He discovers his girlfriend was cheating through a money game (VIDEO)

Man discovers his girlfriend was cheating and makes up a money game to expose her. After finishing the game, he doesn’t give her th...

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  • Man discovers his girlfriend was cheating and makes up a money game to expose her.
  • After finishing the game, he doesn’t give her the opportunity to explain herself.
  • He exposes her on social networks and people criticize both.

Man discovers his girlfriend was cheating and makes up a money game to expose her and things go south, she ends up penniless and with no boyfriend, then he takes revenge and exposes her on social networks, according to a video that circulates in Youtube.

Currently the video is about to reach a million views and was broadcast through the Que Curioso channel, and it also has more than 1,200 comments of people who question the veracity of the video, while others recriminate the woman.


Discover cheating girlfriend

Whether it is true or not, the video has caused a ‘rain’ of criticism because the man exposed the woman, which they do not consider good, since the woman is denigrated and her identity is seen, which was harshly expressed by some followers .

The man presented all the evidence he had to exhibit the woman, since he printed conversations that he took from the woman’s whats app, as well as a photo of her kissing with the supposed lover, so the end of it will be frozen, so he discovers cheating girlfriend.

Discover a cheating girlfriend: START THE GAME

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The video begins with the man recording the entire conversation and saying: “Hello love, do you want to earn all this money? Then he shows her bills of various denominations in Mexican pesos, so she immediately shows interest.

While she is in bed, looking at the cell phone, he shows her the tickets and a photograph of a man with a woman is seen, everything seems to indicate that it is her with her supposed lover. She answers, what do I have to do?


Money game
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Then he says: “It’s a very simple way, you just have to answer a few very simple questions. Question number one, for 20 pesos. Do you remember where we met? Then she tells him that in a restaurant, while he is holding a 20 peso bill (approximately 1 dollar) with the photo already described, but without her seeing it.

“We met two years ago in a restaurant, where we ate aguiachilito (shrimp with spicy sauce).” Then he tells her that he was right and without further questions he hands her the money to take him to the next level. To see the video click here. Filed Under: Discover Cheating Girlfriend

Discover unfaithful girlfriend: CUERNOS

Discover cheating girlfriend
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Then he challenged her to put on red reindeer horns for 50 pesos, which at first she did not want, but then she accepted and put them on, thus earning a little more than 2 dollars, just for putting them on her head and pose like this.

She did not want to because she said that it was not Christmas season, however, he convinced her by telling her that she would look very pretty, however, it was only a ‘trap’ to show that she was wearing horns, an expression used for when someone is unfaithful .

Discover a cheating girlfriend: IS IT CONFUSED?

Money game
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Then he tells her that for 100 pesos he would give her a name that began with the letter S and she immediately answered Santiago, a reason that surprised her boyfriend, since he expected Salvador to answer, his first name.

And to justify his answer, the woman said that it was the first that came to mind, for which he reproached her for knowing more about his supposed friend, and she quickly changed the subject and followed the next question.


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The next level was a question about the date of her mother’s birthday, so she said she only remembered that it was recent, and he told her: “I’ll give you a hint, it was the day your head hurt and you couldn’t go.” , this while holding a photo of a conversation that she supposedly had with her lover, that same day to be able to see each other without anyone knowing.

Then she explains that her head didn’t hurt but her stomach, which is why she had to go buy some pills and for that reason, she said, she had not attended, but the man already had all the tests in his hands. Filed Under: Discover Cheating Girlfriend


Discover cheating girlfriend
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In the end she wins all the money but before doing the count, the man asks her to make the sum of his prize, and she tells him that 1,870 (98 dollars), however in a sarcastic way, he answers almost mocking her. she.

“Let’s see how long you would take?” She answers and responds: “Well, you would take it because if you really loved me, you wouldn’t have done all this, you don’t have a boyfriend or money,” at the moment he rubbed the evidence on her face and she ran out to follow him to try to explain . Filed Under: Discover Cheating Girlfriend

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