Gabby Petito’s ex-boyfriend talks about the last time they met

Gabby Petito’s ex-boyfriend speaks for the first time. Brandon Williams wrote about his memories with the Youtuber. “She has ...

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  • Gabby Petito’s ex-boyfriend speaks for the first time.
  • Brandon Williams wrote about his memories with the Youtuber.
  • “She has left a mark on the world.”

Gabby Petito’s ex-boyfriend, Brandon Williams, wrote a farewell message to the 22-year-old Youtuber, after Petito’s death was announced. It was through Facebook that the young man expressed his feelings for Gabby’s death and talked about the last time he saw her, before leaving for the Army.

The man remembered Gabby as an ‘exceptional young woman’ who left a mark on others, but above all, he hopes that people will remember her not as just another case file, but as an ‘incredible’ and extremely sweet woman. Therefore, he still cannot believe that someone was capable of murdering her and regrets not being able to be at her funeral.

Ex-boyfriend Gabby Petito message: “I was lucky to love you”

Ex-boyfriend Gabby Petito message: "I was lucky to love you"
PHOTO: Facebook

The young man began his farewell message by saying that before Petito’s disappearance, search and death went viral, everyone in the community knew and loved her. But one of the words that most attract the attention of Gabby’s ex-boyfriend is that he revealed that he was still in love with the young Petito and that he always would.

“Before this happened, I don’t think there was a single person in Blue Point who didn’t know who you were. I was lucky to have the privilege of knowing and loving you, “said Brandon Williams through social networks, sharing one of the photographs he has together with the late youtuber, very young. Filed Under: Ex-Boyfriend Gabby Petito Message

Ex-boyfriend Gabby Petito message: “An influence in his life”

PHOTO: Facebook

Brandon Williams explained that they were just a couple of children when they met and subsequently began dating, but that he was always under his influence and although they were no longer together, he would always have his presence by his side. But, Brandon stressed that he would always be remembering her.

“Even though we were just a bunch of stupid kids when we first met, you have been a recurring influence in my life even to this day,” Brandon Williams wrote on his Facebook page, where they have been leaving comments, mourning his loss and assuring that she would have been safe with him. Filed Under: Ex-Boyfriend Gabby Petito Message

Ex-boyfriend Gabby Petito message: “You were extraordinary”

Ex-boyfriend Gabby Petito message: "You were extraordinary"
PHOTO: Facebook

The young man highlighted in the message that he will always have the last memory with Petito in mind. He commented that it was four years ago that they lived together for the last time and it was to say goodbye; She kept the diary present, where she drew and expressed her feelings and was always impressed by the talent that the young woman possessed.

“The last memory I have with you was the summer of 2017, before I left, we were sitting in my car by the water. You had a journal in your hand. Any ordinary person would write in a journal with words, but not you, you were extraordinary. Each page had these in-depth drawings representing how you were feeling and what you were experiencing, all I can remember was how impressed I was, saying how talented and creative you were, I am honored that you trusted me enough to share with me. something so personal ”, mentioned the young man. Filed Under: Ex-Boyfriend Gabby Petito Message

Ex-boyfriend Gabby Petito message: It breaks my heart

Ex-boyfriend Gabby Petito message: It breaks my heart
PHOTO: Facebook

Gabby Petito’s ex-boyfriend, Brandon Williams, mentioned that it is not fair for people to know the young woman just as another case and not the person she was with her friends, family and the community. For him, it is extremely sad that they cannot know what Gabby Petito was like.

“Because that’s exactly the type of person you were. It absolutely breaks my heart that the rest of the world only knows you as a case, a missing persons report, a victim. Because for your friends, your family, my family, myself and Blue Point as a community, you were simply Gabby, and that was more than enough, ”wrote Brandon Williams. Filed Under: Ex-Boyfriend Gabby Petito Message

Ex-boyfriend Gabby Petito message: A wound that will never heal

Ex-boyfriend Gabby Petito message: A wound that will never heal
PHOTO: Facebook

Brandon Williams noted that he knows that Gabby’s death is a wound that will never heal. He mentioned that Petito has become a mark on all the people who know his story, but will always be present in their lives; Williams, commented that he feels very guilty for not being able to say goodbye to the young woman.

