Juan and Lupillo Rivera beg for support for Grupo Laberinto after theft (VIDEO)

Juan Rivera and Lupillo Rivera released sad news regarding some friends. Grupo Laberinto lost their visas and passports and clothes at th...

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  • Juan Rivera and Lupillo Rivera released sad news regarding some friends.
  • Grupo Laberinto lost their visas and passports and clothes at the hands of a thief.
  • Jenni Rivera’s brothers posted the video of the robbery.

As if Jenni Rivera’s two brothers had reached an agreement and forgot their quarrels for a moment, Juan Rivera and Lupillo Rivera revealed what is happening with Grupo Laberinto and a robbery they suffered that has left them without their work visas and passports.





Could it be that Jenni Rivera’s brothers came together for a good cause? Juan Rivera wrote: “It happened in the center of # LosÁngeles my friends from @laberintoficial were robbed!! Passports, VISAS, suits and more !!! We are busy helping them to urgently retrieve their documents in order to continue working. And if you know this guy here, tell him to at least return the papers! Help us by sharing please !!!” he posted on Instagram.

Juan Rivera wants to help his friends from the Labyrinth Group

Robo Grupo Laberinto Lupillo and Juan Rivera

And it is that while Juan Rivera put that description, you could see in the images of the video an apparently Latino man with long black hair in a ponytail wearing a gray shirt and jeans as he got out of a white truck directly to the vehicle he was transporting to the Labyrinth Group.

Apparently, in the streets of Los Angeles and in broad daylight, not counting that a camera was recording it directly, the thief stalks the Labyrinth Group truck and as if by magic quickly forces one of the doors of it, to open it and steal some suitcases.

The Labyrinth Group suffers theft in Los Angeles

Ask for help after robbery of Grupo Laberinto Lupillo and Juan Rivera

Apparently the Labyrinth Group was working while this was happening and now they are ‘shaking’ because without their visas they will not be able to work in the United States, apart from it it is said that they stole passports and papers and even clothes, in the three suitcases that the man took.

The comments in the publication of Juan Rivera appeared: “WOW with what ease he opened the door, I hope they catch him for abuse”, “that’s why it is not good to leave things in the cars, those bad people are just seeing the cars devoured, he opened it” , “Instead of recording people, they would have called the police”, “Well, it doesn’t look like security video, as you can see that the camera is following it and focusing very well, but it can be.”

Lupillo Rivera also shared the video of the robbery of Grupo Laberinto

Robber robbery Grupo Laberinto Lupillo and Juan Rivera

While Juan Rivera gave the news, minutes later, his brother Lupillo Rivera did the same, asking for support for the Labyrinth Group: “To all my race if we can help them with my @laberinto compass that yesterday they were robbed in downtown Los Angeles . On Santee Street and 14 ”.

And he continued to request the support of the people so that the Laberinto Group could recover their documents: “All they want is to recover their documents. If anyone knows or can tell the guy in the video they are offering a $$ reward for their documents. ”

The eyes of the Rivera and the Laberinto Group for the theft are on that thief they intend to identify

Lupillo Rivera denounces theft

Unfortunately for the thief, it was recorded not only by security cameras of the place in front of where the robbery took place but also by people who decided to take out their cell phone and record the robbery, although they did not call the police and limited themselves to watching the scene in the one that the subject took out of the Labyrinth Group suitcases.

“You can tell it’s a paisa !!!” have to know “,” Professional! How easy other people’s lives are for these guys ”,“ I already had them measured! Familiar or acquaintance “,” So that they leave things as personal as documents. I doubt that they will find it and less in getto city. Try to see the license plates of the vehicle better, “commented other people. HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO OF THE MOMENT OF THE LABYRINTH GROUP ROBBERY

Are Juan and Lupillo Rivera still fighting?

Robbery Group Maze

What was missing. The businesswoman Mayeli Alonso, who was the wife of Lupillo Rivera, did not want to be left behind and, perhaps without intending to, ‘got into’ another controversy of the Rivera family and assures that the producer Juan Rivera stole a truck from the interpreter of More cab … how nice.

In the Escándalo Instagram account, it was commented that he was leaving a restaurant in Los Angeles, California, that some reporters were waiting for Lupillo’s ex to know her impressions on various issues, but what could not be missing It was the lawsuit between the singer and his brother.

Mayeli Alonso ‘joins’ the lawsuit of Juan and Lupillo Rivera

Mayeli Alonso 'joins' the lawsuit of Juan and Lupillo Rivera
Photo Instagram Scandal

And when no one expected it, the businesswoman was questioned if it was true that Lupillo had stolen a car from her brother Juan, to which she replied that Juan Rivera was actually the one who stole a truck from her ex. We will have to wait for the reaction of the music producer.

“That woman loves the mitote, that afterwards she does not become the victim, the dignified and the suffering one”, “She cannot remain silent, and then play the victim”, “In an interview, Juan said that he never went speak ill of her, see what she answers “,” If it weren’t for the Rivera surname, they would ignore her, “you can read in some comments.

Daisy Cabral ‘tunde’ Mayeli Alonso

Daisy Cabral 'tunde' Mayeli Alonso
Photo Instagram Scandal

Through her Instagram stories, a publication that Escándalo took up on her social networks, the businesswoman Daisy Cabral also went with everything to Mayeli Alonso, who was her friend and partner. It seems that tomorrow they will see each other face to face.

“Let him come sweep me with great pride. You should not be ashamed of the job, you owe someone money after the judge has already reminded you that you have to pay, it is what you should be ashamed of. Bring your wallet on Friday when you look at me. ” And what did Mayeli Alonso say?

Mayeli Alonso answers “that person”

Mayeli Alonso answers "that person"
Photo Instagram Scandal

Lupillo Rivera’s ex, being stuck in traffic, told her fans on her Instagram stories to ask her questions, which she would answer one by one, but she did not imagine that someone simply told her: “Are you going to go? to sweep? ”, to which he replied:

“I don’t know why this person is used as a way to humiliate me, I would not be ashamed to sweep or clean someone’s house or store, on the contrary, that is a source of pride. One time in my life I was helping my sister on her house cleaning routes here in the United States. I don’t know why they think it’s something that would offend me if many women support entire families. That is a pride and ching… !!! ”.

“They both came from below”

"They both came from below"
Instagram photo Daisy Cabral

Immediately, users reacted to this war between Daisy Cabral and Mayeli Alonso, without knowing to date that the businesswoman assured that Juan Rivera stole a truck from her ex, Lupillo Rivera: “Daisy wanted to humiliate Mayeli and she came out worse by mocking in that way we women who dedicate ourselves to cleaning ”.

“I think the other lady is wrong to comment in that way so wanting to attract attention”, “Both came from below, but one thing is to know how to value what you have and never forget where you come from, and another way is to always be making posts about what you buy or what you have ”.

“Daisy forgets that Mayeli was the first to give her the opportunity”

Lupillo and Juan Rivera
Instagram photo Mayeli Alonso

For his part, another person expressed himself as follows: “Daisy forgets that Mayeli Alonso was the first who gave her products the opportunity because Daisy sent her and sent her packages, and that through Mayeli many people know Bella all natural, so I think the least I can do is thank him that his company went up, instead of making stupid comments just to get attention or want to humiliate. ”

“Daysi forgot that many people, too many, I would say, we know her thanks to Mayeli”, “The ridiculous Daisy uploaded a story with a mop, what is she trying to say?” what he said with a lie ”, expressed more people. Some images in this note come from this and this videos

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