Grand finale of Mira Quién Baila: Chef Yisus is announced as the winner and Univisión is criticized



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  • This Sunday the grand finale of Mira Quien Baila Univisión All Stars took place
  • Chef Yisus was crowned this season’s winner
  • But network users criticized Univisión

Finale Mira Quién Baila. There is finally a winner in Mira Quién Baila. The Chef Yisus celebrated his victory with tears in his eyes, but many social media users criticized Univisión, whom they accused of “fraud” because they didn’t believe that the chef of Despierta América was the best dancer of the ninth season.

“Fraudevisión,” “that’s right. I thought they were going to kick him out (chef Yisus) the first week. He’s a ROBOT. I really like him as a person, but he can’t dance. None of them really danced, but Aleyda did better than all of them. Those judges should be fired next season. We have to find a man for Dayanara so that she stops being crazy over heels for one. The other two should be kicked out, they are no good,” “He really can’t dance,” “they gave it to him out of pity, not because he’s good at dancing,” “it’s not poison here, you know that from the beginning Univision knows who is going to win, even if they can’t dance and it was obvious that he would win, look at all the seasons, it’s always like that,” “I do not know any of them, but he should not have won, Aleyda was the winner, I am leaving, so I see a lot of propaganda for him and the best was Aleyda,” these were other comments from followers of the Hispanic network on Instagram.

Final Look Who Dances: Chef Yisus is the winner

Final Look Who's Dancing Chef Yisus
PHOTO Instagram

Chef Yisus was the winner of this ninth season highlighting his passion on stage, putting himself above his peers, second place went to Aleyda Ortiz, who also captivated with her movements, third place went to revelation Roberto Hernández, leaving in fourth place to the Mexican La Bronca.

“I don’t believe it, I swear I don’t believe it, these people are too special, very wonderful, they changed me from a very difficult and sad moment to this happiness, that is priceless, I love them,” were the words of the first place of this ninth season of Look Who Baila. And it is worth remembering that, just at the beginning of the season, Chef Yisus suffered the death of his mother.

‘I dance it better’

Final Look Who's Dancing 2 Chef Yisus

The finale also featured a round of the fun ‘Yo lo Bailo Mejor’ challenge in which the finalists performed numbers presented by other contestants this season. After each number and their evaluation, the judges gave their opinion of who did the best, and named the winner.

Later there was a second round of dance and then judges Dayanara Torres, Casper Smart and Paty Manterola, named the winner of the competition based on the technique, evolution and stage mastery of each finalist. It is worth mentioning that the winner of this competition won $ 10,000 for the foundation he represents.

Chef Yisus impressed with his dance

Final Look Who's Dancing 3 Chef Yisus

It is worth mentioning that this season the participation of Chef Yisus was very outstanding, by delivering passion and claw in each dance where he was present, captivating the pupils not only of the judges, but also of the viewers who always supported him at all times. .

One of his dances where he shone the most, was where he appears wearing a blue jacket, showing presence and elegance, in addition to the flexibility that he provided on stage, performing spectacular movements that left the judges who gave their vote with their mouths open. in favor.

Jorge Ramos’ girlfriend appears in a transparent dress

Final Look Who's Dancing 4 Chef Yisus

One of the presenters Chiqui Delgado, girlfriend of journalist Jorge Ramos, was present at this event looking spectacular, since she appeared in a long transparent black dress, which highlighted her incredible figure, it even seemed that she was not wearing underwear.

Immediately the followers were present: “What a dreadful dress, where is the class and elegance of this lady … her glamor is gone and so beautiful”, “She never leaves anything to the imagination, she shows even her teeth”, “This woman is very whole for Jorgito ”,“ Spectacularly beautiful God with you ”.

Look Who Dances Final: Toni Costa graced the event

Final Look Who's Dancing 5 Chef Yisus

Another of the celebrities who anxiously awaited this event and who was very elegant present was the Spanish dancer Toni Costa, husband of Adamari López, who wore a very elegant blue suit, with an unparalleled bearing, which captivated several of his followers in his Instagram account.

“Haha, posture at the GRAND FINAL DE MIRA QUIEN DANCES 2021! Are you seeing it? Who is your favorite? “, He posted on his social network profile:” Toni you have done a great job in MQB “,” I like your wig “,” Handsome and talented “, were some of the comments from his followers .

Final Look Who Dances: Aleyda Ortiz fell in love with her beauty

From the first moment she appeared on stage, Aleyda Ortiz captivated the judges “with her charisma, stage presence and high level of dance.” It was in the semifinals when he dominated the dance floor when he danced a rumba with the song ‘Tell me how do you want’ by Ángela Aguilar and Christian Nodal. This time it was the best of the night.
Another of the most important moments of the Puerto Rican was when she presented a fairly contemporary dance routine. The judges highlighted his extraordinary charges and how he became a “feather” flying on stage. For the second time Aleyda won that night.

Final Look Who Dances: La Bronca and its charisma

La Bronca, representative of Uforia Radio, was one of the participants who evolved the gala and managed to break through in the final. The announcer of El Free-Guey Show stood out in this competition for her courage and dedication on stage, showing off in the dances she presented on stage.
The Mexican announcer arrived with the intention of getting the first place to support the foundation she represents, CHIRLA. One of the dances that cannot be forgotten was that of the sensual bachata with the theme ‘The Best Version of Me’ by Natti Natasha, which captivated everyone with its movements.

Final Look Who Dances: The revelation Roberto Hernández


Undoubtedly Roberto Hernández, from the Falling in Love team, was the revelation of this ninth season of Mira Who Baila, since in each presentation he had on stage he improved remarkably and positioned himself as one of the best on the track, not for nothing was of the best four.

In the first two programs the judges demanded him to let go and enjoy the dance and he followed their advice to the letter and as a result he was one of the best. The Cuban presenter proved the grueling rehearsals were worth it and we saw his great progress at the fourth gala. Tonight, he appeared confident and confident at every step.

Why is Casper Smart still not learning to speak Spanish in ‘MQB’?


After three seasons as a judge for “Mira Quien Baila” (Univisión), which will broadcast its grand finale in the United States this Sunday, Casper Smart explains once and for all what many may still wonder: why doesn’t he learn Spanish? to talk about it on the show?

“Ok, let me explain this once and for all. I think that even if I learned Spanish well, trying to speak it on the show would lose my charisma, my charm and my sense of humor and my comments would sound silly. Because (the sense of humor in a language) takes years and years of practice, and even many times it cannot be translated. Dayanara (Torres) many times tells me jokes and I ask her ‘how do you say it in English?’, And she doesn’t know or she tells me that in English it wouldn’t be funny, and she has been speaking English for more than twenty years ”, according to Mezcalent.

Words from Casper Smart


The dancer and sometime boyfriend of Jennifer López explains that although her mother’s parents, her grandparents, were Mexican, her mother grew up without speaking Spanish. “I would have loved to learn Spanish since I was a child, but my mother didn’t speak Spanish to me. She did not learn it when she was a child, because at that time in Los Angeles, in California, it was very common not to speak it to try to fit in. They told her ‘don’t speak Spanish, you’re white, you have to be American, you have to fit in’.

“It was something racist, very sad, because my mother learned Spanish very late, at 30, she understands it well, but unfortunately her Spanish is not good and that is why it is a pity that I did not learn it and, really, that I would have loved to learn it. I can understand much more than I speak it, but that’s the way things are ”.

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