“This is a wound that will never heal, the mark that you would certainly have left in this world, but now you cannot, it will haunt me forever. The fact that I will never be able to control you, and be there for you never again, will haunt me forever, ”Brandon mentioned on his Facebook profile, which has been shared 34 times. Filed Under: Ex-Boyfriend Gabby Petito Message

“I love you now and forever”

"I love you now and forever"
PHOTO: Facebook

The young man explained that he felt very sad that he had not been able to attend the young woman’s funeral. He explained that he is out of the country, fulfilling his military service and that is the reason why he feels guilty for not saying goodbye to the young woman; But what stood out the most is that she knows that no one will forget her story and she will continue the legacy of Gabby Petito.

“The fact that I am deployed out of the country and cannot even be present at your funeral will haunt me forever. You will never be forgotten Gabby, your loved ones and now everyone will make sure of that. I love you now and forever. Rest in peace Gabby, ”said Brandon Williams andn the social network.

Serial killer?

Brian Laundrie spoken portrait: "Like a homeless person"
PHOTO: Instagram

Dog the Bounty Hunter, the famous television bounty hunter, assures that Brian Laundrie, Gabby Petito’s fugitive boyfriend, could be a serial killer due to certain data that he observed during the search he carried out. The researcher mentioned that Laundrie’s tastes are disturbing.

“Overnight, he didn’t become a murderer,” Duane Chapman said in a new interview for The Sun. Brian Laundrie has been missing for more than three weeks and with an arrest warrant against him, to be done use of credit card of Gabby Petito without authorized use and that the authorities have taken advantage of to be able to ‘capture’ him for the murder of Gabby Petito.

Could be real

Serial Killer Brian Laundrie: Serial Killer?
PHOTO: Twitter

The New York Post mentioned the interview that Dog the Bounty Hunter had with The Sun, where he admitted that there are certain indications that suggest that the murder of Gabby Petito was perpetuated by Laundrie and that it would not be the only one committed by the young man from North Port. According to the interview with Duane Chapman, there is strong evidence to believe that he is a serial killer.

“I’m thinking more and more that he’s maybe a serial killer, not just a Gabby killer. The books he reads are incredible, “said Duane in an interview with the media, where he mentioned that there are key elements that suggest that the young woman’s fugitive boyfriend, thas a ‘shady’ past.

A demonic past

Serial Killer Brian Laundrie: A Demonic Past
PHOTO: Twitter

The bounty hunter said that the readings Brian Laundrie read suggest that he knew what he was doing when Gabby Petito passed away. He thinks that Laundrie has a demonic past and where his obsession with the dark predominates strongly; the investigator assures that the tastes of Petito’s fiancé are not normal.

Dog mentioned to The Sun that he would be “mad” at his children for reading the stories of Dungeon and Dragons, since he is a believer in Jesus and what comes in those stories is not suitable for the youngest. He senses that Laundrie was obsessed with demonic figures for years and therefore does not doubt that he is Gabby’s murderer.

“He took it seriously”

Serial killer Brian Laundrie: "Took it seriously"
PHOTO: Twitter

Duane Chapman mentioned that he has been reviewing the books that Brian Laundrie likes and are worse than the “Dungeons and Dragons” play, which is one of the most popular games among minors. The bounty hunter says Laundrie has taken the practice of these materials very seriously.

“A couple of the books you’ve been reading are 10 times worse than Dungeon and dragons. This kid, Brian, he’s obviously taken those books seriously“, The man assured the media where he spoke of the latest news that he has registered about the Petito Case and what could be useful in Brian’s finding.

The consequences of the acts

Serial killer Brian Laundrie: "Is made to be a killer"
PHOTO: Instagram

Dog the Bounty Hunter, mentioned that reading that material and the ‘demonic’ games he was used to playing allegedly led Brian Laundrie to commit the murder of Gabby Petito. The investigator mentioned that it was part of the consequences that the suspect’s parents would have for allowing him that type of reading.

“And this is what happens when your son is looking at that kind of thing.” Duane’s statements have drawn attention on social networks where they fear that Brian Laundrie has committed more than one murder and of the “danger” that could have arisen without others having any idea.

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