Grettell Valdez is in mourning when confirming the death of her father (PHOTO)

Grettell Valdez confirmed the death of her father The Mexican actress posted a moving photo of her and her dad “I really miss you, ...

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FOTO Mezcalent
  • Grettell Valdez confirmed the death of her father
  • The Mexican actress posted a moving photo of her and her dad
  • “I really miss you, but I know we’ll see each other again”

Mexican actress Grettell Valdez confirmed through her official account of Instagram the death of his uncle whom he considered his father with an emotional and sad message that the actress wrote in the published photo.

“You were a great warrior fighting until the last moment. It is very difficult for me to let you go, you were my father in every sense of the word, you never stopped caring for me and loving me, thank you for teaching me that life is always lived with love “, commented the actress Grettell Valdez in the post.

He also added: “I grew up admiring you and you were the one who motivated me to achieve my dreams and be what I am now, your talent on stage was my best example, I love you, I will miss you very much, but I know we will see each other again” .

And to conclude with the emotional message, Grettell took the time to thank the messages and the expressions of love and affection that several followers have sent him in these difficult moments.

“I am infinitely grateful for your samples of unconditional love for me and my family, they don’t know how nice it feels to read them, giving them pure love at this hard time. I LOVE THEM!”.

Several celebrities offered their condolences to the actress through their official accounts, making it clear that they are there to support her; Among the celebrities who demonstrated were Ariadne Díaz, Montserrat Olivier and Maribel Guardia.

“I hug my dear Grettell, I love you”, “I am really sorry”, “I am sorry dear friend”, “beautiful friend I send you a big hug !!! I’m with you, I love you ”,“ I send you a big hug! I am very sorry for your loss and my deepest condolences “, were these some of the most prominent comments towards the actress.

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PHOTO Instagram

The confirmation of the death of Grettell Valdez’s father comes a day after it was announced that he had already died, which she had to clarify.

Affected by the sad news, and ensuring that her ex-partner, Patricio Borghetti, gave the wrong information about her father because there was a confusion in medical terms, the Mexican actress revealed that in addition to the unfortunate news, she is also distressed by the amount of money that is due in the hospital.

“Yesterday while I was on my call working, I received a call informing me that my father was brain dead, obviously it was very strong for me, being so far away, because all my family is in Querétaro, I took the car with my son”, He said.

“They waited for me so that I could say goodbye to him, I didn’t know that our protocols are different from those of United StatesIn the United States, you can disconnect at the time the family decides, in Mexico no, there has to be a process where the medications are taken away and in a couple of hours they will take off the respirator. a matter of hours, ”Valdez explained.

Then, the artist announced that in addition to this scenario, her family also faces the millionaire debt of the hospital where her father was admitted.

“Right now we have a very difficult issue, it pains me a lot because my family doesn’t have money, unfortunately my dad didn’t have insurance for medical expenses, we owe almost 1.5 million or more to the hospital, of which we have collected 400 so far. thousand pesos (around 18 thousand dollars)… ”, the actress commented crying.

And he continued: “And the truth is that we are asking for help, what they can help to be able to liquidate the hospital and I thank all those who have been marking me and their prayers, and hopefully they can help us in this situation that we are going through.”

“The truth is that my dad is the only father image I’ve ever had,” he concluded with a broken voice.

Finally, the actress made account number 2038593 available in the name of the beneficiary Jorge Fernando Smythe Hernández, with a clabe account 002680700020385931.

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PHOTO Instagram

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And it is that Patricio Borghetti had revealed that his ex-partner, Grettell Valdez, was in mourning after the death of his uncle Guillermo Smyth, whom the actress considered her father.

Dismayed by this unfortunate news, the father of the only son of the Mexican actress expressed: “He was finally Grettell’s father… because he raised her… and sometimes father is not the biological one but the one who raises, he was one of the good ones, he He is going to miss him a lot because he was a great person ”.

Later, the host of the program Venga la Alegría told some details of the moment he received the news and expressed his concern for who his ex-partner was.

“Last night I found out from Santino (my son)… he wrote to me, it is the first experience that Santino lives, the first family member to die and they went to Querétaro last night, someone took them luckily because Grettell was very, very affected, I told him my love and my pain also for this loss… she is destroyed, I know her and I know how important Memo was to her ”.

Finally, Borghetti burst into tears and expressed his solidarity with the family of his ex and his son Santino. “May he rest in peace and a hug for the whole family.”

For his part, Grettell Valdez only took up his Instagram account to post the following message: “I will always be your fan, I love you pa,” according to a report published by the Mexico Agency.

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PHOTO Instagram

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