Gomita almost left her charms exposed with low-cut white dress

Araceli Ordaz, better known as ‘Gomita’, traveled to the port of Acapulco to celebrate her birthday ‘Gomita’ reve...

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  • Araceli Ordaz, better known as ‘Gomita’, traveled to the port of Acapulco to celebrate her birthday
  • ‘Gomita’ revealed her charms with a low-cut white dress
  • The Mexican driver managed to draw sighs from her fans after a photo published on her Instagram account

‘Jelly bean’ neckline showed rear breasts. Last Sunday, September 13, during the early hours of the morning, Araceli Ordaz, who is better known as ‘Gomita’, was filled with sighs and compliments from her fans and different users of the social networks, by publishing a photo where he revealed his charms.

According to the Tribuna portal, it was this weekend when ‘Gomita’ traveled to the port of Acapulco to celebrate his birthday in the company of his friends, and it was when he published a photo where you saw a stunning white dress with a large neckline showing her great attributes, which the fans did not stop commenting on.

It was on her Instagram account that Araceli published her photo and her fans quickly became noticeable by commenting on different compliments and compliments to the Mexican, in that publication where she poses in front of a large mirror, it is accompanied by a caption that says: “Yesterday in the request, ”clearly saying jokingly as if he had married.

Neckline gummy

PHOTO: Instagram

Very constantly, ‘Gomita’ is seen on official Instagram accounts to publish her cleavage in several photos of herself showing off her body, and this time it was no exception, since she has not stopped sharing images and videos of how she celebrated her birthday on his Instagram account.

There is no doubt that despite the various surgeries that the driver has undergone, she never ceases to surprise the world of social networks and her fans with her spectacular and sexy photos, causing sighs and there must be some criticism that supposedly teach more.

The photo shared by the influencer has already reached more than 100,000 “Likes” and hundreds of comments, most of these being pure compliments and compliments to the host.

On the next page we will leave you with other publications that have caused a stir among Internet users because of their daring.

In addition to the hottest comments that his fans told him.

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The host and youtuber appears with a transparent blouse and bikini

‘Neckline jelly’. In full quarantine, the driver and youtuber Araceli Ordaz, better known as ‘Gomita’, appears with a transparent blouse and bikini, but contrary to what she expected, they ask her to see the silicone.

Through your official account Instagram, where it has more than 2 million followers, you can see this photograph of Gomita with a neckline, which has so far exceeded 130 thousand likes, including the singer Edwin Luna, actress Ana Martin and comedian Liliana Arriaga, better known as La Chupitos.

Sitting on the edge of a pool, about to enjoy a delicious dip, the host and youtuber ‘Gomita’, who rose to fame for her participation in the Sabadazo program, wears a transparent blouse and bikini that shows ‘Gomita’ her great cleavage.

And when it seemed that everything would be flattery for Araceli Ordaz, Gomita’s real name, it was not like that, since when a user commented: “What beautiful moles”, someone else replied: “They are not moles, they are the marks of lipos and transfer ”.

For her part, another user did not save anything and sent a strong message with a special dedication: “How sad that someone so young looks so plastic everywhere! You didn’t need any of that, mijita, you have to love yourself, your physique doesn’t matter. “

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Criticisms of ‘Gomita’ and her cleavage, whom many remember for the rivalry she had with her former colleagues from Sabadazo, Cecilia Galliano and Laura G, seemed to have no end: “They went from silicone”, “Plastic to all its splendor “,” The #LynMay fat “,” Did the mosquitoes bite you or is it the needle sticks? “,” Everything floats, you don’t need that donut. “

An Internet user made a recommendation to the host and youtuber, who has more than 2.5 million subscribers on her YouTube channel: “Gummy Waters, the implants in the buttocks are thundering, don’t squeeze too much.”

“Hahaha, crushing the silicone”, “Big ring like cheeks”, “Like when you sit on top of the life preserver”, “Oh my God, but what a sow you are”, “I don’t know what has more plastic, if it donates or you! Hahaha “,” I look good on you surgeries that you paid with the ring ”,“ Plastic vs. plastic ”,“ Jelly vs. lifeguards, who has more plastic? “,” No mom … you look good put … the buttocks … “,” You crush the silicone “, expressed other followers.

Neckline gummy

PHOTO: Instagram

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On instagram Gomita shows off her neckline with a nice white dress

Neckline gumdrop. Now yes, Araceli Ordaz Campos, better known as ‘Gomita’, did not mind being locked up for the quarantine and took very good advantage of her time to appear the most daring that she has been seen in public, by showing off her pink underwear with black lace, showing a little beyond what is allowed, but not everything went as expected.

On this occasion, the one who was once a clown in the Sabadazo program, had no shame and practically published a photo on her Instagram account that practically borders on the prohibited.

The young woman did not joke for a moment in uploading the postcard in which she wears pink pajamas with black lace to try to captivate her fans, and although some celebrated it, her haters did not forgive her for the audacity to go out that way.

To see the video click here.

Image taken from Tik Tok Viral

In a somewhat aggressive, funny and without remorse, Gomita, showing her cleavage, posted the following message for her followers: “Fuck diets, WhatsApp tells me I’m online … Ok no, the net yes I’m putting love on it.”

Although the clown tried with this to send a message loaded with motivation for herself and for others, what it caused in some people was contempt and even hatred, they could no longer hide their annoyance for the young woman who always causes controversy.

  Gomita neckline back breasts

PHOTO: Instagram

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