Playtime isn’t just for kids: 10 fun games for adults

Wait, did you think games were just for 5-year-olds and their friends? Breaking news! You may be older, but the ability to have fun and l...

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Wait, did you think games were just for 5-year-olds and their friends? Breaking news! You may be older, but the ability to have fun and loosen up with a silly game and a few friends never goes away. And when you fall into the social routine and feel that you keep going to the same bars, seeing the same people and having the same “adult” conversations, it can be boring. It’s time to spice things up with a little Jenga. Yeah that’s right. It’s time to play at night, and that means adult games.

A playful attitude is an important part of living balanced and happy. And we are not saying that because we spend hours playing Candyland at night, researchers agree. René Proyer, a psychologist at the University of Zurich, is one of a group of researchers who are discovering that “people who exhibit high levels of joy, those who are predisposed to be spontaneous, sociable, creative, fun-loving, and cheerful, they seem to be better at coping with stress, more likely to report that they lead active lifestyles, and more likely to be successful academically.”


Beyond that, a group of researchers from Pennsylvania State University has found that “joy it makes both men and women more attractive to the opposite sex ”. In short: you will be happier if you let yourself go and have more fun. It’s time to take your next party to another level of fun and play a couple of PG-rated adult games. Here are 10 adult games that are always awesome with good company.

1. Twister

Getting tangled up with your friends was fun when you were a kid, and it’s even more fun now that you’re, ummm, older. It is incredibly difficult to move into some of the positions now that you are not 10 years old, and we can guarantee that it is additionally difficult if you have opened a bottle of wine. But it’s as fun as you remember. And now they have new deluxe versions of the game like Twister Dance and Twister Dance Rave. Alert: you’re not going to look pretty, and you might actually be a little sore the next morning.

2. Jenga is a must-have game

A few small pieces of wood for the Jenga game

There is a reason why several bars and cafes have games of Jenga for people to play while having a drink. It’s fun at any age, and it’s a lot of fun as an adult. Now you can choose between the original version, the giant Jenga or the one with XXL blocks that are stacked up to 8 meters high! No matter how or where you play it, you know you are going to have fun when someone hits the column of blocks. Your inner child will laugh while your adult brain is plotting its next move and strategy.

3. The game of Catchphrase

A fast-paced game where you have to describe a word or sentence for your team / partner and they have to guess correctly before the bell rings. It’s fast, it’s surprisingly challenging, and it’s insanely fun. Plus it’s super portable so you can take it anywhere, anytime, anywhere.

Four. Apples to Apples

The word Games written in English with wooden cubes

This board game is ideal for a small group of 4 or a larger group of up to 10 people. Your goal is to match the words that have the most matches with in your card with the word on the judges card, and then the judge will decide to choose the funniest ones.

5. The tremendous game of Cards Against Humanity

This game is all the rage for adults looking to turn some simple cards into totally ridiculous phrases and awkwardly uncomfortable. The game itself is pretty easy: you flip over a black card with a phrase with some words missing, and then each player selects some of their blank cards to complete the phrase. Easy, yes, but basic? Never. In fact, sometimes it can go back a little too honest and weird. (In the best possible way.)

6. Karaoke

A karaoke game microphone

We are firm believers that a party is better with karaoke. And now you can enjoy singing nonsense in your own home. Sure, you could go to a karaoke bar, which is ridiculous and unforgettable in its own way, but these days you can rent karaoke machines or even download karaoke apps for your iPad or computer. Warning: Karaoke leads to embarrassment because deep down everyone thinks they sound like Beyoncé, and literally no one does.

7. Pictionary

A classic game that is classic in adult fun and perfect for groups. We can’t help but imagine the scene in “The Breakup” where Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn fight in an epic way over their terrible description of a sock. Here’s hoping your next party will be a little less tense and a lot more fun.

8. The game of never is Never Have I Ever


A great game to break the ice, and an even better game to play a little drunk between adults. One person in the group shares something they have never done, and then everyone else in the room who has done it has to take a sip of what they are drinking. It can be as simple as “I’ve never been on a plane” or something a little more risque like “I’ve never joined a swinger club.”

9. Newlywed Game

An epic matching game that will test how well you know your partner, and how well the couple’s friends know them. Inspired by the television show that started in 1966, you and your husband will be asked questions about the couple to test how well they know each other. It sounds serious, but it’s actually quite funny.

10. The game of Headbanz


In this game you play the fool and you look ridiculous because you wear a headband with a card on it. The card has an object on it like an animal or a type of food and everyone but you can see what it is. You have to ask questions until you guess the word on your card, all before time runs out. Trust us, after a few drinks, a few random words turn into hilarious.

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