He kills his partner by believing he had an affair with his wife (PHOTO)

Damian DeRousha shoots and kills Donald Geno, a co-worker, believing he is having an affair with his wife Then he sits down to wait for t...

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  • Damian DeRousha shoots and kills Donald Geno, a co-worker, believing he is having an affair with his wife
  • Then he sits down to wait for the police to arrive and they arrest him for the murder
  • The man said he lost his mind, to somehow justify his act

In Florida, Damian DeRousha shoot and kills Donald Geno, companion of work, believing that he has an affair with his wife and they arrest him, according to information published by the news portal, Daily Mail Y nbc-2.

The events occurred at a maintenance facility of vehicles, in Volusia County at Daytona Beach, Florida, United States.

After committing the crime, the defendant sat near the scene, in a truck, threw down the gun and waited for the police to arrive to turn himself in.

Image taken from Twitter @VolusiaSheriff

According to the version of Mike Chitwood, the alleged perpetrator fired at point-blank range at the victim Donald Geno, he did so on several occasions.

The authorities continue with the investigations to establish the motive for the crime, although the accused says that he suspected an affair between his wife and the victim.

It was the morning of that day that Damian DeRousha told his boss that he had to attend to a family matter, so he went after the victim and shot him dead at his workplace.

Verbatim, the alleged perpetrator told the police that he “lost his mind” when he learned of an alleged affair with his wife.

However, no witness or person close to the case has been able to confirm this assumption, since neither the cell phone records between those involved are related.

A witness told authorities the following after seeing what happened: “I think it is because of a husband and wife dispute, I don’t know.”

Kill partner romance wife

In 2019, a similar event occurred when 26-year-old Mary Lou Rodríguez was officially reported missing by the San Antonio Police Department (SAPD) on Saturday, July 27.

According to the authorities’ report, consulted by MundoHispánico, the woman’s sister told the police that she was very worried because the girl was constantly communicating with her and no one in her family had known anything for days.

When investigating what had happened, SAPD agents discovered that Rodríguez and Enrique Pérez, 25, had had a family fight the previous days, although the reason is not known.

The authorities asked the sister about this and she indicated that usually when the couple fought, something that happened frequently, her sister called her and told her all the details to vent, but that on that occasion it had not been the case.

What caught the attention of the authorities was that Pérez left his children with relatives just on the weekend of his wife’s disappearance and then left without giving an explanation.

In their report, the investigators detail that the couple was not legally married but that they had lived together for several years, they formed a family and the relatives of both recognized them as spouses.

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Image taken from Twitter @ArianaLubelliTV

Some witnesses reported to the SAPD that they observed Rodríguez walking alone near 700 North Sabinas Street in San Antonio on the same Saturday afternoon that she was declared missing. It was the last time they saw her alive.

With all this information, a search alert was issued to find Enrique Pérez about whom nothing was already known. Finally, on Wednesday, July 31, agents from the Blanco County Sheriff’s Office, in eastern Texas, located and arrested Pérez and reported his colleagues from SAPD.

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