Gloria Trevi surprises in a bathing suit from the beach (PHOTOS)

Gloria Trevi surprises with tremendous figure in a swimsuit She amazes her fans with her legs and many compliment her Some even confused ...

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  • Gloria Trevi surprises with tremendous figure in a swimsuit
  • She amazes her fans with her legs and many compliment her
  • Some even confused her with Mari Boquitas

The singer Gloria Trevi surprises in her bill Insatgram official with his figure slim and her legs in a blue bathing suit on board a yacht and people flatter her figure, they even mistake her for Mary Boquitas.

The Monterrey woman is currently 52 years old and is one of the artists Mexican women of that age who still have an enviable figure.

And to show a button, from the beautiful beaches of Cancun, he gave several postcards to his fans aboard a I already, clad in a blue swimsuit.

Image taken from Insatgram @gloriatrevi

The reaction of her audience was overwhelming, as the vast majority complimented her slim figure and highlighted her legs.

Gloria Trevi who poses in a swimsuit, is a singer who had great success in the nineties with her great songs like ‘Dr. psychiatrist ‘,’ Potato without catsup ‘,’ Loose hair ‘, among others.

The singer wore a great body and showed off her long flowing hair, which drove fans crazy and reminded her of those famous movies she made in her youth.

But despite her great success, Gloria Trevi’s story has not been entirely rosy, since in the middle of the successful phase of her career, she was accused together with the music producer, Sergio Andrade, of organizing a network to recruit young women to bring them to fame and kidnap and abuse them, according to the portal of Infobae.

Mary Boquitas was one of the members of the group in which Gloria Trevi, from Boquitas Pintadas, participated and was related to that scandal.

On the next page we will leave you a video and more photographs of Gloria Trevi in ​​a bathing suit as well as the most daring comments.

On this page we will leave you the video that the singer Gloria Trevi uploaded in a bathing suit and some of the most daring comments.

Some celebrities even reacted positively to his postcards. One of the celebrities who wrote to her was the host of El Gordo y La Flaca who sent her heart emoticons and kisses.

But her beauty shocked many of her fans: “Gloria, I was eating rice and I drowned with such beauty, please.”

Image taken from Mezcalent

“How do you do to be so beautiful?”, “Armando eats all that? No, yes, she is in glory hahaha ”,“ but what a great body woman ”,“ you are quite a goddess ”,“ you are so perfect ”,“ divine ”,“ wow never lose so much weight again porfis ”, many told her fans.

But a netizen reminded him of another singer linked to the Gloria Trevi story and wrote: “For a moment I thought it was Mary Boquitas.”

On the next page you will see the opinions of more fans of the figure of Gloria Trevi in ​​a swimsuit.

To see the video click here.

Image taken from Insatgram @gloriatrevi

But the amazement of seeing Gloria Trevi in ​​a swimsuit did not end so soon and the singer from Monterrey received many more compliments from her audience for her legs.

“She has always had enviable legs”, “glow the instagram falls with such beauty, beautiful already peel me”, “our beautiful queen on her yacht”, “rich, tough, strong and powerful”, “an eighth wonder, a mermaid terrestrial, a living sculpture. I love you beautiful! You are beautiful ”, several fans told him.

One of her fans did not hesitate to say what she thought of her and wrote the following: “Things that never change you and your beautiful body.”

“It reminded me of Gloria from the 90’s”, “lovely”, “how beautiful you are, glow, God bless you. PS It is no longer painful because you are a Goddess, Goddess of the night, “other followers wrote.

But one of them wanted to stand out from all of them and wrote the following: “I love when you upload photos like this, more than anything because of that, because you are very painful and I am very glad that you overcome that part and say ‘to the ching … the shame I’m going to show off my great body ‘, because woman you have a great body ”.

Image taken from Insatgram @gloriatrevi

But people did not stop ‘chulear’ the Monterrey singer Gloria Trevi with her swimsuit and her legs in blue on board a yacht.

“The good thing is that you are not wearing the yellow dress”, “I love you all, I am happy to see you smiling like that, I hope you enjoy this ‘vacation’ a lot, so to speak, enjoy because you deserve it I love you too much”, many followers told him.

Some more commented: “But you’re not a joke, right? You learned not to bite anything more “,” Where do I get that swimsuit? It’s divine ”,“ I miss you ”,“ you are the most beautiful thing that exists ”,“ cool ”,“ you are the best ”.

However, one person did not agree with that publication and said: “So blind, doing only the will of Satan, you will see what awaits you; God is not mocked; what man sows he will reap ”.

“My Glory, what do I do to make you see what I published? Please, I’ve been going up for 2 weeks ”,“ don’t comb your hair, you look beautiful like that ”,“ mamasita ”,“ I no longer tell you my compliments because later you make fun, why are you like this, I love you a thousand ”,“ hey you’re going to fall down, I It’s sweet to see you so close to the shore of the boat ”, more fans told him.

Gloria Trevi swimsuit

Image taken from Insatgram @gloriatrevi

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