Gilberto Herrera kidnapped and sexually abused his wife

Gilberto Herrera was arrested for kidnapping and sexually abusing his wife for several days Herrera, 50, kept the woman tied up and locke...

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  • Gilberto Herrera was arrested for kidnapping and sexually abusing his wife for several days
  • Herrera, 50, kept the woman tied up and locked in a car while he raped her
  • The man is already in custody in Houston and could spend up to 99 years in a Texas jail

Gilberto Herrera was arrested in Houston, Texas, charged with the serious charges of kidnapping and sexual assault of his own wife for days. Agents of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) detained the man to free his partner, after at least three days of true terror.

The HCSO agents arrested Gilberto Santamaría Herrera, his full name and who is 50 years old, on Friday, March 26, 2021 and took him to the prison of the Harris County to face his criminal process before Judge Chris Morton, of the 230th Criminal District Court in Harris County.

Gilberto Herrera: Kidnapping and sexual abuse of his wife

Gilberto Herrera faces two serious charges that could send him to a Texas jail with a sentence of up to 99 years. (Photo: Harris County Sheriff’s Office)

According to Texas State Penal Code, the crimes that Gilberto Herrera faces are considered very serious. The kidnapping charge carries a penalty of two to ten years in prison. The aggravated sexual assault charge is subject to a sentence of up to 99 years in prison for anyone found guilty of that crime.

Gilberto Herrera is not a man far from problems with justice. Legal records in Harris County detail that in 2001 he was arrested for the first time by the Houston Police Department (HPD) for possession of four grams of cocaine. You have other arrests for driving while intoxicated and resisting arrest.

That of Gilberto Herrera, one more case of domestic abuse

Gilberto Herrera abused wife
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The documents of the case, consulted by MundoHispánico in Texas, they reveal the true nightmare that Gilberto Herrera’s wife suffered. The woman’s name will not be recorded in this story to protect her privacy and that of her children and family. The case is just one more link in a long chain of domestic abuse stories.

In the legal documents of the case it is detailed that Gilberto Herrera and the woman are still legally married, but that they are already separated and she has requested a divorce due to their constant abuse. The woman’s tragedy began on Friday, March 19, 2021, at 8:00 p.m., when she returned home from work.

Gilberto Herrera took her by surprise

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Suddenly the woman, when she was parking in front of her home, approached walking and her husband took her completely by surprise. The exact address in which the events occurred will also not be revealed in this story. It will only be recorded that it all happened in the Woodsdale neighborhood, in the north of the Houston metropolitan area.

Without the woman being able to avoid it, suddenly Gilberto Herrera opened the side door in front of his Nissan car and almost jumped into the vehicle, scaring her. The man, according to the woman’s testimony, gave off an obvious smell of alcohol and drugs and was with an irritated look and a puzzled face, speaking to her in a very violent way.

Gilberto Herrera kidnapped her

Gilberto Herrera abused wife
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The desperate woman tried to call for help and took her cell phone. However, Gilberto Herrera snatched it away with a violent slap and surrounded her with his arms, preventing her from moving. The man told him not to repeat himself and to start the car again.

Right away Gilberto Herrera told his wife to change places, all in the front seats of the car, and he got behind the wheel of the Nissan and drove out of the neighborhood to take her to another house, also in the same area in the north of the metropolitan area. from Houston.

“If you scream, I’ll kill you!”

Gilberto Herrera abused wife
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When they arrived at the second house, Gilberto Herrera parked in front of the home, which she did not know, while the man violently held her arm. Suddenly Herrera told his wife “If you scream, I’ll kill you!” She went into such a state of terror that she was speechless as her husband shoved her out of the car.

Then, always holding her, Herrera ordered the woman to go into the house, but without doing anything to attract attention. As they walked toward the house, the man whispered to his wife: “If you scream for help, I’ll kill you!” He immediately took her to that address, about which she knew nothing, and knocked her down in the dark.

“Tonight I will kill you!”

Gilberto Herrera abused wife
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When they were inside the second house, Gilberto Herrera took a blue shirt that was on the floor and tore it into several pieces. Several of those shreds of cloth were forced into her mouth, and she felt such discomfort that she almost vomited when she found herself with a mouth full of cloth.

Then Herrera put pieces of paper over his mouth and secured them with some kind of industrial tape that tied him to his head. The man immediately took shreds of the blue cloth and used them to tie the woman’s hands from behind. Suddenly the man grabbed his wife’s head and shouted “I’ll kill you tonight!”

Gilberto Herrera began to undress her

Gilberto Herrera abused wife
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When the woman was already held by the hands, with her mouth covered and unable to even speak, because she felt that the cloth was stuck in her throat, the man began to undress her. First he lowered her pants and then ripped off her panties with a razor he carried with him.

Then Gilberto Herrera also dropped his pants, arranged his body on top of her and raped her repeatedly. Then the man took her back to the car, all in the middle of the night, he threw her on the floor of the vehicle. Then the man opened a few beers that he carried with him and began to drink several with the victim to one side.

I came back to her with more beer

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During the night of Friday, after the episode of terror that she experienced, the woman lost consciousness and fell asleep until the next morning. When she woke up, with the daytime sun on her face, the woman managed to notice that Gilberto Herrera was outside the vehicle talking to other men.

The woman managed to see that at least one or two of the men entered the house in front of which the vehicle was parked. The woman was inside the car all Saturday, during the day, and Herrera was guarding her. The man only got out of the car to go to the bathroom or to come back loaded with more beer.

Sexual abuse repeats itself

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According to the woman’s testimony, she was so terrified that she could not sleep on Saturday night for fear that Gilberto Herrera would kill her. Sexual abuse was repeated. The man always repeated the same pattern of attacking her sexually then going home for more beers.

On Sunday Herrera took out his razor and tore his shirt, to later mark it with light wounds on his left chest. The woman just watched him, helplessly and fearfully, because because she was tied up and with her mouth full of cloth, she couldn’t scream for help. On Sunday night the same tragic horror story was repeated.

“I’m going to throw you where no one can find you”

Gilberto Herrera abused wife
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During Monday, the victim cannot specify the time because he lost track of time, Gilberto Herrera sexually assaulted her again and at one point yelled at her, in Spanish, “I’m going to throw you in a place where no one can find you! !! ”. Then he sexually abused her again, got behind the wheel of the car late at night and went out to tour the city.

At night he took the woman out of the car and threw her into the street, around midnight, and yelled at her, I have a bullet for you, in case you decide to talk to someone! ” and left her outraged, half-naked and wounded at a point north of Houston. A good Samaritan, seeing her on the street, called the authorities. Fortunately, and after several days of investigations, the HCSO agents were able to locate and detain Gilberto Herrera.

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