Gelena Solano shares the video of how her sister was after coming out of a coma (VIDEO)

Gelena Solano’s sister just came out of a coma The host of El Gordo y La Flaca reports her health Stephanie underwent liposculpture...

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  • Gelena Solano’s sister just came out of a coma
  • The host of El Gordo y La Flaca reports her health
  • Stephanie underwent liposculpture

Gelena Solano, the host of the El Gordo y La Flaca de Univisión program, shares a video of how her sister Stephanie was after coming out of the coma and sends a message from warning.

Everything happened through a material that the presenter uploaded in her bill Insatgram official @gelenasolanotv, and for which he received many messages of unity of your audience.

She shared the following text: “You have been very aware of our little sister Stephanie and today she says thank you for your prayers, one more sample that God exists and we believe in prayers and miracles ”.

Sister Gelena Solano

Image taken from Instagram @gelenasolanotv

He added: “This is the truth that we are facing and like any family there are worries and sadness.”

He continued: “A very difficult process after spending 19 days in a coma, undergoing liposculpture and in the middle of the surgery he had a heart attack and was left without oxygen for several minutes. Stephanie continues in a hospital in Miami putting all her effort to recover ”.

“Praying to God that all of this comes out well. We have lived through very difficult times and it is a sign that many times we have to pay attention to our loved ones when they advise us and have bad feelings ”.

And he added: “Once again based on this situation that we have had to live, I ask you to please take care of yourself, to investigate the clinic, the doctor, and the reviews well before undergoing any cosmetic surgery. Get a physical, don’t go alone, make sure you’re in good health before any surgery. “

Then he warned: “Stephanie ignored us and they have no idea what we’re going through. Very soon they will transfer her to a hospital in NY to keep her close and be able to see her where she will receive therapy to walk again and to have more strength in her hands and neck ”.

On the next page you will see the rest of the message from Gelena Solano that talks about her sister and the video.

Then Gelena Solano explained that her sister’s is: “A process that can last up to a year. I share this so that you understand that the idea is to take care of yourself! I don’t want anyone to go through a situation like this. Stephanie continues without understanding what happened, and is desperate to get out of the hospital. “

And he concluded: “He still doesn’t have the strength in his hands or to hold a fork, but little by little with God ahead he will be able to get out of this well. Thank you once again for your love and prayers ”.

The publication was so successful that until the afternoon of this Sunday, September 13, it had more than 103 thousand reactions of likes and more than 1,870 comments.

As we promised, here we leave you the video in which you see how Stephanie is in the hospital bed with the help of a nurse.

To see the video click here.

Image taken from Insatgram @gelenasolanotv

After Gelena Solano’s message about her sister’s health, people began to try to comfort the host of El Gordo y La Flaca, from Univisión.

To watch the explanation video, watch the video here.

Image taken from Youtube Elfonsa Bodoque

One of the celebrities who sent him good vibes was the actor Julián Gil who wrote him the following message: “A lot of strength”.

Another famous one was the reporter Yisel Tejeda who said: “May your little sister get well soon.”

But then the followers told her: “How strong, I see it and my stomach feels very hot, there are so many risks in this kind of procedure, I know a case closely, my friend, she is very healthy and in my opinion very beautiful that there was no need to go to an operating room to do anything ”.

Then he explained: “(She) all happy doing exercises, taking vitamins, undergoing all kinds of exams, seeing that she was well for cosmetic surgery and in the end she had a cardiac arrest in full surgery with only 28 years and she regrets, he couldn’t tell, he died at the time.

Then he said: “I respect whoever wants to invest their money in these procedures, but I also firmly believe that they carry many things, we see in the networks of what is called perfection, watch out women, we are all beautiful, you just have to invest a little more of time in our self-esteem and surround ourselves with all the good that still remains in the world ”.

The fat and the skinny

Image taken from Insatgram @gelenasolanotv

But more people joined in the prayers for Gelena Solano’s sister, after coming out of the coma.

Someone commented: “Wow, how strong, but praise God she’s alive. She will recover is a cute young woman. May God continue to be your doctor par excellence ”.

Another person wrote: “So beautiful, God is great and he will continue to take care of her. Millions of blessings Stephanie. You can, you are a very pretty and very strong girl. You will get out of this. Here you are still in our prayers ”.

“God touch his neck and his body with his blessed hands and heal soon in the name of Jesus and our little mother of Guadalupe, may she recover soon, nothing is impossible for our father God,” said a follower.

Another fan wrote: “How sad, but many times vanity is more without considering the consequences, which does not happen to everyone, but today it was your sister’s turn … God give her speedy recovery.”

Image taken from Insatgram @gelenasolanotv

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