Curious: Alleged giant UFO discovered on Google Earth

Was a UFO abandoned in Death Valley? An alleged UFO was discovered in California. The discovery was made through Google Earth. A CURIOUS ...

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  • Was a UFO abandoned in Death Valley?
  • An alleged UFO was discovered in California.
  • The discovery was made through Google Earth.

A CURIOUS DISCOVERY. In recent years, Google Earth has become a powerful tool for human beings and has been used in many interesting ways. However, strange stories about the images that are captured by the app seem endless. People are often astonished by the bizarre sights, sometimes sparking fear and other times laughter.

Jailbreaks, paranormal events, and even intimate moments have all been observed through Google Earth and people have come up with various theories to try and explain what they could mean. This time, the mapping tool caught a strange crater in California and some believe that it is a giant UFO in Death Valley.


Photo: Google Earth

A strange image was captured by Google Earth. It shows a strange crater that appeared in the mythical and popular Death Valley in California. A Twitter user shared the mysterious and curious discovery made through the search tool and reported that the crater’s tear shape caught his attention.

The images show the mysterious site that is located in the Lone Pine Unified School District, in California, where an abandoned boat is observed next to a tear-shaped crater that caught the attention of many a netizen on social media. The user, CryptoSpawn, said that it appeared to be a UFO.

A rare landing sight?

Google Earth UFO discovered: A rare landing signal?
Photo: Google Earth

Twitter user, CryptoSpawn, who stated on social media that he was surprised by the large black tear-shaped spot that he managed to capture on Google Earth. Theories abounded and some began to point out that it could be a sign of extraterrestrial life.

The user indicated that it could be a “landing notch of a large ship” due to the shape of the black spot that is shown in the Google Earth images. In the screenshots, a dark spot in the shape of a tear can be seen in the middle of the desert area which sparked several theories. Filed Under: Google Earth UFO discovered

Is there also a downed plane?

They discover UFO Google Earth: Is there a downed plane?
Photo: Twitter

Oddly enough, the tear-shaped mark is not the only thing that can be seen in the images that Google Earth captured. Several users took on the task of looking for details that others may have missed. One of those details was the figure of the structure of an airplane that seems to protrude from the desert soil.

“Did someone get too close and they shot him down?” Asked the user who made the discovery of the alleged UFO in the mythical Death Valley. By zooming in on the image, it is possible to see what looks like the skeleton of an airplane that seems to have been shot down or perhaps abandoned nine miles from the site, The Sun pointed out. Filed Under: Google Earth UFO discovered

War tanks?

They discover UFO Google Earth: War tanks?
Photo: Google Earth

Another of the interesting things that Google Earth captured, and that users pointed out in the screenshots that CryptoSpawn shared, is that there were apparently several military tanks scattered around the central area, as well as an excavator, reported The Sun. In the screenshots, strange spots that look like cars are seen in the area near the strange find.

“There are several tanks that seem to be guarding the area,” specified the user who shared the image of the possible UFO discovery in the Death Valley area in California. Through social media, several people began to put together theories about the reasons behind the presence of the tanks that are scattered in the area. Filed Under: Google Earth UFO discovered

A portal to hell?

A portal to hell?
Photo: Twitter

Speculation regarding the discovery of the tear-shaped crater continue and several people have said that it is probably a secret area and that the United States Government doesn’t want others to know what they are guarding in there. That would explain why there are several tanks around.

“More weird stuff in the area. It looks like the skeleton of an airplane and maybe some remains,” said CryptoSpawn on social media. In the screenshots, they highlighted the skeleton of an airplane that was located near the drop-shaped crater that caught the attention of users and that promoted theories of a possible encounter with a UFO.

An agricultural site?

An agricultural site?
Photo: Twitter

On social media, the debate about the mysterious figure has caught the attention of internet users who have not hesitated to share their opinions and theories. One of the users tried to find the ‘logic’ in the spot and reported that perhaps it is agricultural or an artificial lagoon.

“It’s an agricultural forest, Lone Pine Unified School District… it should be a gateway to someplace, hopefully” explained a user on Twitter, responding to the theories that have been formulated regarding the alleged UFO in the Valley of Death area in California.

Broken down tanks?

Tanks out of order?
Photo: Twitter

In the final comments, it was mentioned that it could be a test site where the military go to perform exercises. Other people followed the same thread of discussion, commenting that the tanks could be decommissioned military vehicles used by USAF bombers for target practice.

This claim could be taken into account because the area is about 150 miles southwest of Groom Lake Air Force Base, also known as the location of the Area 51 secret weapons testing area, The Sun reported. The mythical Area 51 has been surrounded by rumors about a possible military base where US government secrets have been stored for years.

A search for UFOs on Google Earth?

A search for UFOs in Google Earth?
Photo: Twitter

On several occasions, possible theories about the strange images that are sometimes found on Google Earth have been shared on Twitter, sparking controversy about what they actually are. Various users have pointed out that on this Google tool they have found extraterrestrial objects and that it is further proof that they live “among us“.

For example, there is a group of people calling themselves “the alien hunters” who believe they have seen a UFO “crash site” in a British Overseas Territory on Google Earth. In addition, they think that they have found signs of an alien invasion in the application’s snapshots, The Sun reported.

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