Fourth migrant caravan that left for the US is disintegrated in Mexico

Authorities dispersed a fourth migrant caravan coming to the United States. The migrant caravan was disintegrated in Mexico. Central Amer...

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  • Authorities dispersed a fourth migrant caravan coming to the United States.
  • The migrant caravan was disintegrated in Mexico.
  • Central Americans made up the majority of the migrant caravan.

On Sunday, Mexican authorities disintegrated the fourth migrant caravan that had departed on Saturday morning from the municipality of Tapachula, on the border with Guatemala, and was headed for the United States.





The Efe news agency reported that although a little more organized than the previous three, the fourth migrant caravan lasted less than 24 hours and was disintegrated in the municipality of Huixtla, in Chiapas, after it covered a little more than 40 kilometers.

Fourth migrant caravan that came to the US dispersed

fourth migrant caravan
Photo: Getty Images

At 05.00 hours (10.00 GMT) agents of the National Institute of Migration (INM) and the National Guard of Mexico carried out an operation to dismantle this fourth group, made up of some 500 migrants, mostly Haitians, Central Americans, Cubans and Venezuelans, Efe said.

The agents first toured the Mexican municipality to arrest foreigners who were wandering the streets and then arrived at the facility, a dome, where most of the migrants had spent the night resting.

The migrant caravan was disintegrated in Mexico

fourth migrant caravan
Photo: Getty Images

The migrant caravan intended to leave to continue its walk on Sunday, September 5, and its objective was to reach the municipality of Villa Comaltitlán, about 18 kilometers from Huixtla. However, National Guard agents with riot gear encapsulated most of the migrants, including women, children, as well as a huge group of men.

In the action, the Mexican authorities detained about 50 people, including women and children, who put up resistance to go up to the transfer units of the National Migration Institute. After the dispersal, some migrants ran to the banks of the Huixtla river to avoid being detained.

They captured dozens of migrants in the operation

fourth migrant caravan
Migrant caravan dispersed in Chiapas. Photo: Getty Images

While being subdued by various agents, one of the women who was detained by immigration personnel shouted: “My son, my son, I need my son!” Amid shouts and tears and embraced by their children and relatives, the detained migrants were put on several buses to be taken back to the southern border.

After these arrests, Mexican agents implemented search and arrest operations in streets, avenues, parks, the banks of the Huixtla River, as well as other points where members of the migrant caravan hid.

Four migrant caravans have tried to reach the US in less than a month

fourth migrant caravan
Mexican immigration agents detain Central American migrants on Sunday, September 5, 2021, who are part of a caravan heading north from Huixtla, Chiapas state, Mexico. (AP Photo / Marco Ugarte)

During the tours, near the Women’s Hospital, approximately 70 migrants who gathered to continue their journey were detected by the agents and to avoid their arrest the foreigners threw stones at the authorities, although they did not avoid being captured.

Since the last weekend in the municipality of Tapachula, on the border with Guatemala, four migrant caravans were formed, the last one this Saturday, September 4, but although all advanced dozens of kilometers, they were dissolved by Mexican agents.

Excessive use of force denounced against migrant caravan

fourth migrant caravan
Migrants who are part of a caravan heading north rest on Sunday, September 5, 2021, in the San Francisco de Asís church, in Huixtla, Chiapas state, Mexico. (AP Photo / Marco Ugarte)

Migrant defense organizations and UN agencies denounced that Mexican agents have used excessive use of force during the detentions. At the beginning of the week, a video was made public on social networks that showed two Mexican immigration agents kicking a Haitian migrant when they dissolved the first caravan last Monday.

On the subject, the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, declared last Thursday that in the next few days he will send a letter to his counterpart from the United States, Joe Biden, to insist that he address the “causes” of forced migration and offer temporary work visas for Central Americans.

An official was injured in the confrontation with migrants

fourth migrant caravan
Photo: Getty Images

Last week, the National Migration Institute reported that from January 1 to August 31, Mexico has identified 147,033 migrants in an irregular condition in the country, the Efe news agency report concluded.

For its part, the AP news agency also reported that the fourth migrant caravan, which according to it had 800 people, was dispersed yesterday Sunday by hundreds of national guards and immigration agents, and detailed that one of the officials was injured when he was beaten in head with blunt objects. The INM said on Twitter that during the operation an agent suffered several head injuries when he was beaten by migrants who “used stones, rods and sticks against the authorities.”

Immigrants ask for a ‘ride’ and end up jailed in Texas

CBP arrested migrants
CBP arrested undocumented migrants who were hiding in drainage. Photo: Getty Images

They asked for a transfer and they got it, but to prison. Several immigrants were asking for a ‘ride’, but were arrested after authorities found that those who had recently crossed the border between the United States and Mexico illegally were undocumented.

The diaries KGNS TV and LMT Online reported that authorities in Zapata, Texas, found four undocumented immigrants who had been stranded after the group with whom they had arrived by land abandoned them.

Immigrants are arrested when they asked to ‘hitchhike’

Migrants arrested when asking for a ride. Photo: Zapata County Sheriff’s Office

The procedure took place at approximately 10:00 p.m. on Tuesday, August 31, when Zapata County Sheriff’s deputies received a call reporting suspicious individuals walking down Highway 83 and requesting transportation, KGNS TV said on Friday. September 3.

Immediately, authorities went to the scene and found the undocumented immigrants walking along the road near the Roy Rash Ranch area, KGNS TV said in its report on the arrests made in Texas.

The four immigrants were turned over to the Border Patrol

Screenshot of video posted by KGNS TV

LMT Online detailed that at first the officers had found two immigrants asking to ‘hitch a ride’ on the road, but shortly thereafter two more people, who were apparently in hiding, came out of the brush to approach the officials.

After being detained, the four immigrants told officials that they were walking with a group of people with whom they had crossed the border, but were abandoned. They were then all turned over to US Border Patrol agents.

Undocumented migrants who were hiding in an underground drain arrested


Meanwhile, the Border Patrol (CBP) arrested approximately 10 undocumented migrants who were hiding in an underground drainage system in Texas. The moment when people, all of whom appear to be Hispanic, come out of the gutter was recorded by the Texas Department of Public Safety.

The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) stated to Fox News that one of his police officers responded to a camera alert in Hidalgo and found approximately 10 illegal immigrants using the sewer system to evade authorities. To learn more about the case visit this note.

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