Georgia: Pfizer Vaccine Is Available at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium without Appointment

Georgia: Pfizer Vaccine Is Available at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium without Appointment Fulton County offered walk-in COVID-19 vaccines on ...

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  • Georgia: Pfizer Vaccine Is Available at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium without Appointment
  • Fulton County offered walk-in COVID-19 vaccines on Mondays and Tuesdays
  • To date, Pfizer’s vaccine has not shown

The Pfizer vaccine is available at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in downtown Atlanta without an appointment for anyone of 16 years of age or older until 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, according to information published by AJC News.

According to a report released on Tuesday morning, Fulton County offered the vaccine without an appointment on Mondays and Tuesdays. The vaccine will be provided free of charge and no health insurance is required to receive it. Parking is free and no ID is required.

Until 6:30 in the afternoon it will be available at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium

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Fox 5 Atlanta This information was also echoed so that the entire community is informed and so that those people who have not yet received the vaccine, can attend the Mercedes-Benz Stadium today and receive the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine.

According to the information shared by Fox 5 Atlanta, the authorities said that residents will register at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium once they arrive at the site and after this process they will be sent to the vaccination point where they will receive the vaccine.

Pfizer Mercedes Benz Vaccine: No Appointments

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All those interested in receiving their coronavirus vaccine can attend today, Tuesday, April 13, at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium facilities where they will be attended by the relevant staff until 6:30 in the afternoon without registering. by phone before registering at the site.

After Governor Brian Kemp announced that the state of Georgia was open for businesses and that with this measure, restaurants can add more tables and also receive more people in their facilities, many Georgians have been motivated to get the vaccine to avoid getting infected

Georgians want to get vaccinated

Pfizer Mercedes Benz Vaccine
Image taken from AP

There are still many Georgians to receive the coronavirus vaccine and although some are still not convinced to get it, others if they want to receive the first and second doses of it. “I want to get the vaccine because my mother is an elderly person and has health complications, by protecting myself I am protecting her,” Rosa Bautista told MundoHispánico.

“It is true that the opinion of others must be respected, but it seems to me an irresponsible attitude of those who do not want to be vaccinated against this pandemic that has claimed the lives of thousands and thousands of people. I got the coronavirus and it was very bad, I spent a week in bed without being able to stand up. As long as I can get the vaccine, I’m going to do it, ”Wilson Pérez told MundoHispánico.

Pfizer vaccine has a 6-month protection

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According to the AP and EFE news agencies, the Pfizer and BioNTech coronavirus vaccine continues to be very effective during the first six months after the second dose has been administered, according to information from pharmaceutical companies.

Likewise, the information shared by these news agencies, the Pfizer laboratory vaccine also works against the South African variant of the virus. These conclusions were drawn after a follow-up of the volunteers who participated in the trials of this vaccine, which to date still does not show significant safety problems.

Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Blood Clot Report

Johnson & Johnson vaccine
Johnson & Johnson via AP

The coronavirus vaccine offering comes as the United States is pausing the administration of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine after information on reported cases of blood clots and illnesses came to light.

After this information came to light, the CDC and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommended suspending the administration of this vaccine from Johnson & Johnson, which according to the data, about 6.8 million people have this vaccine.