At least 4 dead in possible gas explosion in China (PHOTOS)

An apparent gas explosion destroyed part of a multi-storey building in northern China. The blast killed at least four people and injured ...

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  • An apparent gas explosion destroyed part of a multi-storey building in northern China.
  • The blast killed at least four people and injured 47 others..
  • Irregular compliance with safety standards, poor maintenance and corruption are believed to be contributing factors to these disasters.

At least four people were killed and 47 injured in an apparent gas explosion that destroyed part of a multi-story building in northern China on Thursday morning. The explosion occurred at a hotel restaurant in Shenyang, a city of more than eight million people and a major industrial center that is in the process of renovating and replacing aging gas pipes, according to state media.

Images shared online by the news website The Paper and state broadcaster CCTV showed a cloud of dust and debris spreading across a busy street and the lower three floors of the building turned into a devastated structure. There were concrete blocks stacked on the street and a three-wheeled delivery vehicle turned on its side.

Apparent gas explosion kills at least 4

Photo: AP

More than 100 firefighters were dispatched to the scene, and authorities indicated that they have begun an investigation into the cause of what happened, according to Reuters. China is replacing decades-old infrastructure, and gas pipelines are an especially dangerous part of the project. An explosion in a pipeline gas killed 25 people last June in a market and residential area in the central city of Shiyan,

That detonation appeared similar to the one in 2013 in the northeastern port of Qingdao, in which 55 people were killed when underground pipes burst after a leak, The Associated Press news agency reported. To see the impressive video of the gas explosion in the China building click HERE.

Corruption in the country is believed to contribute to these disasters

Photo: AP

Last June, a large fire broke out in Dalian, a modern city on the Liaodong Peninsula in southern China. The impressive fire occurred in an apartment skyscraper where more than 800 families live. At least 68 fire trucks went to the scene of the accident, as well as several ambulances and fire teams. rescue and no victims were reported.

In addition to deterioration caused by time, irregular compliance with safety standards, poor maintenance, and corruption among regulatory bodies are believed to be contributing factors to these disasters. One of the worst accidents in China was a huge explosion in 2015 at a chemical warehouse in the port city of Tianjin that killed 173 people, mostly firefighters and police officers.

Bombing hits a military bus in Syria, killing at least 14

Photo: AP

On the other hand, at least 14 people died and several more were injured on Wednesday morning after the explosion of two roadside bombs that were placed near a military bus carrying soldiers in the Syrian capital, Damascus, state television reported. .

The incident, the deadliest in the city in years, is also unusual since government forces took over suburbs once held by insurgents in Syria’s decade-long conflict.

Syrian bombing kills dozens

Photo: AP

State media showed images of the charred bus in downtown Damascus and said the explosions occurred during the morning rush hour, when residents were on their way to work or school.

A third bomb fell from the bus and was dismantled by troops after the initial two explosions, an official who was not identified said. No one claimed responsibility for the attack, which occurred at a major transfer point under a bridge from which the vehicles They leave for the different neighborhoods of the capital.

No one has claimed responsibility for the attack

Photo: AP

Insurgents and jihadists still reside within the country’s borders and seek the overthrow of President Bashar Assad, the news agency reported. The Associated Press.

State media had previously described the attack as a roadside bombing. But an unidentified Syrian military official said the blasts were caused by bombs that had previously been planted outside the vehicle.

They investigate where the bombs detonated from

Photo: AP

It was unclear if the bombs detonated remotely or if they had been programmed to go off. The military official, quoted in state media, said the bombs exploded shortly before 7 am local time. It was not immediately clear if all the dead were bus passengers.

The blast erupted at a busy point in the Syrian capital, near a main bus transfer point under a bridge known as the President’s Bridge. Travelers converge and head to different parts of the capital and its area suburbs.

Bus on fire

Photo: AP

Local media images showed smoke rising from the extinguished bus as soldiers cleaned the charred vehicle with hoses. A pool of water formed under the bridge, where photos of Assad were posted on the walls.

Spectators gathered on the bridge to watch, as traffic seemed to have returned to normal. More than an hour after the blast occurred, workers cleared the blast site and the burning bus was removed. Filed Under: Syrian bombing.

“It is a cowardly act”

Photo: AP

“It is a cowardly act,” Damascus police commander Major General Hussein Jumaa told state television, adding that the police immediately cordoned off the area and made sure there were no more explosive devices.

In addition, he asked the population to inform the authorities about any suspicious objects they saw. According to Jumaa, one of the injured died from the injuries later, bringing the initial death toll to 14 people. More than an hour after the explosions, workers were cleaning the area and the charred vehicle was being removed. Filed Under: Gas Explosion in China.

Another projectile attack kills 10 other people

Photo: Twitter.

Separately, rescue teams reported that 10 people were killed, including four children and a woman, in the government bombing of a city in the last rebel enclave in the northwest of the country. UN Deputy Regional Humanitarian Coordinator Mark Cutts described as “shocking” reports of the shelling that hit a market and roads near schools as students were on their way to class.

That was one of the most violent attacks in the area since a March 2020 truce in the northwest brokered by Turkey and Russia, opposition allies and the Syrian government, respectively. The truce has been repeatedly violated and government forces often promise to seize territories that are still beyond their control. Filed Under: Gas Explosion in China.

US troops deployed to the country

Photo: Twitter

While fighting still continues in the northwest, Assad’s forces now control much of Syria after military support from his allies Russia and Iran helped tip the balance of power in their favor. Meanwhile, US and Turkish troops are deployed in part of the north of the country.

In recent years, attacks like the one on Wednesday have been rare in Damascus. One of the last major explosions to take place there was in 2017, when suicide bombers attacked a judicial office building and a restaurant, killing nearly 60 people. The attacks were claimed by militants from the Islamic State group. Filed Under: Gas Explosion in China.

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