Gilbert Viera is arrested for beating an old woman to steal her

Gilbert Viera was arrested for beating an old woman when he broke into her house in Pasadena The man could be linked to the attack of ano...

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  • Gilbert Viera was arrested for beating an old woman when he broke into her house in Pasadena
  • The man could be linked to the attack of another elderly woman who was beaten to death when she was robbed from her home
  • Viera has a long criminal record for robberies, violent assaults, carjacking, and drug possession

Gilbert Viera was arrested in Pasadena, Texas, accused of having beaten an elderly woman in her home when the man broke into robbery. The Pasadena Police Department (PPD) arrested Viera after the woman’s husband reported the crime.

Viera, 35, is already detained in the prison of the Harris County charged with crimes such as aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, theft and trespassing on private property with the intent to commit a crime. However, the PPD believes the man is responsible for at least one other crime in that city southeast of the Houston metropolitan area.

Gilbert Viera is accused of robbery and violent attack on an old woman

Gilbert Viera, 35, is charged with aggravated assault, robbery, and home invasion. However, the man could be charged with other crimes. (PHOTO Pasadena Police Department)

The Texas State Penal Code points out that only the charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, since Gibert Viera was carrying a pistol when he invaded the old woman’s home, is punishable by up to 20 years in jail for anyone found guilty of that crime after face your judgment.

Gilbert Viera could be linked to another crime since the weapon he used to beat the old woman was stolen two days before from the home of Patricia Ward, 70, who was found to death after a robbery. The Harris County Attorney’s Office He is already investigating him to find out his alleged relationship with Ward’s death, which also occurred in Pasadena.

The attack and death of Patricia Ward

Patricia Ward, 70, is remembered by her family, friends and neighbors as a woman with a warm and kind smile. (Photo: Courtesy of the Ward Family)

On the morning of Tuesday, March 23, 2021, Patricia Ward’s domestic worker arrived at the old woman’s house to take care of her as she did every day of the week. The worker, a Hispanic woman whose name will not be revealed, was struck by the fact that the door to the house was open.

Upon entering Ward’s home in the Willows Oaks Circle neighborhood, the domestic worker was stunned to discover that her employer was allegedly beaten to death. The woman then called the emergency number for the PPD to report the crime of the old woman. Until then the name of Gilbert Viera was unknown to the authority.

The disappearance of the gun

(Photo: Taken from Facebook)

The first PPD patrols who arrived at the house determined that the elderly Patricia Ward had been killed until she was beaten, by someone who had not forced any doors or windows, and then had calmly looted the entire house. Among the items missing from the home was a pistol registered to Ward’s name.

The case was then turned over to the agents of the PPD Homicide Division, who opened the murder investigation and reported to their family members. The core of the investigations focused on the items stolen from Ward’s house and, above all, finding the gun. Gilbert Viera still did not appear in the inquiries.

Patricia Ward was a sweet and jovial woman

(Photo: Taken from Facebook)

The death of Patricia Ward caused a deep shock in Pasadena, Texas, as the old woman was remembered by her neighbors, friends and family as a sweet, jovial woman, dedicated to caring and helping others and always with a smile and a kind word for those who need it.

The second incident, for which Gilbert Viera was captured, occurred on the night of Thursday, March 25, 2021, on Harris Avenue, also in Pasadena, Texas. The exact address and name of the victims, an elderly Hispanic couple, will not be disclosed in this story to protect their identity and privacy.

Attacking and beating another couple

(Photo: Taken from Facebook)

The elderly couple were already in bed ready for the night when they suddenly heard noises from their home. The intruder was Gilbert Viera. The husband went out to investigate and suddenly came across a robust Hispanic man inside his home, who, armed with some metal object, beat him in such a way that he was almost unconscious.

In a distant way, while he was lying on the floor of the house stunned by the blow, the old man heard his wife scream as the intruder beat her in their house repeatedly with a pistol and another metal object. The old man, as best he could, got up and started to help his wife who was already on the verge of fainting from the beating.

The bravery of an old man

Gilbert Viera
PHOTO Taken from Facebook

When he saw that the armed robber ruthlessly attacked his wife, the old man was on top of him and, despite the difference in age and strength, the two men got into a fight. The owner of the house, despite being beaten, managed to hit his rival with a metal object on the head and the man bled profusely from a wound and dropped a gun.

When the intruder, later identified as Gilbert Viera, felt injured, he ran out of the room, grabbed the keys to the man’s truck that were hanging in a hallway in his loophole, went out the front door and got into his victim’s car and escaped. The old man’s brave reaction saved his and his wife’s lives.

The arrest of Gilbert Viera

Gilbert Viera
PHOTO Taken from Facebook

The old man, still stunned by the blows, took his phone and called the emergency number to report the violent assault on his home and ask for help for his wife as she was seriously injured by the blows. The first to arrive were PPD patrols who reported the van stolen by the intruder.

After paramedics transported the very badly injured old woman to a hospital, the agents immediately reported the license plates of the stolen truck in which the thief was traveling. The man did not even get out of the Pasadena limits as he was discovered by other agents who captured him and identified him as Gilbert Viera.

Agents find the stolen gun

Gilbert Viera
PHOTO Taken from Facebook

While the other PPD patrolmen captured Gilbert Viera, the Robbery Division detectives who stayed at the house, reviewing the evidence, found the gun that the intruder had thrown in the struggle with the old man who fought to save his wife. .

PPD detectives then discovered that the gun had the same serial number as the pistol, and matched its characteristics, with the pistol that had been stolen two days earlier from the home of elderly Patricia Ward, also in Pasadena. Gilbert Viera was then charged with aggravated assault, robbery and trespassing.

The Viera investigation and the attack on Patricia Ward

Gilbert Viera
PHOTO Taken from Facebook

However, as of this writing, Gilbert Viera is not formally charged with the murder of Patricia Ward as the Harris County Prosecutor’s Office continues to collect evidence against him linking him to the assault on the first old woman’s home. and his death.

In the documents of the case it is detailed that the official address that Viera gave to the authorities is just two houses away from the home of the elderly Patricia Ward. Judge Josh Hill of the 232nd Criminal District Court in Harris County will be in charge of prosecuting Viera.

Gilbert Viera, a life dedicated to crime

Gilbert Viera
PHOTO Taken from Facebook

Gilbert Viera is no stranger to the criminal proceedings against him. Harris County criminal records, consulted by MundoHispánico, detail that since 2003 the man has been arrested at least 14 times for different crimes ranging from minor to very serious.

Viera’s first arrest occurred on March 13, 2003, when he was caught for possession of marijuana. Since then he has been arrested, by various law enforcement agencies, for robbery, criminal activity, drug possession, aggravated assault on a member of his family, car theft and home burglary.

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