Democratic governors meet to discuss gun control

Democratic governors meet to discuss gun control. Republican governors urge more safety in schools. “If you’re not serious ab...

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  • Democratic governors meet to discuss gun control.
  • Republican governors urge more safety in schools.
  • “If you’re not serious about guns, you’re not serious about crime prevention.”

On Sunday, it was reported that the governors held talks in order to reach a fair agreement on the use and control of firearms in the United States. The discussion arises five days after the shooting in Uvalde, Texas, where around 19 children and two teachers lost their lives.

So far, Democratic governors have stood firm in urging tighter control around gun use. The difficult part of this conversation is that Republican governors urged keeping guns but having more control over school safety, a situation that others did not like.


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The United States is going through a difficult time after the recent shootings that have plunged the community into pain and panic due to the deaths caused. It was a couple of days ago, when an 18-year-old man entered the classroom of some children and ended up murdering 19 and 2 teachers. That is why the Governors seek a solution to this real problem.

On Sunday, the discussions continued between the officials and their intricate opinions about what should be done and how to do it. On the one hand, Democratic Governors step up calls for tighter gun restrictions; and on the other, many Republican governors are emphasizing a different solution: safer schools, The Associated Press reported.

An Obstacle to Decision-Making?

US Arms Control Governors: An Obstacle to Decision-Making?
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The divide among the nation’s governors reflects a partisan divide that has stymied action in Congress and in many state capitols about the best way to respond to a record number of firearm-related deaths in the United States, The Associated Press reported. Decisions could take longer than expected if both parties continue to fail to make a solid decision.

The political differences cut deep to the country’s roots, highlighting tensions between life, liberty and constitutional rights spelled out in the nation’s founding documents, The Associated Press said. For this reason, the discussion about weapons and security control continues to be one of the most controversial issues between both groups. Filed Under: Governors control guns US

The only common solution?

US gun control governors: the only common solution?
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Both Democrats and Republicans cited the need to invest in mental health services and training to try to help people potentially prone to violent outbursts, The Associated Press reported. At the moment, it is the only thing in common that both parties have.

In a meeting conducted by The Associated Press, both Democrats and Republicans were asked where they stand on gun control and safety. Among the questions are: Should people under the age of 21 be banned from buying semi-automatic weapons? Should ammunition magazines be limited to no more than 10 rounds? Many Democratic governors said “yes,” the AP reported. Filed Under: Governors control guns US

“You don’t take crime prevention seriously”

"You don't take crime prevention seriously"
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Ned Lamont was one of the governors who urged to respond to the problems that currently exist around arms control and security in the United States. The Democratic governor pointed out that the issue of weapons should be prioritized and if others do not take it seriously, it is a clear sign that they are not interested in crime prevention.

“If you’re not serious about guns, you’re not serious about crime prevention. I think that’s more true today than ever,” said Democratic Governor Ned Lamont of Connecticut, where 20 students and six adults were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School a decade ago, AP noted.

Give in cowardly?

Give in cowardly?
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Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf has said he supports limits on both the capacity of bullets and the purchase of semi-automatic weapons. He met with gun control advocates in Philadelphia on Friday as he denounced his state’s Republican-led Legislature for failing to pass his gun bill, the AP reported.

“They would rather cowardly give in to the gun lobby than pass common sense legislation that would prevent children from dying,” Wolf said in an interview with the AP. Across Republican governors, they were more likely to support efforts to strengthen school security and call for efforts to have guards armed.

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