Geraldine Bazán poses opening her legs to celebrate something, but Irina Baeva ‘competes’ in a daring bikini (PHOTOS)

Geraldine Bazán celebrates in a very sexy way that reached 5 million followers on Instagram For her part, Irina Baeva turns on the web by...

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  • Geraldine Bazán celebrates in a very sexy way that reached 5 million followers on Instagram
  • For her part, Irina Baeva turns on the web by appearing in a daring bikini
  • It’s not the only time the two celebrities are in fiery bathing suits.

Duel of beauties. While the former partner of Mexican actor Gabriel Soto, Geraldine Bazán, boasts on social networks that he has reached 5 million followers on his profile of Instagram, the current partner Mexican soap opera actor Irina Baeva lights up the web wearing a daring bikini.

It should be remembered that Gabriel Soto, appeared in a controversial video a few months ago, which was undoubtedly circulating on all social networks, going viral, because of how daring that recording was, since the artist shows that he is very gifted, showing his parts without being seen his face, but what gave him away was his tattoos.

Geraldine Bazán celebrates by spreading her legs having reached 5 million followers

Irina Baeva Geraldine Bazán bikini

Rosalba Geraldine Bazán Ortiz is a 38-year-old Mexican actress and presenter, who has shone on Mexican television, with outstanding performances in different telenovelas, which have marked her career as an artist, as in “Por Amar sin Ley”, “ Victoria “, and” Corazón Salvaje “, among others that the ex-partner of Gabriel Soto has done.

Constantly on her Instagram account, the artist has shown that she is a possessor of great beauty, sharing different images where Bazán appears in outfits that have caused sighs, lusts among the followers who visit her profile, for this reason Geraldine celebrates having reached 5 million users who follow and admire it.

For her part, Irina Baeva, as usual, dazzles with her sensuality in a bikini

Irina Baeva Geraldine Bazán bikini 2

On the other hand, the current sentimental partner of Gabriel Soto, Irina Baeva, once again demonstrates why she is classified as one of the most beautiful and ardent celebrities in the world of show business, turning on her Instagram profile, with a very fiery image posing for the camera in a sexy tiny two-piece bikini.

Irina Vitalevna Baeva, better known as Irina Baeva, is a Russian actress and model, who currently maintains a relationship with the Mexican artist, and who at 28 years of age has shown to have great talent for acting and modeling, where she has shined by its surprising beauty that it boasts day after day.

Irina Baeva reveals that her haters asked her for forgiveness

Irina Baeva Geraldine Bazán bikini 3

On numerous occasions, Irina Baeva has told how bad it happened when she started her romance with Gabriel Soto when he was still married to Geraldine Bazán; However, she reveals that after the last interview she offered a few weeks ago, she was pleasantly surprised, since many of the people who had criticized, offended and even threatened her, now offered her apologies, according to information from Mezcalent.

Before the cameras of “Today”, the actress assured that having given her full version of events helped the “haters” to reflect on what they had written on social networks and change their minds and pointed out that, although the psychological damage It was great, yes she is willing to forgive each one of those people.

Words of the Russian model about her romance


“When I started my relationship with Gabriel, people called me“ home breakers ”and a lot of strong things, but after what I spoke with Yordi Rosado there were many people who asked me for forgiveness and who regretted having judged me. They even told me “I can’t believe I wrote that to you, forgive me” and I like that, ”Irina told Mezcalent.

Finally, the antagonist of the telenovela “Soltero Con Hijas” assured that her talk with the Unicable host was not intended to make her detractors reconsider, nor did she want to complain about the verbal violence of which she was a victim, but only wanted to say what he was feeling at that precise moment and remain with a clear conscience.

Geraldine Bazán impresses with her impressive figure


The Mexican actress has made an impact in the world of entertainment not only because of her great acting talent, but also because of her great beauty that has captivated millions of Internet users and viewers, who constantly appear in the comments to send their compliments and compliments on every post you make.

There was an occasion when the artist shared a photograph of her, taking a selfie, showing off her worked body, in a black top that highlighted her waist, and lace shorts of the same color, in addition to wearing a brown hat, while she was sitting on the bed in her room.

5M decoration


In one of his latest publications, the ex-partner of Gabriel Soto, uploaded a snapshot of how he decided to decorate the place of the photo session on his social network account, as he was about to celebrate having reached the incredible amount of users who are aware of what the Mexican actress publishes on the web.

In the photograph you can see a beautiful design, with a large number of balloons taking over the entire image, in different colors, as well as a huge number 5 and a letter M, axes with interior and exterior lighting, which refers to 5 million.

Reaction of Geraldine’s followers for getting that amount


After having obtained that amount, the images of the actress have obtained a great response from Internet users who decided to congratulate Geraldine Bazán, for that great achievement that not everyone can obtain, among those comments some celebrities were also present.

