Georgia: Latino Entrepreneurship in Times of Coronavirus

Georgia: Latino Entrepreneurship in Times of Coronavirus Hispanics found an opportunity to start the business of their dreams Hard work a...

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  • Georgia: Latino Entrepreneurship in Times of Coronavirus
  • Hispanics found an opportunity to start the business of their dreams
  • Hard work and dedication are fundamental pillars of an entrepreneur

Georgia: Latino Entrepreneurship in Times of Coronavirus.

The year 2020 revolutionized everyone’s life. Rich and poor, white and people of color. The coronavirus pandemic made it clear that money, social class or position that a person occupies does not matter, because this virus affected many.

But has the coronavirus had something positive? Of course yes!

One of the best scenarios that this pandemic has developed is the opportunity to turn this threat into strength and an opportunity for improvement: The birth of new entrepreneurs.

Different breakfasts

Sindy León, Colombian, dreamed of starting a personalized breakfast business to please a loved one for a special reason.

As she was an employee and a student at the same time, she put off the idea of ​​entrepreneurship until she found the right moment that would allow her to develop it.

“I was working as a cashier in a restaurant and I was studying English. Once at my job I began to think that I could do something else that I liked and offer me the opportunity to generate extra money. Because I had skills and it was easy for me, I came up with the breakfast business as a gift that people could give, ”said León.

This idea was sailing in her head and it was not until the pandemic began that she was forced to start it because she had lost her job as a result of the quarantine and needed financial support to be able to meet her expenses.

Sindy León / Photo: Courtesy interviewee

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“I was unemployed, I continued taking my English classes online and well, I had to keep paying them and I didn’t want to use the savings I had had. So in the middle of the pandemic I started creating the menus, the products, I started creating different options according to what people might like. I dedicated myself a lot because it is something that I had never done but I began to create and think to whom I was going to sell the product, to whom I was going to offer it ”, he added.

Due to her short time residing in the country, and half of it “has been locked in the house due to the pandemic” Sindy has had to work with a dose of extra dedication to be able to publicize her business “Tipikos Breakfast & Basket” .

“I really like crafts and I think I am creative. I try to do new things, I focus a lot on details and because I am very perfectionist and demanding, I am inspired by each breakfast or basket individually so that none are the same. I consider this to have been the success of my endeavor, ”said Sindy León.

“Tipikos Breakfast & Basket” was born from the family tradition of waking up each member of the family on their birthday very early with a cake, breakfast and the happy birthday song at full volume. You can find her on Instagram as @tipikosbreakfast.

Latin Entrepreneurship

Instagram @tipikosbreakfast

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“Holy Shrimp”

Another entrepreneur who was born thanks to the coronavirus crisis is Paula Álvarez. She along with her husband Daniel López, who loves to cook, after losing his job at the beginning of the pandemic, decided to start a business selling seafood in the Louisiana style, called HOLY SHRIMP, which has had the public acceptance surpassing all Your expectations.

Paula told MundoHispánico in an interview that one of Daniel’s hobbies is cooking and that his family and friends loved it, so they advised them to start a business and since they had stable jobs they postponed that possibility.

“We decided to start this business, I think I could say in the most difficult times that the whole world has lived, but we are the people who believe that bad weather should be given a good face,” said Paula.

Daniel López and Paula Álvarez. / Photo: Courtesy interviewee

Álvarez assures that sometimes you have to go through difficult circumstances to take risks and lose your fear. “That is why we tell people that we must believe in ourselves, in what we are, let us be aware that there is something inside us that is greater than any obstacle.”

Effort and dedication, as fundamental pillars of those who take on the challenge of entrepreneurship, have allowed Paula and Daniel’s business to grow every day, to the point of having to expand the menu, as well as the growth of their customers. You can find her on Instagram as @holy_shrimps.

Latin Entrepreneurship

Instagram @holy_shrimps

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A radio for Internet

Anahí Arellanes, passionate about communication and entertainment journalism, with more than 17 years of experience and director of the Zona Vip magazine, made the decision to create a digital radio as an effective communication platform with daily content of varieties and information from interest to the Latino community in Georgia and to all listeners who tune in from anywhere in the world.

“I already had plans to work on the radio. It is always a good time to realize a dream and to be able to do something that you have been working on for months. I believe that as a result of COVID-19, people are more on the Internet. The virtual is the order of the day so without a doubt this was the ideal moment to launch digital radio ”, commented Arellanes.

Anahi Arellanes / Photo: Courtesy interviewed

Latina Radio Digital is a platform created with the objective of entertaining and informing listeners in a dynamic and participatory way with responsibility, warmth and innovation through “high quality radio production.”

“My purpose is to position Latina Radio Digital as a station with a high impact on society in terms of promoting tolerance and coexistence. This through an exercise of communication and constant training of our talents so that they can perform adequately in the face of new information and communication technologies, ”said Anahí.

Another of the objectives of this radio station is to give the Hispanic community the opportunity to be part of the project, to develop in the area of ​​communication or to use it as a channel to express any need that they may present and that they need a helping hand that give a help.

You can find her on Instagram as @latinaradioatl.

Latin Entrepreneurship

Instagram @latinaradioatl

These entrepreneurs found in the midst of a time of crisis that surrounds the world and in which thousands have lost their lives, an opportunity to prove to themselves that there is no greater obstacle than to fight and dedicate themselves to what they want, and that many times In the middle of the most difficult moment, the best version of the human being can come out.

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