water, to grab my bubbles, grab my bubbles, “said Virggi López.

The businesswoman also continued with her story: “… and I eh, first, ok, you know you’re starting, you can’t stop a live show, you can’t stop it, oh no, I had to smile. Second, below, and I oh my Good, and then of course, I’m out of focus, you are not waiting to sell what you were going to sell ”.

Graciela Beltrán Gordo: Singer says Molina touched her three times

Video resurfaces of the day that Raúl de Molina carried Graciela Beltrán and everything was seen
PHOTO Youtube

“Third, and I oh, three times, live”, narrated the singer and businesswoman Virggi López, about the supposed touching that “El Gordo” de Molina made when he went to the program of El Gordo y la Flaca in 2005, when she promoted her music career.

Virggi López assured that if he had not said anything about it, it was because they were not going to believe him, “when one is starting in this, one is not going to say, this man did that to me, unfortunately we are in a macho society where we have to shut up because we are starting out and if you say something your career is going to be damaged, nobody is going to believe you ”, he said.

Leave behind incident with ‘El Gordo’ de Molina

PHOTO Youtube

López assured that she already left that chapter of her life behind and that she did not leave any emotional sequel, “then you don’t tell anyone, and you let it pass, you leave it like that, and next, to be able to, you know, debug and you to be able to continue your life, “said the singer, who also told about how her career was off. Graciela Beltran Gordo

The also producer assured that from the Me Too movement the abuse should stop normalizing. “It seems to me that it is a good time to stop normalizing abuse of any kind, as Lucía Méndez said, why don’t we talk about the things they do to us to see if people are afraid to touch you with a rose petal.”

‘I am not the first they have tried to touch’

PHOTO Instagram

“It is not to victimize, what I do is for people to talk about the issue because I am not the first that they have tried to play, to abuse behind dressing rooms,” the singer reiterated in her talk with Javier Ceriani and Elisa Beristain for the program Gossip not like. Graciela Beltran Gordo

But that has not been the only complaint about the bad behavior of Raúl de Molina with his guests, because weeks later it became known that the Mexican singer and actress, Lucía Méndez was also the object of the “long hands” of the driverWell, “El Gordo” grabbed her bubbles.

Lucía Méndez confirms that the driver grabbed her butt

PHOTO Youtube

The actress Lucía Méndez confirmed to the hosts Elisa Beristain and Javier Ceriani that she was the woman who the host of El Gordo y la Flaca grabbed her buttocks in the middle of the live program, when she went to the show. In the video you can see that Lucía stops to greet him, but the driver does not shake his hand and goes straight to grab his buttocks.

In a telephone interview, the actress responded about the videos to circulate at that time. “Faced with the facts, you cannot say that it is not true, this happened and it is very unpleasant,” recalled the actress, who now also has her talk show. Graciela Beltran Gordo

‘It was an unpleasant experience’

PHOTO Youtube

The singer assured that it was an unpleasant experience, and that she hoped that this type of action would not be repeated in any type of environment, because she assured that “I do not know what happens to this world, and so many things that we have that are happening” , expressed Lucía Méndez. Graciela Beltran Gordo

The soap opera actress recounted how the experience of that visit she made to the El Gordo y la Flaca program was like: “We were on the air and he said hey, Gordo what’s wrong with you, what’s up, and he told me, no, no nothing, it’s a joke, that’s how it happened, I remember perfect, ”said Lucía Méndez.

‘The moment he grabbed my bubbles I didn’t do anything’

PHOTO Youtube

“The moment he grabbed my bubbles I didn’t do anything, I’m honest, but after the cuts came I told him why so commanded, what a wave, Gordo, I don’t get along like that, I complained and he answered ‘it’s a joke’ , he told me ”, narrated the actress of the ‘Strange return of Diana Salazar’.

Lucía Méndez said that after the unpleasant experience, the driver Raúl de Molina did apologize off-camera, as he assured that his annoyance was so evident that Molina’s “Gordo” had no other option but to apologize for his behavior. Graciela Beltran Gordo

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