Gaming Apps to Win Real Money in 2021 [Dólares]

It is not a bad thing for anyone to have extra money, especially if a strong investment is not required to receive it. There are some web...

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It is not a bad thing for anyone to have extra money, especially if a strong investment is not required to receive it. There are some websites that you can access to generate income; However, apps to earn money every day are positioned more as one of the most viable options for the population that wants to have money but does not have the necessary capital to make an investment.

One of the attractions of these apps is that they do not require a minimum age or a fixed monthly income to use them; On the other hand, these are especially attractive for people who are affected by playing video games, since many of them require spending several hours a day trying video games or answering virtual surveys.

Do you want to know how to earn money through apps? Here we present your best options!

Top Apps to make money in 2021

It is important to note that there are multiple applications that promise cash prizes or rewards in establishments, but not all of them comply with the terms and conditions, which is why it is very important to detect which are the most recommended apps to download.

Here are some apps that can be useful when looking for new opportunities to create income:

  • Verydice

The website describes the functions of this application, ensuring that “it really is that simple” to earn money and accumulate tickets that can be exchanged for real goods such as electronics and gadgets.

One of its advantages is that it can be downloaded for free on both Android and iOS devices, and a debit or credit card is not required to be part of said community.

On the PlayStore portal the reviews are generally good, receiving an average opinion of four stars (out of five available).

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  • Big time

BIG Time is another of the applications that promises significant profits to those who download it.

Through a series of games, users have the opportunity to accumulate tickets that can then be exchanged in two ways: the first, for real money, where for every 10,000 tickets the user will receive a sum of 0.10 cents. The other option is to exchange those tickets to enter a raffle that the application runs every 48 hours; In this, users can earn cash.

BIG Time’s options include: storing tickets in a virtual ‘safe’; free ticket generator, and different functions to access the benefits of the application by inviting friends, which can give the user up to 2,500 free tickets.

Available on Android and iOS, BIG Time has also received rave reviews from users, with opinions giving it a rank of four stars out of five available.

  • App Station

App Station does not require deposits or in-app purchases. It allows the installation of users’ favorite games, with the promise of receiving significant cash prizes for every minute played within the app.

Both its use and installation is completely free, and among the prizes that users can win are gift cards from PayPal, Amazon, Google Play, PlayStation or Steam, as well as vouchers, discount coupons and more prizes.

The description of the application ensures that payments are guaranteed, and that users will receive bonuses for each guest who manages to enroll in the app.

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  • Bananatic

Unlike other applications or websites, Bananatic does not require an age identification, so anyone can access it.

The main purpose of the application is to ‘collect’ bananas to have the opportunity to access important prizes, despite the fact that the user does not deposit money or require a credit or debit card to enter.

Bananas ‘collected’ within the games of the application can be exchanged for different prizes; for example, it is possible to win games and prepaid cards, Steam credit, paysafecards or CSGO skins.

The site claims to have already made rewards estimated at 411,928 euros, and has relatively favorable reviews within the Google Play Store, where it has received three stars out of five possible.

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  • InboxDollars

Downloading and using the InboxDollars app is free, and it’s one of the oldest.

It was founded in 2000; since then, it has awarded an amount of $ 57 million in cash prizes to its users.

In the description of the App it is established that those who register will have access to payments through surveys, email readings, games and online purchases.

To collect the prizes generated, the first thing the user must do is make sure they have reached the amount of $ 30 dollars in their account, which can be redeemed via check or gift card.

The app has received rave reviews, and has four stars out of a possible five.

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  • Coin Pop

If you are looking for an app that pays you to play, then Coin Pop is one of your best options.

Its use and installation is completely free, in addition to offering you the opportunity to generate income without having to invest in it.

Like other applications of the same type, Coin Pop allows the user to generate cash reward options for every minute of play within the application.

Coin Pop has a wide variety of rewards, including money transfers through PayPal, Amazon gift cards, Google Play, PlayStation, and Walmart, among others.

The app has received rave reviews, and has four stars out of a possible five.

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  • CashPirate

Cash Pirate contains most of the features listed in the previous applications, but also offers a 10% reward for each guest who successfully registers to the application.

In addition, the user can receive a gift card when they have reached a total of 2,500 virtual currencies within CashPirate, receiving a payment via PayPal in return.

For each user that the user invites, he will get 10% of their earnings and 5% of those that he has invited.

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  • Fitplay

Fit Play allows access to virtual currencies (mcCoins), which can be exchanged for PayPal or Amazon cards. Its download and use are free, in addition to the fact that one of its main attractions is the payment of 25% of all the virtual coins accumulated by friends that the user invites.

The app has received rave reviews, and has four stars out of a possible five.

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  • How to earn money from home playing?

Game applications can be downloaded to computers, tablets or mobile devices, creating an experience that will benefit all types of users. Most of them are free and do not require a monthly payment or to enter a credit or debit card number to generate income or redeem the prizes that are offered in it.

  • Is it possible to win real money playing for free?

Yes, cash income can be generated through free applications. Either through check payments or virtual cards, users have the opportunity to win real money through virtual games in free applications. Of course, this requires an investment of time, since these apps pay for every minute that the user spends within their platform, as well as for the number of tickets they manage to accumulate during their daily session.

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  • How to withdraw the money or redeem the prizes?

Each application has different terms and conditions, so it is necessary to read in detail the operation of the chosen app to know if it is convenient to use them. Although some applications have payment through checks, some of them do it through gift cards or deposits via PayPal.

  • How to earn money from my computer?

Is it necessary to have a mobile device to generate money in 2021? The answer is “not in all cases.” While some applications are designed to be downloaded, others can be played on a desktop computer.

For some people, it is important to find a way to generate income, especially during a time when the employment rate has decreased for some areas; Thus, game apps that promise cash income or prizes in establishments such as Amazon, Walmart and Google Play represent an opportunity to exchange a few hours of fun for a material good that is useful at a given time.


Although the applications that we have presented are not new, it is important to note that they have been adapted over time to the needs of users.

One of the guarantees that these present is that, at least one of them, has been in the market for more than a decade, thus establishing itself as a viable and reliable option to generate money while carrying out a fun activity.

Around the world, more and more people decide to download this type of application, under the promise of collecting virtual currencies that can be exchanged for dollars or for specific prizes that the user can use or sell at a given time.

As you can see, most of the applications are available to download for free on both iOS and the Google Play Store, and do not require the user more than the investment of time either answering surveys, participating in games or inviting more users to join them.

Among the benefits of inviting other users is the collection of more economic benefits: The more invitations you make, the more opportunities you have to win more virtual currencies and cash prizes.

Also, several of these applications offer a rewards program for every hour played, and some run raffles every certain number of hours. In them, the applications give users the option to exchange their virtual currencies for participation in extra games.

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