Georgia black ice warning issued and virtual classes ordered

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Georgia black ice warning issued and virtual classes ordered
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  • Georgia black ice warning issued and virtual classes ordered
  • The warning comes after days of a severe winter storm
  • Gwinnett and Fulton counties in Georgia issued the notice tonight

They issue black ice or black ice warning and order virtual classes in Gwinnett and Fulton counties in Georgia, in the middle of a severe winter storm.

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“Due to the uncertainty regarding the weather event moving through the Atlanta metropolitan area and concerns about possible black ice on the roads tomorrow (Tuesday) morning the Gwinnett County Public Schools will hold a day of digital learning ”, reported through a statement the authorities of the county of Gwinnett.

This decision was made on Monday night so that families can prepare for the changes brought about by the emergency. Teachers will teach classes from home to avoid road trips.

Black Ice Georgia, Gwinnett, fulton, winter storm

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Fulton County also issued an alert

Similarly, “the Fulton County school system will switch to universal remote learning on Tuesday, February 16, 2021 due to potentially unsafe road conditions throughout the county,” according to a statement released by Fulton County authorities. .

They also noted that classes will begin at the regularly scheduled time and that as in Gwinnett, teachers will teach classes from home.

In the case of Fulton, school and administrative employees should report whenever they can safely get to the facility.

Besides the Governor of Georgia, Brian Kemp, has issued a two-hour delay order for all state offices.

Authorities in Georgia assured that the “shift to remote learning for all students will ensure that roads are clear and safe for travel throughout the county.”

Intense winter storm

An intense winter storm plunged Texas into a frost emergency and left more than two million people without power, in addition to causing the closure of grocery stores and roads that were made dangerous by snow, reports The Associated Press.

The deteriorating conditions caused the delivery of batches of vaccines against the new coronavirus to be suspended.

Black Ice Georgia, Gwinnett, fulton, winter storm

PHOTO Screenshot Twitter @Alerta Cambio

Temperatures dipped below freezing, even in places to the south like the city of San Antonio, and homes that had already been without power for hours weren’t sure when power and heat would return after the grid The state power company has scheduled rotating blackouts, which are more common during the summer, when temperatures reach 38 degrees Celsius.

The winter storm was part of a huge system that brought snow, sleet, and freezing rain to the American South Plains and spread across the Ohio River Basin and into the Northeast.

Black Ice Georgia, Gwinnett, fulton, winter storm

PHOTO Screenshot Twitter @Alerta Cambio

The Southwest Power Pool, a group of utilities from 14 states, called for the blackouts because the backup power supply had been depleted. Some companies said they would start with power outages, while others urged customers to reduce their energy consumption.

“We are experiencing a truly historic event that is unfolding right now,” said Jason Furtado, professor of meteorology at the University of Oklahoma, noting that the entire state of Texas was under a winter storm watch.

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Emergency in Houston

In Houston, where county officials had warned that the freeze could create problems on the scale of the huge hurricanes that hit the Gulf of Mexico coast, an electricity supplier told The Associated Press that service is likely not to be restored. in some homes until Tuesday.

PHOTO Screenshot Twitter @Alerta Cambio

More than 500 people took refuge in a shelter, but Mayor Sylvester Turner said other heating centers had to be closed because those places also ran out of power.

State officials said increased demand and the cold that took some power plants out of service had pushed the Texas system beyond its limits.


“This weather phenomenon is really unprecedented. Everyone who lives here knows that, ”said Dan Woodfin, senior director of system operations at the Texas Electrical Reliability Council, according to The Associated Press.

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