One of the celebrities who sent her message was the host Inés Gómez Mont, who sent her congratulations accompanied with some heart emojis. “Yeii! What a thrill Now, super anxious because the time has come “,”You are a mop, a super chick, I am very happy for you ”, were some of the messages sent by the followers.

Irina Baeva wearing a Leopard print bikini


Returning again to the Russian model, it is worth mentioning that the current partner of the aforementioned Mexican actor is passionate about swimsuits, since very often he can be seen in his posts, how he appears wearing his anatomy, in those tiny outfits, which they make her look more spectacular than normal.

In this snapshot you can see how Irina is quite relaxed on the beach wearing a leopard print swimsuit, with an opening at the height of the stomach, revealing part of her breasts, while a white long-sleeved blouse covers her rear, this is one of the most recent publications of the model.

Also the Russian model usually shows off her body in sportswear


Irina Baeva has not only posed in sexy bikinis, but has also been observed modeling for the camera in sports kits, where she makes it clear that her waist is one of her main weapons for the attraction of any man, since she has a waistband of Very worked wasp that no user can leave without leaving their reaction.

In this image the model wears a top and shorts in sky blue, this being a sports kit, in what seems to be getting ready to train hard, that body that has managed to captivate one of the most handsome actors on Mexican television, who on different occasions have said that they are very happy in this relationship.

Geraldine Bazán makes her waist competition


For her part, the Mexican artist is not far behind in a matter of showing off her waist, since also in her Instagram account, she has uploaded certain images in sports kits, where she shows off her thin and marked waist, which has melted millions of fans manifesting in the comments.

“No, you are not missing, you are shining, shining”, “My beautiful güera, I am very happy to know that you are going wonderfully with your rehabilitation”, “You are a warrior and a super mom! As I have already mentioned it to you countless times, you know that I always carry you in my mind, heart and prayers ”, commented some users.

The artists in elegant dresses

Irina Baeva Geraldine Bazán bikini 6

Both Irina and Geraldine have been seen modeling different outfits, this time we can see how the Russian not only amazes in tiny clothes, but also does it wearing some ball gowns that undoubtedly class and elegance are noted above others.

“You were the most beautiful of the night! Simply stunning “,” I loved both dresses, and you beautiful as always “,”How beautiful always ”,“ you looked beautiful with both dresses, but I loved this one ”,“ My little Russian doll is very beautiful ”, some Internet users commented while modeling a black evening dress. Filed as Irina Baeva Geraldine Bazán bikini

Geraldine Bazán competes face to face with any outfit

Irina Baeva Geraldine Bazán bikini 5

The former partner of the actor Gabriel Soto, does not stop Irina, and is that she also always competes in any outfit worn by the two celebrities, here the Mexican is observed with a red dress, which she used for the day of Valentine, where he makes her look super sensual, and with a serious face, he turned on social networks.

“Happy beautiful day, blessings for you and your musketeers”, “What happens to you happy day “,” Beautiful I saw you in 100 days to fall in love that movie I loved and your performance was for me the best I admire you for all of Peru your new fans I only follow Michelle Soifer “, wrote his fans in broad daylight of love and friendship.

“Wishes are the first step for magic to happen”, Irina Baeva

Irina Baeva Geraldine Bazán bikini 4

Appearing in a bikini has become a constant for the two talented artists, who have dazzled the world of social networks, with her fiery, sensual, spectacular beauty, Irina Baeva, leaves anyone with their mouths open with the simple fact of appear in daring two-piece swimsuits.

And the followers recognize it: “The most beautiful smile”, “The most beautiful”, “Beautiful”, “Divine”, that’s how their fans reacted, where what stands out most are the emojis of fire and heart, in addition to that in this Publication the Russian model got a lot of “like” reactions. Filed as Irina Baeva Geraldine Bazán bikini

Even with a hurt leg she does not lose her attractiveness Geraldine Bazan


There is no doubt that Gabriel Soto, in addition to having great acting talent, is very fortunate to be able to boast that he had one of the most attractive celebrities in Mexico, and Geraldine Bazán knows it, since although his leg is injured, he does not lose his attractive modeling with her purple bikini.

“Here goes a trio of photos by @juaneuanphotography aboard a @theyachtexperiencesI’ll tell you that it was cloudy, it rained and I was wearing a knee brace (I’m chipping) and despite all that the result was very nice. There I leave them just like that without filters or retouching (that’s what there is) obviously there are imperfections and defects why I have them and many but I like it !!
I was very happy this day and so I share it with you. Kisses of peace and love for all! ”. Filed under Irina Baeva Geraldine Bazán bikini.

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