15 Easy Beauty Hacks to Lessen Under Eye Dark Circles

If you want to know how to get rid of those ugly under eye circles, here are 15 easy beauty hacks for you to try at home.

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For years we’ve been engaged in a special type of warfare. We’re not talking nuclear here, nor is it anything international (except when we’re traveling), but we’re betting you’re waging this war, too. What are we talking about? The ongoing battle to figure out how to get rid of under eye circles, of course. A number of factors cause dark circles under eyes, from the temporary oopsies that you can control (lack of sleep or a hangover) to genetic predisposition that is much harder to fight.

Dr. Jessica Wu, dermatologist and author of Feed Your Face says, “When you’re tired, your blood vessels dilate and eyes get puffy, creating shadows. This makes dark circles more prominent, but it’s not the cause.” So, what is the cause and how to get rid of under eye circles once and for all?To reduce puffiness and lessen those shadows that make you look tired, worn down and, well, older, here are our favorite 15 beauty hacks to help you wrangle dark circles under eyes.

1. Sleep

Woman with eyes closed after waking up in bed

We’re starting with the basics here. You probably already know this, but since pretty much none of us are getting enough sleep, we thought it was worth mentioning. A good night’s sleep is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to combat dark circles.

2. Cold Spoons

This is one many of us learned from our mothers years ago. Keep two metal spoons in the freezer so that you can easily apply them (gently) to your eyelids if you wake up with those offending circles.

3. Pillows

Woman in bed with eyes closed about to wake up

Adding an extra pillow or two to keep your head elevated might just how to get rid of under eye circles and keep puffiness at bay.

4. Concealer

If you can’t make dark circles under eyes go away, cover them up! Instead of the  old-fashioned method of dotting concealer horizontally under your eye, start at the inner corners and fade it out following the line of your circles.

5. Veggies


Eat lots of them, of course, but consider using them as an eye treatment as well. You can relax for ten minutes with slices of cold potato or cucumber over your eyes to reduce inflammation and redness.

6. Witch Hazel

Soak a cotton ball or makeup remover pad in witch hazel and rest it on your eyes for anywhere from five to ten minutes. Your skin should feel tightened and refreshed.

7. Coffee


Caffeine has been used to tighten and tone skin for years. At home, you can place some used coffee grounds under your eyes as a sort of mask to reduce puffiness.

8. Licorice & Vitamin K

Makeup expert and beauty blogger, Michelle Phan, uses a combo of Licorice Extract, Vitamin K oil and Aloe Vera gel to combat dark circles under eyes.

9. Yogurt


Before bed, apply plain yogurt under your eyes and let it sit for about fifteen minutes. Wipe, but don’t rinse and let it work its magic over night.

10. Green Tea Bags

Brew your green tea then chill two used green tea bags before placing them over each eye for ten or fifteen minutes. Green tea is anti-inflammatory and caffeine is a diuretic.

11. Sunscreen


Even if you don’t have under eye circles, you should always use sunscreen. However, using sunscreen will help keep your skin tone even and prevent future sun damage that can make those under eye bags even worse.

12. Retinol Cream

Look for eye creams containing retinol, which help reduce the signs of aging as well as dark circles under eyes.

13. Sweet Almond Oil


Who know almond oil had so many skin benefits? It can reduce inflammation, hydrate, it’s highly emollient, and if you mix it with honey and apply as a mask it helps lighten skin (under your eyes and elsewhere).

14. Hydrate

Eating too much salt and suffering from dehydration can both contribute to dark circles and under eye puffiness. Drink lots of water throughout the day and avoid excessively salty snacks.

15. Medication

Worried woman looking in the mirror details of her eyes and face

Some blood pressure medications, including beta blockers and diuretics, can contribute to those dark under eye circles we hate. If it’s okay with your doctor, instead of jumping straight to meds, try to get your blood pressure under control in a more natural way through a healthy diet and lowering your overall stress. Incidentally, doing both of those things could work to banish your under eye circles all by themselves.

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